Best Solar Charger For Trolling Motor Battery Reviews In 2022

Having a trolling motor means this is the most valuable thing in your angling arsenal. To enjoy the best performance of the trolling motor you must provide enough power by keeping the battery charged all the time. Running out of power means your fishing trip will turn into a disaster. So, you need the best solar charger for trolling motor battery.

A solar charger is a handy thing. Using a solar charger for your trolling motor battery will help you to get power from the natural source.

So, you should get a solar charger for your trolling motor battery that keeps you free from the hassle of charging the battery when there is no power source available.

Choosing the right solar charger might need a lot of queries. So, after reviewing every charger individually, we made this top list.

Let’s have a glance at our best solar charge motor battery by our editors:

1. DuraVolt 24 volt – Plug & Play trolling motor charger

2. SOLPERK 20W 12 volt – Best Pollution free solar charger

3. Sunway Power Kit Portable Backup – Economical solar charger

4. TP-solar Solar Panel Kit – Best for Marine charging system

5. POWOXI Solar Battery Charger – Best for cloudy days

6. PALADIN 12V 2.4w – Best portable solar charger

7. SUNER POWER 12V 20W– Most advanced Solar Charging Kit

8. SUNER POWER 12V 10W – Durable solar charger

9. ECO-Worthy 12 Volts 10W – Super simple to use

10. PowerEZ 24 Volts 10W – Fast charging solar charger

Top Rated Best Solar Chargers For Trolling Motor &  Buying Guide:

Without checking all the features, functionalities, and benefits you cannot buy a solar charger. Buying the wrong one can make your day worse on the water.

To make yourself satisfied, you must get the top quality one of the best battery charger for trolling motor batteries that can provide enough power to your trolling motor battery any day. So, let’s hit the top rated solar charger for trolling motor battery.

1. DuraVolt Trolling Motor Charger

DuraVolt Blue Trolling MotorTo keep your trolling motor battery charged whenever you want, get a solar charger that is easy to use along with the ‘Plug & Play’ feature.

All the features of this product are suitable for everyone, especially those who love boating and camping. Get this solar charger that is able to keep charging trolling motor batteries while running your boat on the water. It minimizes the chance of cracking because you cannot bend this thing easily.

You cannot compromise with the durability of a solar charger. To ensure durability, it comes with the non-bending feature that makes this product one of the most durable trolling motor chargers out there. It’s still a semi-flexible product, but it’s not going to fragile solar cells. Without damaging solar cells, it keeps the charger functional for a longer period of time. 

For better operation, you won’t get any controller with it. This product is for the 24V trolling motor batteries. That’s why you don’t need such a controller at all to regulate the voltage. You’ll fall in love with this product because of the compact shape.

Shape plays a vital role to keep this product low profile and lightweight for you. You can easily carry it anywhere, anytime to keep your battery charged. 

For the better connection, you’ll get 10 ft. cable that is enough to establish a connection. Weatherproof features and ‘non-glass construction’ keep this ready to survive in any situation.

What We Liked

✅ The lightweight design made this portable

✅ Easy to install without any previous experience

✅ “Plug & Play” design make it easy to use

✅ It can survive in almost any types of weather

✅ Not easy to bend and crack

What We Didn’t

❌It struggles to charge the battery if the day is not sunny enough.

Almost every feature of this is suitable for you if you badly need a trolling motor charger. It could be your lifetime investment for the trolling motor charger.

2. SOLPERK Solar Battery Trickle Charger

SOLPERK Solar Battery Trickle ChargerTo solve your solar battery charging problem, get this pollution-free solar charger. If you don’t want to run out of power, then this solar charger will help you a lot to get the energy from the sun to your battery. You don’t need to tense any more if the electricity leaks slowly from the battery.

This solar charger helps to maintain power and keep the battery charged all the time. You need a solar charger with a better lifespan like this basic power gadget. As a high-efficiency solar battery charger, it’s capable of converting sunlight into electric energy to charge the battery.

Getting more sunlight means the charging efficiency is going to high. This charge will generate current and help to prevent the loss of the battery. So, you don’t need to think about the power especially when the battery is in standby mode.

Charging and maintaining 12V batteries (Wet, MF, GEL, AGM, and EFB) safely with the help of this basic product it’s just a matter of time. It’s a product for versatile uses. This solar battery charger is suitable for motorcycles, ship, RV, tractor, ship, trucks, and snowmobiles.

