Best Solar Shades For Blocking Heat to Reduce AC Cost

If your room’s windows are exposed to the sun, then you must have felt the necessity of solar shades. Choosing the best solar shade for blocking heat can be a tough task if you don’t have proper information and guidelines. With all the information about solar shades, you would be able to easily find out the best solar shade for your house. 

Sunlight and sun glare that reflects in your room’s window contains harmful UV rays. These rays can damage your skin, health, floor, carpet, furniture, and other households. 

Too much sunlight can also irritate your eyes and sleep in the morning. So, if you use a good solar shade for your window, you can prevent all of these problems altogether. 

You might also need solar shade protection while you are outside. You might go on tours and picnics where you would be exposed to the sun for a long time. Good quality solar for outside can help you enjoy outdooring without any concern of sun heat or UV rays.

For your ease of research, take a glance at our reviews on the best solar shades for blocking heat but still allowing light with some of their significant facilities: 

#1. Yoolax Smart Motorized Remote Control- Best For Smart Motorization
#2. Yoolax Smart Motorized Light Filtering Roller- Best For Transparent Shading
#3. Goognice Blackout Waterproof- Best For UV Protection
#4. Exterior Roller Beige- Best For Privacy & Noise Reduction
#5. Sauky Window Blinds Flame – Best For Resistant To Heat, Water & Fire
#6. SUNLAX Patio Sail – Best For Outdoor Solar Protection

Do Solar Shades Block Heat?

A lot of people think that solar shades only block sunshine and not heat which is not true. Solar shades that are made of good quality fabric and provide enough resistance can block sun heat. Some premium solar shades can protect your room from both low and high-temperature winds along with sun heat. 

What Are The Best Solar Shades? 

A solar shade’s main work is to protect from sun heat and harmful UV rays. Shades that can properly protect you from sun heat are all the best solar shades. However, most of them also protect from sound, water, high weather temperature, and wind. The best of the best solar shades also come with ease of control, installation, and durability at a reasonable price. 

What is the Best Solar Shades For Blocking Heat?

Here is a detailed review of the top 6 finest solar shades we have enlisted for you:

#1. Best For Smart Motorization- Yoolax Smart Motorized Remote Control

Yoolax smart motorized remote control solar shades are our first choice for their premium quality and features. This solar shade comes with smart control features that would let you control with a smart remote app. You would also be able to control shades separately with its 15 channel remote options. 

Yoolax Smart Motorized Remote Control

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If you want full customization for your solar shades then yoolax smart shades are indeed the best option for you. You would also be able to copy settings for different shades. 

The most convenient factor about yoolax shades is their high-quality fabric detailing. This three-layer fabric would block sun heat and also provide a premium outlook.

Our Favourite Things:

  • Easy To Use Remote Control:

The smart remote control allows you to set a timer and adjust multiple shades separately. You can also copy programs for all shades to control all the blinds together. Settings to stop the shades at random positions are also available. 

  • Smart Battery Motor:

The p412 remote battery motors used in yoolax shades are long-lasting. You can easily use these shades for up to 6 months after a full charge. The smart battery motor that works with Alexa models also has the same battery life.

  • Alexa Compatibility:

You can connect the 15 channel remote with all versions of Alexa and google home. You can also connect the 16 channel remote with 5 versions of Alexa.

  • Highly Detailed Fabric:

The shading layer of yoolax sun-blocking shade is covered with a double-sided durable fabric layer. These layers make heat insulation even easier and also work to reduce noise. 

Keep In Mind:

  • Not Alexa Compatible Without Hub:

You can not connect yoolax solar shades smart remote with Alexa without a hub. You would need to use a bond or broadlink which is not included.

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#2. Best For Transparent Shading- Yoolax Smart Motorized Light Filtering Roller

Yoolax smart motorized remote control transparent solar shades are similar to the previous shades. This model comes in grey color which provides transparent solar blocking instead of fully blacking out. You can get the transparent ones at the same price which makes yoolax solar shade unbeatable for its price.  

Yoolax Motorized Solar Shade Transparent With Romote Electric Light Filtering Roller Window Blinds Works with Alexa

This is the current price of this Yoolax Motorized Solar Shade Transparent With Romote Electric Light Filtering Roller Window Blinds available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Fabric detail of yoolax transparent solar shades also comes with high-quality fabric details. Despite being transparent, this premium quality fabric blocks sun heat just like the full blackout models. 

