What Size Generator Do I need for a Garage Door opener?

With all the different types of garage doors and openers, it’s hard to know how many watts does it take to open a garage door. It turns out that newer models use less than older ones- so if you have an old model with 1 HP then make sure your new one has at least ½  HP or higher!

The amount of electricity a garage door opener needs to operate varies depending on the newest models and older ones. For example, today’s modern-day openers can consume up to around ¼ HP for about 1,100 watts while those from 10 years ago may use as much at ½ horsepower which would result in less power output than expected (around 1400).

Definitely, the best generators rely on wattage. These powerful appliances can be used to power several devices, depending upon the need and purpose for which you want them in your home or business! Even if you have questions like what size generator do I need for a garage door opener, we are here to help you to find out!

Generators are important for homes and businesses alike. Their ability to provide power when nothing else will work is one thing. Today we’re going to take a look at some of these special little machines with unique features that make them stand out from others on your list!

Top 5 Best Generators Depending on Watt Size for Garage Door Opener

#1. All Power America APG3014G 2000 Watt Portable Generator – Best For Basic Use

All Power America APG3014G 2000 Watt Portable Generator, Gas Powered for Home Back Up, Hurricane Recovery, Black/Red

Wattage2000 watts
Weight54.9 pounds
Engine Type4 Stroke
Tank Volume1.3 Gallons

All Power America is an inverter intended to retain you and your intimate safety after an ordinary disaster. It has the impressive 2000 watts peak/8kW rated power for just about any appliance to get through blackouts caused by grid failures or other emergencies with ease!

This portable model has a whopping 8-gallon fuel tank which allows users to run nearly 12 hours at only 76 dB – making it perfect as neighborhood friendly and easy on sensitive ears such as those with young children or elderly parents living alone.

To help keep things running smoothly without worry about stopping unneeded during times like storms when electricity may go out easily. Moreover, when it comes to your garage, you can rely on this power backup. Even the door opener in the garage will be more fun at any power outage!

When it comes to the included equipment, this unit arrives with four 120V AC plugs + one twist lock plug that’ll enable users not just light appliances but also charge devices including phones/I Pads.

What We Like

  • Safe & Longer lasting

All Power America’s generators are made for people who know the importance of safety and durability. The control panel has an hour meter to make sure that your generator is always running in case something goes wrong, and it also comes with wheel kits so you can easily move it around when needed!

  • Air Cooled Engine

The air circulated machine is prepared to operate numerous kinds of usages and maneuvers with 4x AC 120V outlets, one opening that can care for your RV or energy-proficient home-grown. It also has 12VDC power for basic electronics such as lights in the kitchen cabinet!

  • Pretty Quiet

When it comes to the noise level, this portable generator produces around 76 dB, which makes it one of the quieter 2000 watt generators on the market.

Keep in Mind

  • Little Pricier

This Portable generator is quite pricier than other 2000 watt ones available in the marketplace. However, the features can make every penny worth it!

#2. Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable – Best for Running Time

Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight

Wattage2000 watts
Weight39.5 Pounds
Engine Type4 Stroke
Fuel TypeGasoline

The Champion 2000-Watt portable generator is a winner on the indoor one! It’s got everything you need for power outages – from its powerful 4 stroke engine with overhead valve design. You don’t have to worry about the garage door opener in the power outage, it will be a breeze with this beast in your garage!

And 80 cc displacement, to its being able to run at a peak output of 2kW or 1.7 kW running capacity all day long without needing any more gas (one gallon lasts up until nine hours). It can cover all of your home equipment needs up to 2000 watt support.

Moreover, the latest in backup power technology is here, with the Champion 2000-Watt portable generator. It features stacking and can produce 3 000 watts of energy when paired up with two models for a whopping total output worth 4000!

With economy mode on you’ll save money by increasing your running time or using less fuel. It’s all at your fingertips thanks to this innovative design that comes complete with everything necessary without having any tradesmen fees attached either.