Another good feature you’ll get in this solar charger is the built-in blocking diode that makes it possible to prevent reverse charging from your trolling motor battery. If you want to know the charging status, then this is for you. It also has a blue indicator light that lets you know the charging status.

Because of the built mechanism, it becomes weatherproof and is also covered with an ABS plastic case. So, it becomes a windproof and waterproof solar battery charger. Installing this solar charger is easy and it doesn’t require any previous experience. You just need to follow the plug and play method to run it.

What We Liked

✅ The charger ensures high photoelectric conversion rate

✅ No need special maintenance because it’s waterproof and windproof

✅ Made of ABS material shell that ensures quality

✅ Easy to install and easy to operate

✅ Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse charging

What We Didn’t

❌ Sometimes it takes more time to charge the battery

This solar battery trickle charger is pretty amazing in performance. This one can easily charge your trolling motor batteries. And also provides benefits in economical level.

3. Sunway Solar Panel Power Kit Portable Backup

Sunway Solar Panel Power Kit Portable BackupThis pretty interesting model draws my attention because it is affordable. We always need to pay more money for a better solar charger. But this product proves it wrong. Without paying much you can enjoy its main features that you are looking at the best solar battery trickle charger.

For the 12 Volt battery, this solar charger is the most suitable one to keep topped off. In any season, it performs well and can power small batteries. You can easily use this because of the simplicity of the mechanism and function.

So, don’t worry about the damage to the battery because of overcharging. You can easily install it on your windshield or dash. Just plug it on the port. You can add extra cable for quick connect and disconnect as well.

To ensure the durability it is covered with ultra-clear PV glass and the housing of this solar charger is made of ABS plastic. These two materials make it stronger than others. As a result, this serves you for a long time.

It just needs low maintenance because of its built quality. You can use this solar charger safely to charge different batteries (Wet, SLA, Gel, AGM, and Deep Cycle). Because of the versatility, it can be used for charging batteries of motorcycles, tractors, snowmobiles, boats, cars, trucks, and many more.

To maintain the charge, it follows the eco-friendly way. It can prevent reverse charging that is another good feature of this solar charger. The LED charge indicator will light up when the battery is charging.

What We Liked

✅ Easy to mount on the different surfaces like a windshield or dash

✅ Ultra-clear PV glass made this more efficient

✅ Comes with durable ABS plastic housing that makes it stronger

✅ Require less maintenance to keep it functional for a long time

✅ Can be charged batteries of different types of vehicle.

What We Didn’t

❌ It’s not fully waterproof.

This well-built 12V solar battery trickle charger can make your day easier by keeping the battery charged in every condition. So, it can satisfy you all the time with all the necessary features.

4. TP-solar Solar Panel Kit

For a good solar battery charger, you might consider this one. Because of the most essential features and performance, this proves itself one of the best solar chargers out there. It offers high-efficiency performance all the time.

You don’t need to worry about the installation and using process after getting this solar charger. Almost every essential kit you’ll get with this solar charger. First of all, it has a 12V/24/V solar charge regulator controller and two 6.5ft cables with alligator Clips which helps to make a stable connection with the battery.

Using the O-ring terminal can make the fixing and connection process easier for you. It has a high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel. This feature offers a high conversion rate. This rate makes this charger more efficient to convert sunlight into electric energy.

It’s good for the optimal charging of your battery. To prevent your battery from overcharging, this solar charger has a built-in circuit board. Even it will also protect your battery from discharging. At night or in a lower voltage situation, you will feel the real benefit of this feature.

As a better charging system, this can be used in different vehicles like RV, car, caravan, marine, and many other sectors. You can easily carry it for camping or other outdoor activities. The size of this solar charger makes it possible for everyone.

It can be easy for you to use all of the pre-drilled holes for easier installation. To make the structure more secure, this kind of installation using holes is important. It’s made of strong tempered glass and aluminum frame. As a result, you can easily use this for a long time because of its build quality.

What We Liked

✅Made of quality material

✅Prevent the battery from discharging

✅ Compact size and easy to carry

✅ The pre-drilled holes make it easier to install and secure

✅ Water and dustproof

What We Didn’t

❌ Different weather condition can affect charging efficiency

This solar charger does its job for you according to its features. For long-lasting charging service, this product offers excellent durability. 

5. POWOXI Upgraded 20W Solar battery charger

POWOXI Upgraded 20W Solar battery chargerFor the best and inexpensive solution, you can try this 20W solar battery charger. On cloudy days or in the rain, this offers the best support. It is built to perform in every type of weather. The decent size of this solar charger is one of the best sides for the user.

