The best solar garden lights of 2023 with advice from Gardener’s Question Time expert Matthew Wilson

In today’s environmentally conscious world, finding ways to illuminate our outdoor spaces without relying on traditional electricity sources has become increasingly important. Solar garden lights offer a sustainable and energy-efficient solution that not only enhances the beauty of your garden but also contributes to a greener planet. To help you make informed choices when learning how to choose a portable solar panel, we’ve enlisted the expertise of gardening aficionado Matthew Wilson from Gardener’s Question Time to guide us through the best solar garden lights of 2023.

How I tested the best solar garden lights (by Emily Peck)

Before delving into the top picks, let’s take a look at how these best outdoor solar lights were rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards. Our dedicated tester, Emily Peck, employed a comprehensive testing approach that assessed factors such as brightness, durability, weather resistance, and ease of installation. Through meticulous testing, we identified the solar garden lights that truly shine.

The list of the best solar garden lights for 2023 showcases a wide range of options that combine aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. These best solar lights provide a charming and eco-friendly way to illuminate outdoor spaces while adding a touch of elegance to your garden. Let’s take a closer look at each of these top-notch solar garden lights:

1. Geemoo 6 Pack Solar Flickering Dancing Flame Lights

These lights capture the allure of dancing flames, creating a mesmerizing and warm ambiance in your garden. The flickering effect mimics real flames, making them an eye-catching addition to any outdoor setting, earning them a reputation as some of the best solar flood lights for creating a captivating atmosphere.

2. Habitat Solar Neon Effect Bulb String Lights

Transform your garden into a vibrant paradise with these neon-effect bulb string lights. Their playful and colorful glow adds a festive atmosphere, perfect for parties or casual evenings outdoors.

3. Garden Trading Solar Festoon Light String

With a classic and timeless design, these festoon lights provide a soft and inviting glow. They’re ideal for creating a charming atmosphere for both casual gatherings and intimate dinners.

4. Elan Solar Dandelion Lights

Embrace the whimsical beauty of dandelions with these solar-powered lights. Their delicate and intricate design adds a touch of enchantment to your garden, especially during the evening hours.

5. Alvares Bottle Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

Repurpose and decorate with these solar-powered bottle lights. Their unique and eco-friendly design turns old bottles into illuminated art, adding a touch of creativity to your outdoor space.

6. 4lite Solar LED Bollard Light

These bollard lights offer a contemporary and sleek look while effectively illuminating pathways or garden borders. Their clean lines and modern design blend seamlessly with various outdoor aesthetics.

7. Solar Light-up Bird Feeder

Combining functionality with a charming design, this solar bird feeder lights up to attract both feathered friends and admiring glances. It’s a delightful addition for bird enthusiasts.

8. Solar Helsinki Lantern

The Helsinki Lantern exudes Scandinavian elegance with its minimalist design. Its soft illumination creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect accent for outdoor seating areas.

9. Solar Mesh Duck Garden Light

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden with these adorable solar mesh duck lights. Their playful appearance and soft glow make them a fun and inviting addition to any outdoor space.

10. Solar Company Solar Bug Light – Ladybird or Bumble Bee

These insect-inspired lights not only brighten up your garden but also add a sense of fun. Choose between ladybird and bumble bee designs to infuse your garden with charm.

11. Smart Solar Damasque Lantern

The Damasque Lantern boasts intricate patterns that cast captivating shadows when illuminated. Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to gardens and outdoor areas. For more pathway-focused lighting solutions, you can also check out reviews of best solar pathway lights to find suitable options that enhance your outdoor ambiance.

12. Uvbang 2 Pack Solar Flower Stake Lights

These flower stake lights are both decorative and functional. During the day, they stand as colorful garden ornaments, and at night, they transform into illuminated blossoms.

13. Solar Silver effect Starburst Solar-powered LED Outdoor Stake light

The starburst design of these stake lights creates a stunning visual effect. Their modern and artistic appearance makes them a focal point in any garden setting.

14. Three-Pack Outdoor Luxe Path Lights

These path lights combine sleek design with practical illumination. They guide you along pathways and highlight garden features, blending seamlessly with various outdoor styles.

15. ShapeLights Indoor & Outdoor USB Solar Powered Mood Light Pebble

The ShapeLights Pebble offers versatility as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its gentle glow adds a touch of serenity and can serve as a decorative element in any setting.

With these top 15 solar garden lights of 2023, you have an abundance of choices to brighten up your outdoor space while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. Whether you’re aiming for a romantic ambiance, a playful atmosphere, or a modern touch, these lights cater to diverse preferences, ensuring that your garden shines with its unique personality.


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In conclusion, the best solar garden lights of 2023 offer a blend of sustainability, aesthetics, and functionality. By embracing solar technology, you’re not only illuminating your garden but also contributing to a more sustainable future. With expert advice and carefully tested options, you can confidently choose the perfect solar garden lights to transform your outdoor space into a mesmerizing oasis of light and beauty.