What We like

  • Very Little Noise

The Champion 2000-Watt moveable generator is so silent, you can effortlessly take a usual chat walking around nearby the device. The sound level drops drastically when operating in Econo mode and it becomes almost undetectable to other people nearby.

  • Efficient In Fuel Use

The Champion 2000-Watt portable generator is just the right size to power your home while still being fuel-efficient. This means you can have more running time and output, which saves money in both cases!

  • USB Charge

If you are looking to power your phone, laptop, or tablet, this Champion 2000-Watt portable generator is perfect. It has 2 ports so two devices can be charged simultaneously.

Keep In Mind

  • Tech Support

You can find any top-notch Tech Support with the generator. You have to delay for some time to talk with them over the phone.

#3. Sportsman GEN2000 Gas Powered Portable Generator – Best for gas-powered

Sportsman GEN2000, 1400 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

Wattage1400 watts
Item Weight53 Pounds
Engine Type4 Stroke
Tank Volume1.2 Gallons

The Sportsman GEN2000 is a lightweight, portable generator that produces 2 kilowatts of power and has an output speed of 1.4 kilowatts for up to four hours on one tank! If you are wondering what size generator do I need for a garage door opener? Look no further, Sportsman GEN2000 got you covered.

There is a problem with this mode, though it’s only one, it lacks rubber feet so you have less stability when using it as your primary source–though it’s light enough where most people won’t even notice the lack thereof anyway.

Undoubtedly, the Sportsman GEN2000 portable generator is a great tool for power outages, but the weight and lack of transport rollers or handle make it difficult to move around. So, undoubtedly, this one is made for indoor use!

Also, the fuel tank can embrace up to 1.2 Gal gas, and that will aid you to operate your home piece of equipment for 9-hours long at semi-load volume formerly refilling over.  The noise level tips off into 65 dBm with 50% loaded onto this unit- so keep that in mind when considering purchasing one!

What We Like

  • Functionality

Sportsman’s GEN2000, a gas-powered portable generator is a perfect product for those who need power on hand. It comes with 2000 watts and features 2 outlets – one 120 volt AC rate for your home as well as a 12V battery charging outlet so you can charge up any devices that may run low during an emergency.

  • Gas Powered

Indeed, this powerful and portable generator is perfect for camping, home use, or any other emergency. The EPA-certified technology makes this product ready straight out of the box thanks to making sure there’s no waiting around when things go wrong – just grab yours now before they run out!”

  • Low Oil Shutdown

Importantly, it has a 2.6 HP engine that runs off of gasoline with low oil shutdown safety features which includes 3600 RPMs (revolutions per minute) 87CC motor size capacity so you don’t have to worry about how much power will last in your need!

Keep In Mind

  • Not for Heavy Use

As you can see this is only 2000 watts generator, so you cannot expect this one to run for heavy usage.

#4. Pulsar G2319N 2300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator – Best for Portability

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator with USB Outlet & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant, Gray

Wattage2300 watts
Item Weight47 Pounds
Tank Volume1.18 Gallons

The G2319N portable inverter generator is a lightweight, durable design that can produce 2 300 peaks/ 1 800 runnings of power and operate up to 4.8 hours on just 1.18 gallons! It features exceptional both outdoor and indoor durability perfect for entertainment or emergency use in your home as well.

Along with the 45 pounds weights without oil, you won’t have any trouble taking this little machine with you when needed most. For its portability, it is an easy setup in your garage for the door opener.

Unlike some usual generators, the G2319N portable inverter generator is a great choice for those who need to rely on some power backup for their indoor equipment. With its double 120V openings, 12V ‘cigarette’ vent, and straight attached USB port.

Subsequently, This product guarantees pure electricity perfect for cellular devices or laptops with no risk of harmful spikes that could damage your investment!

What We Like

  • Noiseless Performance

In particular, this portable inverter generator is a great choice for those who need to stay active and away from the noise. It features quiet, inverter technology that offers perfect performance without being too loud or disruptive!

