Can You Run A CPAP Machine On a Generator

Suppose, suddenly you have lost the power of your CPAP machine due to power outages at night. And you require power in an emergency for your CPAP machine. Then what will you do? You will need a power solution. Using a portable generator for a CPAP machine will be the perfect solution.

But the question is can you run a CPAP machine on a generator? Yes, you can run a CPAP machine on a generator. Many people are starting to depend on generators to power CPAP machines in an emergency or at night. You can run your CPAP by operating a generator. For this, you will need to plug the CPAP machine into a 120 AC plug. But solar generators and portable generators are mostly used to run a CPAP machine.

You will get vital information from this article along with clearing your all doubts. You will also take a reasonable decision when choosing a generator to power your CPAP machine.

What Is A CPAP Machine?

CPAP means continuous positive airway pressure. It’s a motorized machine used for the treatment of sleep apnea patients. This patient can’t breathe normally. In this condition, the airways or throat are blocked temporarily.

CPAP machine assures a continual flow of oxygen into the mouth and nose during sleeping. As a result, the airways remain open. And ensures normal breathing.

But how does the CPAP machine work? The machine functions by producing a compatible pressurized air stream. Then the air travels through a developed air filter into an elastic tube. The tube provides purified air into a mask that is set around your mouth or nose.

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Thus your lungs can take in a lot of oxygen. Without any obstruction of oxygen flow, your breathing doesn’t stop. As a result, to continue breathing you don’t wake up repeatedly.

Can You Run A CPAP Machine On a Portable Generator?

Yes, you can run a CPAP machine on a reliable portable generator. A portable generator can power your CPAP machine to save your life. You have to know in detail where and when you use a Portable Generator for your CPAP!

During Power Outage

It will be very troubling when the power blackout lasts for hours. And if you have sleep apnea and power outages occur, you need to use the best portable generator for your CPAP machine.

While Camping

Do you like camping or RVing but worry about your apnea disorder? Don’t worry. In this situation, you can power your CPAP machine by using a credible portable generator

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While Transit

When you need to take a long journey by train or flight, you can carry a portable generator to power your CPAP machine. Thereby you can get a peaceful sleep.

What Size Generator Do You Need For a CPAP Machine?

Most CPAP machines are 30-60 watts of power. And some portable batteries can provide up to 600W or more. That means you need such a size generator that can supply a minimum of 30 watts of power. So, you can easily power many CPAP machines on a generator.

A Guide For Buying The Best Generator For CPAP Machine

Some buying guides help to choose the best generator for your CPAP machine.

Power Capacity

Choose a portable generator that will be able to operate your CPAP machine. The power requirements of the generator will remain extra output relatively from the machine. And if you want to use the generator for operating extra home appliances, check their factor and power requirements.

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Battery Capacity

Most of the generators come with lithium-ion batteries for powering the CPAP machine. The battery capacity of the generator means how long the generator will power the CPAP machine. For example, a 400Wh battery capacity of a generator can power a 50W CPAP machine for about 8 hours. But choose a higher capacity generator for camping or during power failures for several days.

Sound Level

Few portable generators are noisier than others for operating the CPAP machine. So, purchase a generator with minimal noise output for powering the machine during a power blackout. Otherwise, the noise of the generator may be annoying during sleeping.


The features of the generator indicate how the generator is user-friendly. The LCD display of a portable generator delivers easy monitoring, showing its lasting battery life, output, and input power. Various power outlets including USB ports, AC and DC make the unit versatile. Also, check out extra features such as SOS mode and LED flashlight.

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How Long Does A CPAP Battery Last?

Most CPAP batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, may last one or two nights in normal operating situations. But the run time depends on the machine type.

How Can You Use A CPAP Machine Without Electricity?

The CPAP machine is totally shut off in power outages. The machine can plug into a battery or the wall. But not plug into both at the same time. So, at first, you have to unplug the machine from the wall and into the battery to use the battery.

What Is The Best Portable Generator For A CPAP Machine?

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 is the best portable generator for powering a CPAP machine.
Serene Life portable generator and Rockpals 300-watt generator are reliable and budget-friendly for CPAP machines. Jackery Explorer 500 is another best one, but a little expensive.

How Can You Power Your CPAP While Camping?

While camping the CPAP machine remains unplugged. Here are two choices to power the unplugged CPAP. When you plug the machine into a vehicle’s battery, you can try with an adaptor. The other option is to buy a portable power source for powering your machine.

How Many Watts Do You Need To Run Your CPAP Machine?

An inverter needs a maximum power rating for a CPAP machine. Around 2000W is needed to start the motor and power supply. But the running consumption for the machine is 40 watts or less. Smart and Bi-level, automated pressure setting machines may need more.


So, you can’t deny that a patient suffering from chronic sleep apnea must have a CPAP machine. But sometimes the power failure can bring difficulties for any CPAP machine user. Fortunately, some generators can power your CPAP machine during power outages. The details are discussed above. We hope you read the full information that we tried to provide you. And also enjoyed staying with us and got your answers.