Being similar to the previous yoolax solar shade, this one also comes with a long battery life of up to 6 months. You will like such smart shades with google assistant and Alexa at such a reasonable price. 

Our Favourite Things:

  • Timing Remote Control For 1 Channel:

You will get 1 channel for timing remote control that would allow you to set a timer. This would let you comfortably avoid sun heat and from morning to evening without even worrying about controls.

  • 15 Channel Remote Control:

Adjusting up to 15 solar shades at once is also possible with yoolax smart remotes 15 channel remote control. You would also be able to adjust the shades separately and stop them and any position. 

  • 3 Layers Blackout Shading:

Double-sided fabric shading covers the highly durable blackout shading. This means that you can easily clean dust from the fabric layers and use them for a long time. 

  • Google Assistant & Alexa Connectivity:

This transparent model of yoolax solar shade also comes with Alexa and google assistant connectivity. This would allow you to schedule and control all shades with the Alexa app.

Keep In Mind:

  • Requires Hub:

Yoolax solar shades’ reasonable price is probably the main reason they do not provide a hub for Alexa connectivity. You have to buy a hub individually to connect with Alexa.

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#3. Best For UV Protection: Goognice Blackout Waterproof

Goognice blackout waterproof solar shades with thermal insulation are metal chain controlled manual solar shades. This shade is made of high-quality polyester that is ideal for protecting your home from sun heat. Its fabric provides astounding protection against UV rays. You can rely on this solar shade for a long time.

Blackout Solar Window Roller Shades, Light Grey Waterproof Room Darkening Metal Chain Roller Blinds

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The thermal insulation used in goognice blackout solar shade makes it one of the best window coverings to keep heat out. The fabric is also frame retardant which makes it ideal for kitchen and bedroom use.

If you like manual solar shades that provide maximum blackout and UV protection then you should go for Goognice blackout solar shades. You can customize and choose from lots of fabric designs and sizes. 

Our Favourite Things:

  • 100% UV Ray & Heat Protection:

Its 100% UV protection means 100% UV protection without any compromise. Its polyester fabric is the best option to prevent sun heat.

  • Noise Reduction & Privacy:

The privacy you get with goognice blackout shades is enough for offices and home use. It prevents all types of sounds and additional lights from entering your room along with sun heat, cold, and UV rays.

  • Premium Built Quality & Design:

Being built from 100% polyester, goognice blackout solar shades are durable and easy to clean. You can adjust the metal controller on both the left and right sides for convenience of use.

  • Vast Color Options:

Choose from 18 different color options to decorate your room with goognice blackout shades. You can also get customized shades for different sizes of windows. 

Keep In Mind:

  • Complicated Installation Process:

Its controller is a bit complicated to install properly. So, you may find it hard to install this solar shade despite all hardware being included.

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#4. Best For Privacy & Noise Reduction – Exterior Roller Beige

Sauky exterior roller beige color cordless solar shades with light filtering are one of the most premium solar shades you can get for its price. It is a bit expensive but surely worth the money with incredible sun heat protection and privacy ensuring. If you don’t have a tight budget then we would recommend you to go for this solar shade for its astonishing solar protection. 

 Exterior Roller Beige

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Fabric built quality, durability all other aspects of sauky exterior roller solar shade is undoubtedly the best. You will get better protection than any other solar shade from wind, sound, heat, and UV rays with this roller from sauky. 

Easy installation and easy control features of Sauky light filtering solar shade are very convenient. You can easily control and fix the position of the shade. Installation is also easy with all the hooks pre-connected.

Our Favourite Things:

  • Polyester Fabric:

100% polyester fabric makes Sauky solar shade protected from flame retardant. This fabric is highly durable so, you can easily rely on sauky for long-term use. 

  • Ease Of Installation & Control:

You can easily install this shade as all the hooks are already installed. Besides, you can control its height pretty easily with the and rocker. 

  • Protection From Sun Heat & UV:

Protection from sun heat & UV rays is ensured with light filtering fabrics that can easily withstand both hot and cold temperatures. Sauky exterior roller solar shade is also resistant to water and all types of oils.