It’s actually a high-efficiency single-crystal silicon solar charger and this mechanism is able to generate electricity at any moment. You can carry it everywhere with you because of its simple and generous appearance.

Without facing any problem, it’s easy to install because of the simplicity. It may look simple to you, but able to supply 12V DC electricity to the battery. To know the battery condition and the charging condition, you can use handy features of this and that is an LED indicator that comes with it. This light helps to know the actual status of the working process.

When the battery is fully charged, you’ll see the green indicator. Otherwise, the yellow or red indicator will indicate that the battery is in charge. Another good feature of this solar charger is the all-round protection system. It’s a protective function that plays a vital role to prevent the battery from overcharging.

This Solar charger has the mechanism to protect your battery from overvoltage and short circuit. It cannot consume electricity at night because the charging controller stops the process immediately. In the day time, it will start to work automatically that you need most for the trolling motor battery.

You can enjoy its service for a long time because of it’s made of light and strong ABS plastic frame that ensures its durability. Because of the lightweight, you can easily carry or install it in different locations. Waterproof features keep this charger protected from the rain.

For fast, floating, and upgrade charging you can use the external intelligent charging controller feature of this it. 

Overall, this is an excellent best charger for trolling motor battery to buy. You can easily use it for a long time without facing any problem.

6. PALADIN Solar Car Battery Charger

PALADIN Solar Car Battery ChargerTo get the best portable solar charger you must consider lots of facts. Some products can keep you free from considering features in other solar chargers as this one does. It is best solar charger for trolling motor battery out there that includes the most essential features you are looking for a portable solar battery charger.

Paladin didn’t compromise with the build quality of this solar charger. To make it more durable, it is made of high-impact plastic housing. So, it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Even this material could withstand shocks. As a result, this fantastic weather-resistant solar charger can survive in different weather like snow, rain, sleet, and warm. The built quality also minimizes its maintenance costs.

It’s highly portable that allows you to carry it anywhere, anytime in any situation. Portability makes it not only easy for you to use but also easy to install.  You don’t need to check it continuously to keep it functional. You can easily mount it on the dashboard or windshield.

All mounting suction cups are strong and durable that makes the mounting process easy for you. To connect it to the battery, you can easily use the battery clamps. Even in low sunlight conditions, this solar charger works perfectly to charge the battery.

If you have a RV, boats, car, motorcycles, and other vehicles, then pick this tremendous solar power trickle charger to power batteries. Don’t worry about battery health as long as you have this solar charger.

As a sustainable and environment-friendly solar charger, it’s safe to use. The built-in blocking diode is always here to prevent reverse charging. So, the battery performance can boost your things all the time.

It can work like a champ for batteries for almost every type of vehicle, especially the trolling motor battery. To serve your purpose, get this solar battery charger that can produce enough power.

7. SUNER POWER 12V 20W Solar Battery Charger 

SUNER POWER 12V 20W Solar Battery Charger Don’t make your journey on the road dangerous and annoying only for the dead battery. You need the best solar battery charger like this one. Let’s find out why this charger is better than other solar chargers.

This solar charger comes with great capabilities. It can charge your battery anywhere in any condition. It is just perfect to transfer energy from sunlight to your 12V battery. Tempered glass and a strong ABS frame make this strong. These materials are solid to serve you for many years.

To manage the charging and protect your batteries, this has the most advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) chip. This chip is also working as a charge controller. It controls the charging process and generates 10 to 20 percent more power than other controllers.

Another cool feature of it is the smart 3-stage charging algorithm that is for maintaining your 12V battery in all seasons. There is no better solar charger you will find accept this one to protect your battery.

Overcharge, over-voltage, discharging, short circuit, reverse polarity are the most common problems you are probably facing. To protect your battery from all these problems, this solar charger is ready to take charge.

As a spark and waterproof, it is ready to serve you in rough and tough conditions. While charging the battery, this will let you know what is the actual charging status through the LED indicator.

You can monitor the status when you need it. The Green, Red, and Soli Green and Solid Red will make a statement about the charging condition. As a maintenance-free solar charger, you can easily use it by plug and play.

You don’t need to worry about your battery health at all if you got this solar charger. Get this and make yourself free from the middle of nowhere.

