Who Makes DuroStar Generators- DuroPower or DuroMax?

Generally, you are wondering when you see something that is totally like a silent generator. How? Let me say… Have you ever heard the name of the DuroStar generators? I think you heard the name.

Do you know about this generator? If you don’t know, then I will tell you the details. Who makes the Durostar generator? Do you know? Ok fine. I will tell you. A California-based company made Durostar generators by Duropower in 1992. Dexin International Inc is the owner of Duropower.

In this article, you will know extra information about the DuroStar generator and related questions about it. I will also discuss the relatable question about the Duromax generators. So, let’s see…

Who Makes DuroStar Generators?

What is the DuroStar generator?

The DuroStar generator is a portable powerful band of generators. This brand is popular for its affordability and high-quality build in the market.

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator is one of the top brands of Durostar generators. Because it’s powerful, easy to set up, and affordable. It delivers 3300 Running Watts that gives you enough power. Besides, it is tremendous for camping, sporting tournaments, home backup emergency power, RVs, job sites, and more.

Where are DuroStar generators manufactured?

A California based company that manufactures the DuroStar generators by Duropower.

Features of Durostar generators

  • Designed with a rugged and portable structure.
  • It has a power output range from 1050-10,000 watts that suit a variety of needs.
  • It is an affordable and reliable generator.
  • It has great ratings and permissions from EPA. Their versions are also CARB compliant.
  • Its noise level is 70 decibels which is quite acceptable.
  • The larger model of Durostar generators has tube wheel kits, tube steel frames, and handles for enhanced portability.
  • It has a proprietary Private Muffler that can reduce engine sound.
  • Further, it has 4 fully independent motor mounts that reduce noise.
  • For easy connection and reliable air-cooled Durostar, it has many Power Plug Configurations.

Are Durostar generators any good?

Durostar generators are portable and very reliable generators. It provides the best value when it comes to the amount of power generated for a money generator. It has 4000 watts of surge power and 3300 watts of running power. This power will be enough to power most of the devices in your home. Such as emergency backup power in a power outage, powering farm equipment, devices at worksites, powering campers, RV, and different outdoor uses.

Besides, it is also good for an affordable price to power ratio. And it is also easy to turn on with one or two easy pulls. Furthermore, it has low oil shutoff and instructing light. Finally, these all are good for Durostar generators.

What is the Duromax generator?

DuroMax generator is one of the major manufacturers of portable generators established in 2003.

DuroMax generators are durable and affordable and it creates a robust steel frame,  a fully functional panel and wheelbase. It also delivers safety, fuel efficiency, and product longevity latest portable power technologies to the customers.

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?

DuroMax generators were started in California by DuroPower. They create their machines and engines. Besides manufacturing lightweight generators, they also deliver motors, manometers, pumps, and even accessories.

Who owns the DuroMax generator?

DuroPower, which is a California based engine and power tools maker, owns the DuroMax generator.

Features of the DuroMax generators

  • It has a dual fuel system: gasoline and propane gas. Because of its dual system the user may have more power options during emergencies.
  • It has another feature with power boost technology. From this system, the amperage output will double when they start with a 120v switch.
  • It is also certified in 50 states approved by EPA and CARB. 
  • It also has an oil protection system that protects it from damage. It automatically turns off the generator when detecting a low oil supply.
  • It has a 100% copper winding feature that gives it more power, a longer lifespan, and reliability.
  • DuroMax generators have lighted instrument panels in the dark for easy operation.
  • Having a surge arrest feature you don’t need to search keys during emergencies.

Is DuroMax a good generator?

DuroMax generators is a portable, durable, and long-lasting brand of generators. Duromax delivers high-quality generators that are applicable for all kinds of uses.

Duromax generators are popular for their powerful design and run very quietly. They are also reliable and easily used. They are also good for their performance and also effective and strong generators.

How loud is a DuroMax generator?

