How to Live Off The Grid In a Camper – Cheap Or Expensive?

Want to run away from the chaos and responsibilities of life? If you are gifted with problem-solving skills and dare give up life luxuries, then you are in the right place at the right time. Here you will get every single information about how to live off the grid in a camper.

You will live in the fresh air with an everyday challenge to develop your lifestyle totally different from the present. Let’s check out what activities you require to turn into an off-grid camper.

What Is The  Camper Living?

When you will search for off-grid trailer camping, you will come across two terms- one is RV, and the other one is camper. Well, the RV means a vehicle with all types of home facilities, and the camper is a trailer that can be dragged by car or truck.

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There are different types of campers that you can pick for off-grid living. The types are:

  • If you want a huge camper that comes with a large cockpit, kitchen, and living room, then Class A Motorhomes is the perfect one. This one is for them for whom budget is not a matter. You can spend weeks on this camper.
  • Class B engine homes come in an economical package and small size. It is for those who want to go away for 2-3 days on the road.
  • If you want a camper between Class A and Class B, then the Class C car home will work for you. It is for a quick tour of the lakeside or beach.
  • The SUVs, vans, and trucks can pull some trailers. This trailer comes with versatile features and allows six people at a time.
  • Living off-grid in a fifth wheel is a popular one among campers.  With this trailer, your camping life gets easy and effective. You can go and stay on any camping sites as long as you want without any problem. You have to ensure a safe braking system, suspension, and horsepower of your truck or SUV to tow this fifth wheel.
  • If you want a light trailer, then pop up a trailer is useful. It is light and has sufficient space for a toilet, shower, and kitchen.

How to Living Off-Grid In A Van – The Basic Components For Off Grid Living

An off grid camper has to survive only on food, power, and water on land. Else, they also need best solar generator for camping. Some start with an area where they can turn it on a resourceful ground. This off-grid lifestyle makes you and your family self-sufficient. What needs you have to ensure while going for this lifestyle? They are:


Obviously, you need a shelter to stay safe from the heat, snow, and rain. With a roof, you can think about how to take your life to another level safely. So, a van can be a perfect solution for solution. If you don’t even know how to live off the grid in a camper, you still should have idea that shelter is the primary key to live.


In a house, you don’t have to think about water at all, but when you are on a campsite, you have to look for the water source, or else it will be hard to survive. You can ensure continuous water supply by tunneling a well, using solar or wind power to bring water from the nearby lake or pond.


Whether you lead a luxury life or live in the woods, food is a must. You have to ensure proper food sources wherever you live. When you are on off-grid, you have to develop the skills in fishing, hunting, farming, gardening, and composting.


You will need power if you are on a campsite for a long time. At that time, fire or battery-powered sources will not work long. You will need power for cooking, staying warm, and charging your electric devices. So it is essential to arrange a secured power source for your belongings. You can go for the solar power system as it is the safest and easiest power source to apply to your requirements.  All you need for living off grid in a van is a battery, solar panels, a fuse, a solar charge controller, and an inverter. Place the panel on the roof of your van or camper and plug the other equipment properly. Yes, you are done to get abundant power all day and night. No other power source is so reliable than solar energy.

Durable goods:

When you are out there at the campsite, you cannot use any type of plastic goods that is not good for the environment. Gather the equipment that is long-lasting and recyclable.

Good spot:

When you think of living off-grid in a van, you have to select a proper spot where you can enjoy your off-grid life. Pick the place where you will get all the facilities that will help you to survive.

Be safe and don’t feel lonely:

When you are thinking of changing your lifestyle, you have to pick a place where you are safe and can take any precautions in an emergency state. When you are giving a thought of going out of your comfort zone, develop skills in first aid and tackling situations at any time. As you will stay in an empty site, you may feel lonely. Be mentally ready to fight this loneliness.

Toilet and bath:

Keep a place in the camper where you can bath and use the toilet. Learn the ways of doing these activities with less water. By this water, consumption will get less.

Cooking and heat:

You can use an electric hob for cooking in the van. If you go for a gas stove, then use propane or butane fuel as they are easy to find and use. But if you can arrange a solar power system then go for the electrical hob.


To keep connected to the world, you have to keep devices on an internet connection. Arrange a Wi-Fi device with an internet connection. You can use them with your solar power system.

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Q1. What states allow off-grid living?

Ans:  The states that allow off-grid living is Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Ohio, Texas, Montana, Alaska, and Nevada.

Q2. What does it mean to be off-grid?

Ans: Off-grid means leading a lifestyle without paying any utility bills by staying in rural locations.

Q3. Is going off-grid worth it?

Ans: Yes, you can save a lot of money by investing little in a solar power system. You can also have a healthy lifestyle because of natural resources.

Q4. Which is better on the grid or off-grid solar?

Ans: The grid-connected solar power system is the popular power system choice among campers. Because it requires less installation cost and less power.

Q5. What does it take to go off the grid?

Ans: going off-grid means giving away all the comforts like power supply, water supply, and utility bills from home.


It is not an easy decision to change your lifestyle just like that. When you are searching for how to live off the grid in a camper, make sure you are seeking it after good thinking. Because you have to ensure the basic needs and lead a healthy lifestyle in the place.

If you can’t guarantee that, you and your partner will be at high risk. Do proper homework, collect goods, and look for the perfect place, then your off-grid life will be worth it.