Top 5 Best Solar Generator For Off Grid Living in 2021

Now, it’s possible to access green and renewable energy when you have the best solar generator for off grid living. As we know off-grid living is a common and popular venture.

All you need a reliable source of power to make your off grid living along with your essential electrical devices. Yes, a solar generator is a hassle-free way to get power in remote areas.

As technology continues, we’ve got portable power stations. So, you should know the correct specifications to get a reliable solar generator. If you are looking for one and want to know what this generator can or cannot do then view this guide.

and people who have to use CPAP just can’t go on camping or off grid living without a generator. So, they also need a generator for CPAP.

Quick navigation for the best solar generator for off-grid living is here:

  1. DenGaWa 250W With Lithium Battery – Lightweight Option
  2. Jackery Portable 1000W – Small But Most Powerful
  3. Jackery 500W– Best for Outdoor Adventure
  4. BALDR 330W Power Station – Best Solar Generator for Travelling
  5. Renogy Phoenix 337 Power Station – Super Fast Charging

How To Find Best Solar Generator Today – Ultimate Solution For Off-Grid Living

The solar generator takes the use of solar energy to a whole new level. Because of such handy power, solar generators become an indispensable tool for off-grid living. To empower your gadget. You must make the best decision for the investment in a solar generator.

So, which solar generator is capable of doing the thing that you need? This guideline is for you to know everything, including essential features. We will look at the top rated solar generators for you here.

1. DenGaWa Portable Power Station – Lightweight Option

DenGaWa Portable Power Station 250WhYou can’t go wrong with this solar generator to power your life, especially for off-grid living. As a portable power station, it’s perfect for outdoor expeditions. Let’s find out why this one becomes the best solar generator for off-grid living.

67500 mAh obviously has a huge capacity that enhances its overall functionality. Furthermore, it almost comes as the size of a briefcase and weighs only 4.7 lbs. So, this lightweight solar power station is able to charge all of your electronic devices under 250W.

Your laptops, cell phones, CPAP machine, mini refrigerator are the ideal and common electric equipment to charge through this portable power source once you fully charge it.  Whatever the situation is, the solar panels are here to charge this generator with unlimited power from sunlight.

Just 7 hours, this power station needs to be charged fully when it gets full sunlight. On top of that, it provides the highest comfort wherever you carry it.

You’re free to use plenty of ports of this punchy solar generator like AC output ports, DC output ports, USB ports, and USB QC for most of the regular electric appliances. So, charge your device safely and continuously.

Among other valuable features, Pure Sine Wave AC output is best. To protect your sensitive devices, these modified features help a lot. Ultimately, these features increase overall working performance.

What We Liked:

✅ DenGaWa keeps its name by offering 67500 mAh and this huge capacity provides enough power for off grid living.

✅ They offer multiple ports to charge our essential electric equipment and meet our needs all the time.

✅ Loved the compact-sized design and we found it smaller than a transfer lunchbox.

✅ Surprisingly, it feels super lightweight, especially when we carried it.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Disappointed with the charging system because it only recharges with the AC socket

In a single line, we can say that experiencing the best off-grid living with the best solar generator is possible with this featured packed solar generator.

2. Jackery Portable Power Station 1000W – Small But Powerful

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000Jackery power station is always best for those who love off-grid living. It’s a great deal to keep all of your essential electrical devices charged all the time.

Let’s talk about all of the good stuff about this amazing solar generator. Firstly, despite huge power, it’s super easy to carry wherever you go. The sporting handle is the reason to carry this 22 lbs. generator like a feather.

Along with good charging cycles, it comes with huge 1000W power. A lithium battery is the source of this massive power. Before it is reduced to 80% of its battery life, you can easily fill up 500 cycles. That’s also amazing as a green power solution.

To charge power-hungry devices, especially AC appliances, it is equipped with 3 standard Pure Sine Wave AC outlets. Because of the battery management system, you don’t need to worry to keep this solar generator safe from short circuits, overvoltage, etc.

Without any extra setup, this solar generator is almost ready to go. Different types of mini electric appliances like heaters, fridge, cooling fans, and ovens even the coffee maker can be run with the power of this solar generator.

Definitely, a fast and efficient charging facility is a great feature that we got in this solar charger. The built-in MPPT charge controller plays a vital role to do that. It only takes 8 hours to charge the battery.

To charge a range of devices, it comes with multiple outlets like USCB, USBA, 3.0 fast-charge port, DC carport, and AC outlets. A small LCD display helps you to monitor battery status, especially the discharge and charging rate.

What We Liked:

✅ We loved the Pure Sine Waves because it’s always ready to keep sensitive devices safe.