  • Parallel Capacity

If you are looking for a seamless selector for your following escapade or open-air occasion, The G2319N portable generator is perfect for you. With its parallel capability, you can power up all of your devices in one go without worrying about running out!

  • Sine Wave Technology

G2319N moveable generator delivers clean, harmless electrical energy for running and charging notebooks. Thanks to its stable sine WAVE Technology and Stable Pulse Induction motor with a variable speed control system that produces 60% less noise at low speeds than traditional generators.

Keep in Mind

  • Steady and Heavy Load

If you want to put this machine in a heavy load, you will not have steady performance.

#5. EGO Power 3000W Nexus Portable Power Station – Most User-friendly

EGO Power+ PST3040 3000W Nexus Portable Power Station for Indoor and Outdoor Use Battery Not Included

Output Wattage3000 Watts
Item Weight33.9 pounds
Battery4 Ports

The EGO Nexus Power Station is powered by a battery and a substitute machine for gas-powered generators. It’s safe and clean, so you can use it indoors or out with no limitations!

Even for your garage door opener, you can rely on this beast at ease! The possibilities are endless as this versatile power source has an inbuilt charging system for your phone too.

Moreover, the ego power portable generator is a must for any tailgate party. Apart from its amazing capacity on the indoor, it can be used to power slow cookers, griddle, and full-sized refrigerators when the electricity goes out at your next big game also!

Use this bad boy on camping trips too – plug in lights so you don’t illuminate yourself with skull candles (or worse). Or you can have a nice workstation environment in your garage in case of a power outage! All of them are at a breeze with the EGO Power.

What We Like

  • User Friendly

Ego battery technology is a game-changing innovation that will change the way we power our homes and vehicles. Forget about noisy gas generators, this clean energy source offers an easy solution for powering your home or car with no fuss!

  • Sustainable

Clearly, EGO Nexus Power Station is a great choice for people who want to power their homes without using fossil fuels. Unlike gas generators, this one only uses renewable energies and doesn’t emit any noxious fumes or waste into the atmosphere – making it super sustainable!

  • Versatile & User-friendly

The Ego Nexus Power Station has 4 USB Ports, a bright LED display to show run time, and robust steel handles that are easy on your hands. This quiet clean power for indoor or outdoor use will keep you going all day with ease!

Keep In Mind

  • The battery is not included

When you get the product, the battery will not come with it. You need to buy it separately.

How to Choose a Garage Door Opener (4 Steps)


How much horsepower do I need for one garage door opener?

Two-car garages or one with insulated doors require at least a 1 horsepower garage door opener. If the structure has only carriage-style wood windows, then they can opt for lighter duty openers like those rated to operate on as low of power and will be less prone to icing over time.

How do I calculate what size generator I need?

The first step in determining how much energy your generator needs is to check the wattage on its owner’s manual. Next, multiply this number by three and add it onto whatever you get from running at full output for an hour or so- these two numbers will give us our minimum power requirements!

Does a garage door opener need a dedicated circuit?

A dedicated circuit for your garage door opener isn’t necessary, but if you want to protect it from power surges and lightning strikes then installing an outlet within the same wall as to where it’s installed will help.

Can a garage door opener be too powerful?

One of the first questions to ask when buying a new garage door is how powerful it will be. While openers come with different amounts and types of power, horsepower labels are largely meaningless as they don’t tell you anything about what capacity your opener requires for operation or if there’s enough juice left in its battery at close-time (less than 10%!).


Garage door openers typically cost $120 to $300, depending on the sophistication. Labor rates can vary by location and what you’re doing- but don’t worry!

SO, you had a question like what size generator do I need for a garage door opener? Hope we got it covered throughout the article.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite generators for home use that will surely get your garage opened up in no time at all with just one button push (or maybe two). So go ahead; pick whichever one sounds most interesting…and good luck!