How To Install 50 amp Circuit Breaker For Trolling Motor?

A 50-amp circuit breaker is the best option to protect the trolling motor. Without knowing how to install 50 amp circuit breaker for trolling motor, you will get easily confused.

Yes, we are talking about the installation process. Circuit breakers play the most critical role to protect electric devices throughout the system.

It always gives the best shot to protect the equipment. The same thing happens for the trolling motor as well. This is the complete guide that can teach you about the installation of this mini but effective electric device.

So, without wasting time, let’s find out how to install it.

What Do You Need To Know About Circuit Breakers For Trolling Motor?

Do you have any questions about your trolling motor and its safety? What amp circuit breaker do you need or is your trolling motor without a circuit breaker safe? So the best answer depends on a few things and these are.

  • The total current requirement (amp)
  • Length of the wire extension (connect your motor with batteries)
  • Model of the motor thrust
  • VDC capacity

What Are the Types of Circuit Barkers?

For trolling motors, most people prefer 50-amp or 60-amp circuit breakers. Yes, they are categories based on one capacity.

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If the trolling motor draws 60 amperes, then the circuit breaker must be equivalent to this amp. Let’s find out more different categories for 50 amp and 60-amp circuit breakers.

Trolling motor circuit breaker 50 amp

Most people use 50-amp circuit breakers for different types of trolling motors. We found only 4 types of them and these are.

  • 50 Amp Circuit Breaker (12 VDC) – Used for 30 lb., 40 lb., and 45 lb. trolling motor
  • 50 Amp Circuit Breaker (24 VDC) – Used for 70 lb. trolling motor
  • 50 Amp Circuit Breaker (36 VDC) – Used for 101 lb. trolling motor
  • 50 Amp Circuit Breaker (48 VDC) – Used for E-Drive motor

Trolling motor circuit breaker 60 amp

We also found different types of 60-amp circuit breakers that work best with trolling motors. Have a glance at them.

  • 60 Amp Circuit Breaker (12 VDC) – Used for 50 lb. and 55 lb. trolling motor
  • 60 Amp Circuit Breaker (24 VDC) – Used for 80 lb. trolling motor
  • 60 Amp Circuit Breaker (36 VDC) – used for an engine mount 101 to 112 lb. trolling motor
  • 2 x 60 Amp Circuit Breaker (24 VDC) – comes with 2 circuit breakers for an engine mount 160 motor.

How To Install 50 Amp Circuit Breaker for Trolling Motor?

It’s time to learn the installation process of a 50-amp circuit breaker. Without hiring a marine technician, you can install it on your own.

Before going step by step, you can check the Trolling motor circuit breaker wiring diagram below.

Circuit breaker wiring diagram

Here is the set of instructions that you must follow.

Step – 1

Look for a perfect place for mounting the circuit breaker. The place should be close to the batteries to get much room and benefits.

Step – 2

Now mount the circuit breaker. There are two holes you’ll find at the base of the breaker. Use them to mount the breaker.

Step – 3

Do you know about the terminals of the breakers? A circuit breaker has two terminals. One is called AUX and another one is a BAT. One needed to connect to the battery. Another one will be connected to the motor.

Step – 4

Trolling motor has a positive power cable. Figure it out and connect it to the terminal. Not the “BAT”, it must be labeled with “AUX”.

Step – 5

Trolling motor batteries have a positive end. It’s time to connect the terminal (BAT) with the positive end.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind:

Using a circuit breaker is not the last solution you’re thinking of to protect your trolling motor. This is the reason, for a few things you must set in your mind to choose the right circuit breaker and these are.

  • Try to find a tip-free circuit breaker. It is easy to reset manually.
  • Should be adequate with proper power (ampere interrupting capacity)
  • Must have the option to use again after a short circuit.
  • Try to use a better circuit breaker. You can try a Minn Kota 50 amp circuit breaker in this case.
  • Availability of the option to use a fuse with the circuit breaker for extra protection.
  • Cover all the terminals of the circuit breaker with tape to prevent a short circuit.


Is it possible to use a higher amp circuit breaker for my trolling motor?

All the trolling motor has specific recommendations for the amp, especially the circuit breaker. Don’t use a higher amp circuit breaker for trolling motors.

How can I determine the size of the circuit breaker for my trolling motor?

Considering a few factors like maximum current (measured in amp), the size of the wire connected to the battery helps you to measure the size of the circuit breaker.

Are there any differences between a circuit breaker and a fuse?

Yes, Fuse is used as a one-time device where a circuit breaker can be used multiple times.

Do I Need a Circuit Breaker for my electric trolling motor?

To protect the inner electrical system of your trolling motor, you should use a circuit breaker. It will protect the wire as well.

Under which situation a circuit breaker will trip?

For several reasons, it can happen. One is when the motor tries to draw more power because of the high resistance of the water. Another one is losses or corroded connections.


I hope you have a clear idea about how to install 50 amp circuit breaker for trolling motor. We tried to cover every possible way to help you.

To avoid different but possible electrical hazards, you should install a circuit breaker. It’s not only a useful device for your trolling motor but makes you and your boat safe!

Undoubtedly, circuit breakers play a vital role and work as a protector for trolling motors. Most of the time, the trolling motor got fired due to an overlain or short circuit.

Installing a circuit breaker lets you free from any worries, especially the situation inside your trolling motor.