Will A 20KW Generator Run My House?

Do you want the best power generator for a house? But you are confused about thinking will a 20kw generator run my house? Yes, a 20KW generator will run your house and its appliances. Don’t be worried. Because a 20kw generator will be the right choice for your household objectives.

What do you know about a 20kw power generator? It is a very common power supplier, especially for the house at the time of the outage. During load-shedding, you need to run every electrical device. So, it is crucial to use a power generator.

When choosing the power generator, you must consider how many appliances you will connect. Generally, a 20kw generator is flexible for the house.

Will A 20kw Generator Run Your House Appliances?

Which power of the generator is perfect for your house? It is a common question for everyone. According to your home appliances, you should choose the generator power. However, tell me the size of the generator I need.

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For the average home appliances, you may need 8000 to 9000 Watts per hour. Therefore, for this type of house, a 20KW generator will run two hours. But, if your house has large appliances, it will be better to choose a more powerful generator than 20KW.

Now, you may have another question— will a 22kw generator run my house? The answer is “yes”. You should choose the size of a generator according to the size of your whole house. If your house size is from 3000 to 4000 square feet, a 22kw generator will be perfect for you.

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How to Measure a Generator Size

A generator is not seized by its physical dimensions. But, how generators are sized. Good question! By using electrical output, you can size a generator. Watts and kilowatts are the two units for calculating the size of the generator.

So, you should choose the appropriate size. Which problems can you face for choosing the wrong size? For a small size, the generator will be forced to create extra power. That’s why it may turn off automatically. Or, your generator can be overheating.

For the large size, you have to maintain the extra cost to operate it. Hopefully, now you are clear about your question, how do I calculate the size of a generator?

Home Standby Generator Watts Comparison —What Can I Run?

The power of the standby generator is generally from 7000 to 150,000 watts. What can I do with my generator? It is essential to select the appropriate power generator according to your need. The installation of a standby generator is a permanent system.

When the load shedding occurs, the automatic power switch detaches from the utility line. After detaching, it connects with the generator to deliver the power for your home.

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The air cool standby generator from 7000  to 9000 watts can provide enough power for the home appliances. You can run your freezer, lights, refrigerator, microwave oven, and small tv by using the generator.

For the more powerful appliances, the range from 16000 to 22000 watts generator can be the best option. At outage time, the power generator can supply the electric power very fast.  From 16000 to 17000 watts generator can run AC for a large house.

The liquid-cooled generators from 22000 watts and more are very powerful. These generators can run numerous air conditioners at similar times.

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Calculate What Size Generator You Need in 3 Simple Steps

Which generator size will be best for providing the power for your home? How to measure it? Let’s follow the below three steps to calculate–

First step: Make a list of your appliances for connecting with the generator.

Second step: Calculate the starting and moving wattage of every appliance.

Third step: Totalize all the wattage. Finally, by using this particular number you can select the right power generator for your home.

Do you want to see examples? Okay, let’s see

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Power Just the Essentials

Suppose, you want to provide power only for essential devices. For the essential home appliances, your list can be like the below table—

Home Appliances(Starting / Running) Wattage
Freezer or Refrigerator3,000/800
Water heater4,400/4,400
Air Conditioner8,650/3,700
Clothes dryer6,850/5,500
Washing Machine1,100/1,100

Therefore, according to the list, you have to choose a 25000 watts generator to run your essential home appliances.

If you want to supply the generator power for your whole home appliances, you need a more powerful generator. Do you want to power your whole home? Let’s see the below list—

Home Appliances(Starting/ Running) Wattage
Freezer or refrigerator3,000/800
Water heater4,400/4,400
Air conditioner8,650/3,700
Clothes dryer6,850/5,500
Washing Machine1,100/1,100
Electric fan2,000/2,000
Electric light1,000/1,000
Drying dishwasher640/316
Door opener1,320/620
Two televisions400/400

So, do you understand your generator size? For providing power for the above appliances at the time of the outage, you need a 35000 watts home generator for your whole appliances.

The Best Three Generators for Home Appliance

Nowadays, there are huge models of generators available. You have to choose the right one. So, the details of these best three generators will be helpful to select for your home.

#1. Generac 70432, Guardian Series Home Standby Generator 22KW/19.5KW Cooling by Air, Facilities of Wi-Fi and Transfer Switch

Generac 70432 Home Standby Generator Guardian Series

Generac 70342 is an aluminum color generator. The voltage of the generator is 240 Volts. You have to use natural gas as its fuel. It has a smart switch. The weight of this item is 525 pounds.

#2. Home Standby Generator Generac 7043 Air Cooled 22KW/19.5KW, 200 Amp for Whole House with Transfer Switch

Home Standby Generator Generac 7043 Air Cooled 22KW/19.5KW, 200 Amp for Whole House with Transfer Switch

As an automatic backup power supplier, Generac 7043 is very popular. Natural gas is the main power provider of the generator. You will get a five years limited warranty with Generac 7043 generator.

#3. Invigoration STEAM Generator, KOHLER K-5533-NA 5533-NA, Aluminum Color with 13 kW, 13kW

KOHLER K-5533-NA 5533-NA Invigoration STEAM Generator, 13 KW, 13kW, Aluminum

Kohler steam generator is a fast response technology product. It is best for a luxurious shower, able to provide power in sixty seconds. The voltage of this generator is one volt. You need a k-5557 steam invigorating kit with a KOHLER generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size generator do I need to run the entire house?

By using the power range from 5000 to 7500 watts generator you can run the most essential home appliances. It can run the light, freezer, refrigerator, etc.

How much does a 20kW cost?

The cost of a 20kW generator is budget-friendly. For the air-cooled system, its cost can be around $5000. So, according to the cost, it is easy to use for household purposes.

What size generator do I need for my 2000-square-foot house?

For a 2000 square feet house, it will be better to use at least a 1000kW home generator. A 1000kW generator will supply enough power for all appliances.

How does a whole house generator work?

The home generator is connected to the home appliances. At the time of the outage, the automatic power switch detaches from the utility line for connecting and running to the generator.

Where should a whole house generator be located?

The home generator is connected to the home appliances. At the time of the outage, the automatic power switch detaches from the utility line for connecting and running to the generator.

Where should a whole house generator be located?

You should locket a whole house generator between the gas meter and the electric meter. It will be the best location for your generator.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, it is a big question: will a 20kw generator run my house? Shortly, the answer is “yes”. 20kw is a powerful generator. So, it can provide enough power for your essential home appliances at the time of load shedding.

For a big house with more than 4000 square feet, a 20kw home generator will not provide enough power for all appliances. In this case, you should choose more power than a 20kw generator.

In the end, it is most important to calculate your needs. According to your calculation, you should select the right generator for your home. If you are not able to calculate the right size, you will take help from the electrician. According to the electrician’s suggestion, you can select the right generator.