  • Privacy & Noise reduction:

Suaky exterior roller solar shade ensures astonishing windproofing and light filtration. No one would be able to see anything from the outside of the window with this shade. Windproofing also provides noise reduction.

Keep In Mind:

  • Too Much Pricey:

Sauky exterior roller shades are quite expensive than other solar shades with the same features.

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#5 Best For Heat Water & Fire Resistance- Sauky Window Blinds Flame

Sauky window blinds flame retardant transparent solar shades can be your choice as the cheap way to block heat from windows. Sauky solar shades are made of eco-friendly materials which makes them ideal for home use. You can go for sauky as it also provides great value for money. 

 Sauky Window Blinds Flame

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What makes sauky solar-blind so much reliable is its incredible resistance to fire, water and heat. This means that you get protection from all types of harm that a solar shade has to face. 

Eco-friendly transparent fabric and highly durable hardware of sauky solar shade make it unbeatable in terms of long-lastingness. The smart card connectors of this shade will break down to avoid bearing overweight capacity. 

Our Favourite Things:

  • Sunshine & UV Protection:

Protection from sun heat and UV rays is completely ensured with sauky. Its transparent design would also protect your room from sunshine and reflections. 

  • Incredible Heat Resistance & Waterproofing:

Sauky solar shade is resistant to all types of liquids such as water and oils. It can also withstand any hot or cold temperature and prevent heat/cold from entering your room.

  • High-Quality Materials & Fabric:

Metal tubes, cord connectors, and chain holders of sauky solar shade have heavyweight capacity because of being made of metal. The fabric is made of three layers along with PVC coating. 

  • Privacy Protection:

Complete privacy for your room is ensured with sauky solar shades noise reduction and full blackout facilities. You can use this shade for your bedroom and kitchen. 

Keep In Mind:

Keep Away From Children:

The chain holder and cord connector of sauky solar shade can injure children as they are made of strong metal. Place them at a higher place to prevent children from strangling. 

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#6 Best For Outdoor Solar Protection- SUNLAX Patio Sail

Sunlax patio sail, 8’×12′ sand rectangle UV cover shades is our ideal choice for outdoor solar protection. It’s one of the best solar reflective blinds you can use for protecting yourself from sun heat outside your home. If you want to go on a tour at the beach or relax in your yard, this would protect you from sun heat and UV rays. 

SUNLAX Patio Shade Sail, 8'x12' Sand Rectangle Sail Heavy Duty Shade

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The high-density polyethylene material of Sunlax patio sails solar shade blocks all harmful rays and heat. Its fabric quality is properly stitched and shaped to ensure long-lastingness.

The special curved design of Sunlax solar shade stays tight without any maintenance. This ergonomic design also provides windproofing to prevent the shade from sailing with the heavy breeze. 

Our Favourite Things:

  • Strong Stitched Fabric:

The double-stitched fabric used in sunlax solar shade is cut from a complete net which makes it highly durable against any pressure. This fabric is made of 185GSM polyethylene which can protect from almost all types of UV rays along with sun heat. 

  • Built With Premium Materials:

The anti-dust D-rings on each corner is made of strong stainless steel to hold firmly in all conditions. The ropes attached to the rings are also strong enough to withstand heavy rain and both high and low temperatures.

  • Long Lastingness:

People have been using sunlax patio sail solar shade for pools, beaches, lawns, backyards & BBQ parties with great satisfaction. It is highly resistant to heat, flame, and water which ensures its long-lastingness along with good value for money. 

  • Curved Design:

Edges of sunlax patio sail solar shade are precisely curved to stay tightly in an adjusted position. This prevents the shade from sagging and dwelling. 

Keep In Mind:

  • Doesn’t Provide Waterproofing: 

Sunlax is resistant to water but does not provide waterproofing. This means that water will leak from the shade even though it won’t damage the shade.

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How To Choose Best Solar Shades For Blocking Heat For Home?

To choose the most functional solar shade for your home or outdoor purposes, here are some major factors that you have to look for in them:

Heat Resistance 

Heat resistance is the main factor of solar shade. If the solar shade doesn’t prevent heat from entering your room, it’s just a waste no matter how cool they look or how modern they are. So, checking out a solar shade’s heat resistance is the first thing you need to do.