✅ The solid design ensures the best service which means it’s an outdoor-friendly generator.

✅ 1000W is a massive power to support my devices all the time wherever I go.

✅ The LCD screen keeps us up to date about battery status, which never kept us out of power.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The power of this generator does not support some of my power-hungry devices

As a friendly, small, and powerful solar generator, this one is a great choice for off-grid living.

3. Jackery Portable Power Station 500W– Better In Performance

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500,Do you need a solar generator that is full of amazing features? Then pick this one that is highly suitable for an occasional power outage and meet your needs. Jackery didn’t compromise with the design and its built quality.

The easy to carry handle is very sturdy and helps to carry it easily. The building component makes it highly portable and lightweight. To run multiple electric devices, Jackery offers all the essential ports.

Another attractive feature is the LED flashlight. You’ll get adequate light at night from it. Moreover, to keep the generator temperature under control, it comes with a built-in fan. You’ll feel the benefit of this fan when you’re charging multiple devices at a time.

Different electric appliances like laptops, fans, mini-refrigerator, and CPAP machines can be charged easily through this generator. Ultimately, it offers the freedom to charge what you want.

As a versatile outdoor supply, it provides a 518Wh large-capacity battery. Undoubtedly, different charging options makes it more usable.

Wall outlet, car adapter, and solar panel can charge this mini beast within a few hours. But the charging time differs according to the option you’re using to charge it.

What We Liked:

✅ It helps to meet our electrical needs as the highest –capacity edition of solar charger out there.

✅ Massive power allows us to charge different electric appliances using different outlets.

✅ Pure sine wave feature protect the battery all the time during electrical hazards.

✅ The ergonomic design along with the sturdy carrying handle helps to carry this 13.3 lbs. solar generator without facing any problem.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The charging mechanism is not good enough to charge the battery in less time.

To accommodate your electricity needs when you’re living off-grid, this is the solar generator that you can get as a budget killer option along with fantastic features.

4. BALDR Portable Power Station – Great Value

BALDR Portable Power Station 330W, Portable Solar GeneratorsWhether you are living off the grid or not, hunting for the best solar generator is over when you’ll know everything about this one. Remember, there always is a suitable option for you and this one is going to be the best solar power generator for off grid living.

Along with the 297Wh power capacity, it is going to meet all your needs for power. 5 hours is the minimum time this solar generator takes to be fully charged.

Aside from that, it works perfectly with 100W solar panels. So, you can use different methods to charge this fantastic generator. To get a better user experience, it is equipped with an improved Battery Management System.

As a result, you can utilize the battery perfectly, which helps to extend the battery life as well. Even this system is to protect the battery from overload, short circuit, and more.

Wireless charging is another great feature of this generator. For better exploration, it is equipped with a multi-mode flashlight as well. To charge all of your minor electric appliances, it has different outlets like 3 USB ports, 1 C-Type, 1 vehicle port, and 2 DC ports.

Compared with other best solar generator for home out there, the overall design makes this one lightweight and easy to carry. Because of the compact size, it’s almost fit in your carrying bags.

What We Liked:

✅ The wireless charger along with the multiple ports makes it easier to charge electric devices easily.

✅ To make the battery, as well as the generator safer, the battery management system, works flawlessly.

✅ It opens my hand to charge this solar generator in different ways that are helping me a lot to keep this thing when I need it most.

✅ The attractive and compact design makes it lightweight, that’s why it becomes easy to carry around.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Some of my devices which are rated over 330W are not working with this solar generator.

Because of the features, this solar generator becomes an ultimate solution if you’re ready for off-grid living.

5. Renogy Phoenix 300 Power Station – Super Fast And Simple

Renogy Phoenix 337WH Solar GeneratorYour ultimate search for a reliable solar generator is over because this is one you need. It’s designed to rescue you in a power outage situation. Lots of features make this generator reliable. Let’s see why?

Firstly, it has a speed that you’ll feel through the power delivery system. This system delivers up to 60w power with the help of a USB-C port. On top of that, the quick charging technology makes it more efficient and that comes through a USB A port.

To charge your essential devices, it got several output ports which are widely used for different purposes. From small to critical gadgets, everything can be charged through this solar generator.

Do you know about Pure Sine Wave Technology? This solar generator got a Pure Sine Wave feature as well. That means all of your sensitive devices are going to be safe while charging.

Another good feature we should take into our account and that is the Battery Management System. It’s for protecting the generator and the devices from different electrical hazards. So, overvoltage, high temperatures, and short-circuit cannot harm your devices.

As a user, you can adopt two different ways to charge this power station. One is a Standard wall outlet and another one is solar input.

What We Liked:

✅ Despite multiple features and mechanisms, it minimizes the weight as much as the manufacturer can.