8. SUNER POWER Solar Battery Trickle Charger 12V 10 Watt

SUNER POWER Solar Battery Trickle Charger 12V 10 WattIf you are looking for a solar best battery charger for trolling motor battery that can generate enough voltage to serve your purpose then pick this one. It’s not only perfect for your project, but also suitable for installing in a little space. Because of the features, this is what you need to take with you.

Its build quality can draw your attention easily. The frame is made of durable aluminum and tempered glass. Both elements are responsible for the long life of this solar charger. This one is able to withstand high loads in almost every type of situation.

It’s always ready to take charge of your battery anywhere and everywhere. Like other models of the Suner Power, this one is also equipped with the most advanced MPPT charge controller. You may don’t know that this built-in intelligent chip is responsible for generating 10 to 20 percent more power to your battery than other solar chargers.

To keep your battery charged in every season, the smart 3-stage charging algorithm helps a lot. You won’t face any problem maintaining the right angle of the solar charger because of the alloy ball. It’s exclusively engineered to keep the structure of the charger at the right angle all the time.

As a result, the solar charger gets more sunshine and generates more power. You can install it with the help of the mount bracket that makes the installation process easy, especially installing in the ground, or vertical wall.

Using a LED indicator to know the charging status can be helpful for you. Most of the users of solar chargers love this handy feature and the good news is it has such one. You just need to plug it to start using. It protects batteries from over-voltage, discharging, short circuits, and overcharging.

This solar battery charger is made to impress you along with its all advanced and necessary features.

9. ECO-Worthy Solar Battery Charger

ECO-Worthy Solar Battery ChargerA solar charger of decent shape and specification is always perfect to use anywhere. If you are looking for such a type of solar charger then pick this one. This easiest model is suitable for use on the go. It comes with not only good size and shape, but also easy to install on the boat deck, car on any type of engine compartment.

Just connect the battery clips onto the battery after you install this one. You can use this compact solar charger to charge batteries of different types of vehicles like boats, snowmobiles, tractors, motorcycles, etc.

To keep your battery healthy all the time, this solar charger has a built-in blocking diode that prevents power reversing. It will also extend your battery life as well. So, you don’t need to monitor it closely at all.

As an energy-saving and environmentally protected, it works perfectly even if you use it on cloudy days. It has been built to keep your motor batteries in top shape on any day.

There are a few extra things (battery clips, PVC suckers) you need to use a solar charger. With this, you’ll get all these high-quality things that also help to prevent short circuits.

When you are on the road or camping middle of nowhere this solar battery charger can charge your 12V batteries. As a versatile one, this one also offers a cigarette lighter adapter as well.

After getting this simple trolling motor solar charger, you don’t need to worry at all about your battery life. This thing can withstand in any situation to support your battery.

10. PowerEZ Solar Battery Charger

PowerEZ Solar Battery ChargerSome solar charge is not going to disappoint you by its service. You can try this to power your trolling motor battery easily. The Black version of it is lightweight and easy to carry everywhere.  As a portable device, it becomes a versatile option to use in many other vehicles.

Meanwhile, it is considered the best solar charger for boat battery. You can also use this solar charger without facing any problem if you have cars, RVs, trolling boats, and motors. To use this method you just need to follow the simple ‘Plug & Play’ rule.

It doesn’t matter if you have any solar experience or not. To install it, you don’t need anything like that. Sometimes, some semi-flexible solar chargers can be damaged easily and this is one of that kind but you cannot bend this thing easily. So, there is no chance of cracking.

The plastic film has been used to make the surface of this solar charger that is almost impossible to break. If you want to mount a solar charger on a flat or gently curved surface, then this one’s for you. The low profile and skinny shape can draw your attention easily.

To increase efficiency, it is equipped with monocrystalline cells. All these cells allow efficiency for the highest conversion. As a result, it can provide maximum power to your battery after taking a little space.

For the easy mounting, you’ll get 4 mounting holes. So, take your solar battery charger to start your day with power.

It comes with almost every essential feature that you are looking for in a solar charger. If you are thinking to buy this solar charger, then this could be a brilliant decision

Buying Guide To Get best Solar Charger For Trolling Motor Battery:

There are thousands of different solar chargers out there if you search for e-commerce websites. Buying a solar charger is easy, but the tricky part is knowing about the features. So, you must look for the features unless you find the best solar charger.

Buying the wrong solar charger can do more harm than good. So, realizing your necessity we have listed some important factors that you should look at while purchasing a solar charger for a trolling motor battery.