UV Protection 

UV protection is another topmost important factor that you have to keep in mind. Preventing heat and sun glare is of no use if the UV rays are still passing through your windows. Shades with UV protection would have it written in their description so you can easily find them. 

Water Resistance & Waterproofing 

Water resistance would protect the solar shade from getting damaged while in contact with water. This doesn’t mean that rainwater won’t slip into your room. 

To prevent water leakage, you would need to find solar shades with a waterproofing facility. You don’t have to worry because almost all of our enlisted solar shades come with both water resistance and waterproofing.

Adjustability & Remote Control

Rolling the solar shades up and down should be easy and comfortable. No one would like it if their solar shades control is as tough to open as airplane doors. Make sure that your preferred solar shade has easy adjustability options for stopping the shades at any position and separately controlling different shades. 

You can also go for solar shades with smart remote controls. This type of shade would allow you to control them via your phone’s Alexa, google assistant, and a certain remote. If you are going for shades with smart controls, check out their compatibility with Alexa and google assistant. 

Motor & Battery Life 

This factor only goes for those who want to go for solar shades with smart remote controls. Smart control solar shades are motorized which rolls the shade up and down with battery power. Some motor batteries might get charged from solar panels while some may need to be changed manually. In both cases, you need to check their battery lives and go for the one with the longest battery life.


Windproofing is also related to heat protection as the wind may change the temperature in your house. If your solar panel is windproof, it would prevent both low and high-temperature wind breezes from getting in your room and causing temperature changes. Windproofing also refers to your shade’s stability and self-protection against the wind. 

Privacy Assurance 

Privacy assurance of solar shades means the blocking of window view from outside. A good quality solar shade would ensure your privacy by blocking the view from outside of the window both day and night. Make sure that this feature does not also block your view from the inside.

Noise Reduction 

Noise reduction is a great convenience you can get from some excellent quality solar shades. All types of disturbing noises that can enter your room while the windows are open would be blocked if your solar shade and noise reduction. Some of these shades fully block the noises while most of them can reduce the noise to a good extent. 

Fabric Quality & Durability

Fabric quality is a very important factor for solar shades. All of the criteria we have discussed previously depend particularly on the solar shades’ fabric quality. Good quality fabrics for solar shades are polyethylene, polyester, PVC coating, etc. 

All of these fabrics are also highly durable and long-lasting. The best solar shades would come with more than two layers of fabric for the maximum level of protection and durability. 


Solar shade’s design depends on your personal preference. You can choose from many colors and textures to select the most suitable solar shade design for the window of your room. 

Ease Of Installation 

Installing solar shades on windows, and open fields should be easy. If you have experience of installing them before then you can go for shades with complicated installation processes. However, if you don’t have enough experience, go for shades with instant and easy installation processes to avoid ruining your day along with the shades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Neighbors See Through My Windows Solar Shades?

Ans: Your neighbors won’t be able to see through your windows with solar shades in daylight. They can see through the gaps of the shades at night time while light reflects from inside the room. You can also protect your privacy at night time by using more darker colored and thick layered solar shades.

What Color’s Solar Shade Is Best?

Ans: If you want better heat insulation and UV ray protection then you should go for bright colored solar shades. On the other hand, if you want more privacy and more transparency, then dark-colored solar shades would be ideal for you. It depends on personal preferences as some may like their rooms darker with less lighting while others may like less darkened rooms with bright solar shades. 

Are Solar Shades & Roller Shades The Same?

Ans: Solar shades and roller shades are not the same. Solar shades provide complete protection from solar heat, UV rays, wind, water, and noise. While Roller shades also known as blinds only block sunlight. Roller shades can not protect from noise, sun heat, UV rays but they can block window view from both inside and outside of the window better than solar shades. 

Best Solar Shade For Blocking Heat – What’s Your Pick?

We cannot choose one individual solar shade as the best solar shade for blocking heat since all of our enlisted shades have their specialty. However, the best shade for only blocking sun heat would be Goognice Blackout Waterproof Solar Shades With Thermal Insulation which comes with exceptional thermal insulation & UV protection. 

SUNLAX Patio Sail, 8’x12′ Sand Rectangle UV Cover Shades can also be your top choice for sun heat protection if you want them outdoors. However, if you want shades with smart controls, privacy, noise reduction, or transparency we still have you covered. Just choose the one with the facilities you prefer and you would never have another doubt.

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