✅ We are not worrying anymore about the durability of this power generator because it is made of ABS material and Polycarbonate.

✅ High resistance to heat and electricity made it easy to use for us without taking any extra precautions.

✅ Build quality ensures it doesn’t need any types of maintenance for a longer period of time.

What We Didn’t:

❌ It takes a while to fully charge the battery that can take a test of your patience.

Above mentioned detail of this solar generator will say why this one is good for your off-grid living and light outdoor expeditions.

Factors Need To Consider When Buying A Solar Generator:

Choosing a different and convincing solar generator for off-grid living is a bit tricky and a great investment. Tricky because each manufacturer puts the best features for a solar generator in different ways.

So, looking for some common feature in a solar generator is not a crime. However, let’s differentiate in features to get the best solar generator that fits our needs.


As a potential buyer, you can’t compromise with the capacity of the solar generator. Check the Pure Sine Waves feature. Almost every high-quality generator is equipped with this feature to provide pure energy smoothly.

Without calculating your highest daily power expenditure, don’t go for buying a solar generator. A solar generator must have the ability to absorb sun-powered energy that you need for your daily usage.

Exceeding your expectation for power means it’s ok to buy. Even enough power will ensure you get better use in fewer weather conditions.

Battery Management System

The off-grid solar generator comes with a battery management system. To protect the batteries from further damage from short circuits, overheating, overcurrent and overvoltage, the solar generator comes with this ingenious innovative facility. Nowadays, this is considered one of the most common ways to extend your generator battery life.

Weight and Portability

Most of the solar generators for an off-grid living are highly portable. But there are lots of exceptions, we don’t notice at all. Yes, the size and the weight. These two factors define how much portable your solar generator is going to be.

Some of them are lightweight and compact, which helps to fit it on your backpack. Remember, weight consideration is a must. As a result, you can figure out the capabilities to handle this device.

Buying a manageable solar generator is going to be a better investment. Moving a solar generator from one place to another means you’ll get more freedom to use it wherever you want to.


No doubt, you are going to pay a handsome amount to get the best solar generator. As a great investment, you want great features that can fulfill your needs easily. The best way to ensure the best investment in solar generators on that which can meet your needs.

Don’t go for an extra feature because it’s going to add some extra cost for sure. Always match your needs with features that a solar generator offers. The best match ensures the best value for your money.


Maybe you’re right about your daily power expenditure. But what will happen if you require more power in the future? Who knows, you might need more power than your current solar generator cannot provide.

All we know predicting future power consumption is challenging. So, the best advice is, get a model of the solar generator for you that allows you to expand the power.

That means, adding more power by adding batteries and solar panels. It’s for increased storage capacity as well as output. This type of generator also allows you to plug an extra panel.

Quality & Durability

The device component plays a vital role to keep the solar generator functional for a longer period of time. So, check out the quality and durability of these components.

It’s a bit challenging to ensure while buying a solar generator. Your solar generator maybe needs to deal with the different harsh conditions that can minimize its lifetime.

Off-grid living means your generator is ready for outdoor events. A solar generator of better quality helps to keep it functioning in the roughest and the toughest condition.


Question: What is a solar powered generator?

Answer: A solar power generator is a powerhouse that needs solar power to charge different electronic devices. It comes as a combination of different components like battery, charge controller, and an inverter as well

Question: What is the reason to invest in a solar generator?

Answer: For off-grid living, you need solar power to keep all of your electronic devices and equipment charged and functional. A solar generator has the facility and the capacity to do that. But the main reason for investing in a solar generator is to use power where the fuel or electricity is not easy to get.

Question: How do I measure the size of the solar generator according to my need?

Answer: The simple and effective way to get the right size of the solar generator is by measuring your inverter’s continuous output. Get a solar generator that has almost twice the output.

Question: Is it possible to power a house with a solar generator?

Answer: Yes, with the right size of the solar generator it is possible to power your house. But it relies on lots of factors like how much power do you need, and what types of appliances you are going to use, etc. So, to power a house the demand matters.

Question: How to use and install a solar generator?

Answer: A solar generator is most readily installed and pretty easy to use. Just you need to ensure few connections with wires and connectors.

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Final Words:

There is no debate that a solar generator comes as a blessing to support you in different situations, especially power outage. Whatever the situation is, convincing usage makes this generator essential for off-grid living.

It’s always available when you need it most in a crisis situation. That’s why it becomes important to get the best solar generator for off grid living. We did some homework here in favor of you.

Now you have the necessary information to choose the right solar generator after comparing the features and benefits of each option. All they are fantastic to use, but one will be the best in the eyes. Good luck and choose the one that suits your needs.