Before you go shopping for a solar charger, you must know the type. Solar battery chargers come in three different types and these are mono-crystalline, thin-film, and polycrystalline. Every type defines different features and specifications.

First of all, the polycrystalline is made of silicon crystals. It has a distinct blue color and it is highly efficient that offers durable performance. For the higher energy-production, you cannot get the best solar charger without it. It’s also resistant to corrosion.

Secondly, thin-film is known for its narrow design. To increase efficiency, it has an in-built semiconductor. This charger can absorb less light because of the very light-absorbing layer. So, you cannot get the best performance from this solar charger.

The last one is Mono-crystalline and it comes in the form of black color. This solar charger has the capacity to perform continuously in any kind of situation. 

Efficiency & Power

Every type of solar charger doesn’t have the same ability to convert the same amount of light into pure energy. This power defines efficiency. Some models of the solar charger have the capacity to charge the battery in less time.

Because of the advanced technology, most of the solar charger is more efficient to power the battery faster than other models of the solar charger. You can find this thing from the specification of the product.

So, check it out very carefully and buy the advanced solar charger for higher efficiency. Another thing you should look for and that is power. Most of the people don’t know how much power is enough for a solar charger.

You can go and buy a solar charger with a 100-watt capacity. This power is suitable to charge your batteries perfectly without damaging them. 

Reverse Charge-blocking Diode

You must look for a solar charger that has this fantastic feature.  Reverse charger-blocking diode feature makes the battery charger efficient. To avoid the stored energy from leaking out, it works perfectly. It is designed in such a way to do that when the battery is not charging. 

Ease of Use

According to the functionalities and types, the solar battery charger comes with different facilities. They are built to serve the same purpose but don’t have the same specifications. All these specifications define how to use them. So, buy a solar charger of suitable specifications that is also easy to use.


The great advantage of a solar charger for the motor battery is that it can be carried anywhere easily. Some solar chargers do not come with simple shapes and sizes. They may be too big for you. So, it’s going to be hard for you to carry it from one place to another.

Don’t buy a solar charger that can consume most of the space of your luggage. If you are looking for a portable solar charger then look for the size. So, consider purchasing a solar charger of a smaller size.

Connectors and Cables

Cables and connectors help to channel the energy into the battery for charging. Every solar battery charger comes with this type of equipment. But the question arises when you get cables of short length.

Comparatively, the low cable can make a problem to connect to the battery perfectly. So, ensure the adequate cable length to connect the battery.

Charge Controller

A charge controller can be a worthy feature for your solar charger. This controller acts as a conduit between the battery and the charger. If you just don’t want to hook up the battery with the charger then get a solar charger that has a charge controller. This controller makes the charging process safe and prevents the damaging of the battery. 

Battery Type:

Before you buy a solar battery charger get the size and power of the battery of your trolling motor. It’s essential to match the battery type with the charger.


Question 1: Can I use a solar charger with any other devices?

Answer: You may notice that most of the solar battery charger is built to be used in several small vehicles. So, the use of this solar charger is specific. If you want to use this charger for other devices that are not on the list, then you must check the output of a specific one. 

You’ll find out the compatibility of the solar charger. In the list, all the device and vehicle names are included. You can easily attach it to the addressed vehicle or device. If your device is on the list, then the solar charger will work perfectly on it.

Question 2: Is it possible to power a trolling motor with a solar battery charger?

Answer: If you know the right way to do it, then the answer is yes. You may know that a small 30 lb. trolling motor can draw 30 amps.
Most of the solar charger comes with 12V 150 watt power. The output of this power is around 8 amps. Under direct sunlight, this type of solar charger struggles to keep the thing up.
So, the best way to use a solar charger for the trolling motor is to make a canopy of the solar charger.

Question 3: What is overcharge protection?

Answer: Most of the users of a battery know that the battery can receive too much voltage. We called it an overcharged situation. This overcharge can badly damage your battery and reduce the life of it.
That’s the way you need a charge controller with the solar charger. This controller is designed to regulate the voltage that can be put out one time.

Final Words:

Using a clean surface of energy for your trolling motor can make you happy. To get the actual peace of mind you need the best solar charger for trolling motor battery. This product is not only easy to use but minimizes your cost to power your battery.

The best solar charger can start work immediately after installing it. The solar charger is a reliable source of power, but you must look for advanced technology for this product.

Picking the best solar charger that works is in almost any type of weather is tough. This guideline will make you happy to find such a suitable solar charger for your trolling motor.