Solar Powered Watches Good Or Bad – Are They Reliable?

The trend of environment-friendly equipment, gadgets, and tools are high on its peak. Adding on to solar watches are something so luxurious and desirable. However, solar powered watches good or bad have been always confusion in many’s heads.

But why people are so much after solar watches? This is a world of digital gadgets. So, if you are someone who wants to stick to best solar watches, you are someone really an earth lover classy people.

In the early 1970s, solar technology was introduced, and from then, it has become a reliable power source for different electric devices. And solar watches are the most desirable option among all for supporting us without any electricity.

Are solar watches any good? Let’s dissect about solar watches.

Why Are Solar Powered Watches Good? – The Ultimate Advantages

Advantages of Solar Powered Watches

There is a bunch of people that would always consider getting the best solar watches for them. And they always consider avoiding battery powered watches. Well, they have their own reasons to choose solar watches over any digital smart watches.

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No Battery Draining:

The feelings are awful when you are ready to wear your favorite watch, but it does not work due to dead batteries.  To run the watch, you have to replace it with new batteries, so it requires time and money.

But the solar-powered watches need solar power to run in no time, and it lasts for a long time to give you service.  

No Additional Cost:

When you charge the watch with solar power, it will get charge with sunlight or artificial light. They don’t need maintenance as batteries are not there to function. It saves you from the extra cost of buying and changing batteries. Wondering about the best solar power bank for your charging needs? Consider the benefits of solar-powered watches.


It’s not a backdated thing to This watch comes with multiple options with durable features as the watches come with materials like sapphire, titanium, stainless steel.

Easy Monitoring:

To use the sunlight, the watch has a special feature. There is a tint in the dial that monitors the received sunlight amount.


There is a stopwatch, different time zone information, water-resistant, compass, etc. features that make the watch tempting to use.


Some solar watches come with luxurious materials like leather, gold, and diamond that increase the value and aesthetic appeal.

How Does The Solar Powered Watches Work?

If you are new with a solar-powered watch, you have to know how solar energy works in the watch and whether the power is reliable.

Since solar power was introduced, it has been developed in the watch’s storage capacity and efficiency of the solar panels. You will be amazed to see the watch’s power storage capacity that will make your watch run for 30 days without any charge. The modern solar watches don’t come with a peculiar design like the 70s design, whether the stylish design enhances your personality look.  

Though the name is a solar watch, not all the time watch runs on solar power only. You can charge the watch with artificial light also.

The best thing about the solar watch is whenever it gets light; it keeps charging. The power reserve mod gets on when there is no light source.  

You don’t have to worry about the changing batteries with the solar watch. By this, your money gets saved, and so do your environment as it stays free from getting dumped with disposable batteries.

The one bad thing about the solar watch is you will have to invest some money to own the watch. But it is worth it.


Q1. How long do solar-powered watches last?

Ans: A solar-powered watch lasts for the storage capacity. Some watches last for 10 years and some 20 years. Actually, this lasting depends on the storage capacity of the watch you are using.

Q2. Are solar watches better than a battery?

Ans: Yes, without battery, the lunar watch is better to use. Because the normal watch requires replacing the battery in two years, but the lunar watch may need 10 to 20 years to replace the battery.

Q3.  Is a solar watch better than automatic?

Ans: The solar watches use photocells to produce electricity that helps to recharge the battery. The automatic watches require manual winding to run to give the right time.

Q4. Can you overcharge a solar watch?

Ans: No, the solar watch can’t get overcharged. Because the overcharging preventing function is automatically activated while the watch’s battery is 100% charged.

Q5.  Does a solar-powered watch have a battery?

Ans: Yes, the watch has a rechargeable battery where the energy is stored to run the watch.


You will find different options in wristwatches. But if you spend most of the time in outdoor activities, then a solar watch is highly recommended for you.

You may get confused about solar-powered watches good or bad. Well, the solar watch relieves you from changing batteries frequently, energy-efficient power reserve for a reliable and constant power source. So, it is up to you to get this amazing watch or not.