Generally, The noise level of DuroMax generators is 67-70 dB. Besides, the most powerful models exist at a 74 dB mark that is not so quiet. But there are some generators with small capacity that have the same noise yet not worse.

What is the difference between DuroMax and DuroStar generators?

Particularly, the main difference between the DuroStar and DuroMax generators is their portability and design. DuroMax generators have wheel kits and fold handles that enable them to move the generator. Whereas the DuroStar has handles for carrying.

When DuroMax generators sell to California they must be CARB-compliant, which is 49 states. In the case of DuroStar, there are no such conditions.

Besides, more DuroMax generators also have higher launching and running watts. Many of them have wheel type and Flip-up handle style. But a handle style and wheel type are optional of many DuroStar or maybe without these features.

Another major difference between these two generators is the noise level. The noise level of DuroMax generators is lower than that of Durostar generators.

How to choose the best portable generator

  • First, you will have to check the capacity of the generator.
  • If you live in colder climates, you have the option of a unit with cold start technology. It will help to ensure you still run while the temperature falls.
  • Some generators have problems with fluctuation in power. It can hamper the running of appliances and electronics. The automatic voltage regulation keeps maintaining this difficulty.
  • You must check the wattage capacity. If you worry about your refrigerator and other devices like a toaster, smartphone, stove, and so on.
  • You must analyze the noise level of the generator. The dBA is lower and the generator will be quieter. 
  • At last, you should consider an issue before buying. The portability of the generator. If you want to transfer it from one place to another, you perhaps ignore that feature.

What is the Best DuroStar Portable Dual Fuel Generator?

DuroStar is itself the most popular and reliable brand in the world. It’s a made in USA generator which already implies to its users best satisfaction. If you want to get a top-quality DurStar portable generator with dual fuel capacity, here I’m going to recommend you top 5 portable generators manufactured by DuroMax. This list will be according to most to less powerful models. So, check out their features, and get one.

#1 DuroMax XP13000HX 13000 Watt (Check features on Amazon)
#2 DuroMax XP12000EH 12000 Watt (Check features on Amazon)
#3 DuroMax XP8500EH 8500 Watt(Check features on Amazon)
#4 Durostar DS4850EH 4850 Watt (Check features on Amazon)
#5 DuroMax XP4500iH 4500-Watt 223cc (Check features on Amazon)

All these models are dual fuel running generators. These are excellent choices for your home, RV, camping, office, restaurants, shops, and many more places where you need power sources.

How long does the average generator last?

The lifecycle will depend on the size and type of your generator. But the average particular range is approximately 1500-3000 hours. You have to power your generator for about half an hour to exercise it each week. That means, per year it will operate for at least 26 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are DuroStar generators made in the USA?

Yes, DuroStar generators are made in the USA. A California-based company made this power generator which is in the USA.

Who makes the engines for DuroMax generators?

A California based engine and the power devices maker makes the engines by DuroPower for DuroMax generators. They have triple and four-cylinder engines, 2 unique designs, and 20 various models. Note that they make their engines and devices.

How long does a DuroMax generator last?

A DuroMax generator lasts up to 8 hours depending on a full tank of gasoline.

How long should a generator last?

A portable generator should last between 1000-2000 hours depending on the engine quality. That is, if you run an average of 100 hours per year, it will last about 10-20 years.

How many watt generators do you need to run a house?

You need about 3000-5000 watts generator to run a house. You can use your generators for about 500 hours at the most. That means about 3 weeks for continuous use.

Can you get a Durostar generator as a quiet generator?

The noise level of the generator is acceptable below 70 dBA. It will not irritate you and the neighbors also. Although the noise level of a Durostar generator is 70 dBA, you can get a Durostar generator as a quiet generator.


In conclusion, I can say that if you are looking for a strong, highly affordable, and effective generator, I will recommend the DuroMax generators. And I will recommend the DuroStar generators as a powerful, easy-to-use, portable and affordable generator. A California-based company, DuroPower manufactures both generators. Hope you fully enjoyed our guide. Thank you.