Top 7 Best Pool Solar Cover Thickness Reviews [2022 Updated]

So you’re looking for the best pool solar cover thickness too? Seems like us, you’re not a big fan of cold water as well. But there is always a way to keep the pool water heated and comfortable all the time.

We say forget about the traditional ways to heat the pool water. Try something different like a solar pool cover. After using it with the proper thickness, you’ll find different advantages. It doesn’t only keep your pool temperature comfortable but free from debris and leaves as well.

Ultimately, this simple but effective cover with better thickness is for minimizing your energy cost as well. Let’s know more interesting things about the best solar pool cover and its required thickness from here.

Here is our quick navigation for the top 7 best solar covers for the pool. Take a quick look.

  1. WaterWarden Inground Pool Cover – Heavy Duty
  2. Crystal Blue Solar Pool Cover – Works Great
  3. Robelle 2040RS-8 Solar Cover – Best For  Inground Pool
  4. Pool Mate 24S-8 BOXPM Solar Cover – Best Overall
  5. Blue Wave Blanket Winter Cover – Better Quality
  6. Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover – Best For Heating
  7. Blue Wave Pool Cover – Best For Round Pool

Best Solar Pool Cover Review To Raise Your Pool Temperature:

What Is The Best Pool Solar Cover Thickness? Well, it’s apparently not possible to determine which one is the best.

best pool solar cover thickness
Best Pool Solar Cover Thickness

But, a solar pool cover is a great choice when it has the perfect thickness to keep your pool clean and heated. Without considering several options you can’t get the right choice. Because different pool covers make a potential buyer confused with different thicknesses and benefits. Experts create a list of the best solar covers considering every possible aspect especially the thickness. So here are our best picks for you.

1. WaterWarden Inground Pool Cover – Heavy Duty

WaterWarden Safety Inground Pool CoverWith a different design, you might like our first pick for pool solar cover. WaterWarden knows which material will be best to manufacture pool covers.

Finally, with their best effort, we got this pool cover that is made of mesh. Yes, the mesh design makes it not only attractive but also lightweight.

This blending of the material and beauty ensures this pool solar cover effectiveness. At the same time, the use of this cover does not add much weight.

Secondly, it comes with solid brass anchors. That means nothing is going to interfere when you’re using the pool. Whether you choose solar rings vs solar cover, an undisturbed pool experience is ensured. It’s a great advantage and you’re going to feel it in the month of summer.

Because the design of this cover is super easy to install. All of the necessary hardware you’ll get with this cover and that’s a big part for us. Hooks, brass anchors, and springs everything is here to help you.

For most of the rectangular pool, this 18′ x 36′ cover is enough. Once you install the cover, it just takes less than a minute to remove it. If you’re wondering, “Can you run the pool pump with a solar cover on, and how?” it’s essential to consider both installation and operational aspects for efficient pool maintenance.. It’s completely safe to use because the manufacturer said, this cover has 4000 lbs break-strength.

What We Liked:

✅ Comfortable to use because of its lightweight mesh design.

✅ The overall dimension helps to cover the pool.

✅ It’s very convenient to use at any season.

✅ Essential tools make installing the cover easy.

✅ Have additional strength and durability.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Hard to manage this cover with a single hand.

To cover your rectangular pool in any season with simple protection, nothing best you can find without this pool cover.

2. Crystal Blue Solar Pool Cover – Works Great

Crystal Blue 2040RS-8 Box-CB Solar PoolFor the large rectangular pool, finding some premium option of a solar cover that is good for heat retention is not easy. But this time we have this option from the Crystal Blue brand. Yes, it’s for a big pool.

In many ways, this cover is easy to use. Along with different types of benefits, you can easily install and use this cover in less time. After all, you don’t need to assemble anything to use it.

It comes with a unique diamond bubble design. As a result, it got more air space to improve heat retention continuously.

So, using this cover means, it will increase the pool water temperature. Up to 10 degrees, Fahrenheit can increase the heat. That’s amazing for any pool owner.

On top of that, it cuts evaporation by up to 90% that is far better to keep your pool environment comfortable. Also, the 20 x 40 ft dimension is enough to cover a large rectangular pool in a moment.

What We Liked:

✅ The size is perfect for a large rectangular pool.

✅ Excellent heat transfer and retention system.

✅ Made of heavy-duty material.

✅ It doesn’t require any installation and assembly.

✅ Increases the heat up to 10 Fahrenheit.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Build quality could be better.

This heavy-duty pool cover is one of the best covers out there that possesses great heat retention. For your big size pool what more you need?

3. Robelle 2040RS-8 Solar Cover – Best For Inground Pool

Robelle 2040RS-8 Box Heavy-Duty Solar CoverRobelle offers some excellent and best solar pool covers for the pool. For the owner of inground pools, there is nothing best without this cover.

Overall design and efficiency of this cover help to raise the pool temperature by 10 degrees. That’s awesome, especially when we want to extend our pool session. For the bigger pool, this one is the biggest cover you can get from Robelle.

Users of this cover are going to get great performance. It’s made of heavy-duty material that ensures its efficiency on the pool water.

No doubt, its 8 mil thickness along with the diamond design will help to gain heat and retention in a better way. The UV-resistant facility helps to keep the pool environment comfortable all the time.

One more thing, its overall quality makes us surprised. This 20 by 40 feet pool cover will last long, primarily for its quality. If you’re curious about pool heating, understanding factors like how fast does a solar cover heat a pool is essential for making an informed decision. The size needs more than one hand to handle. Yes, it’s a two-person job.

On top of that, it’s highly active to collect solar energy from the sun in less time. The color is also good because it’s come only in blue which makes the pool environment beautiful. If your pool doesn’t match the shape with the cover, then cut it to fit.

What We Liked:

✅ Comes with the perfect thickness.

✅ Its heat retention system is excellent.

✅ Easy to set in the different-shaped pool.

✅ It takes minimum time to heat the water pool.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The size makes it harder to handle this cover.

To enjoy your pool session with high heat retention, Robelle made us happy with this pool solar cover. Without increasing the budget, this is the incredible option you have for your pool.

4. Pool Mate 24S-8 BOXPM Solar Cover – Best Overall

Pool Mate 24S-8 BOXPM Deluxe 3-Year Solar BlanketFor round pools, Pool Mate knows how a solar blanket should work. This solar cover is an example of what I’m talking about. First of all, everyone is going to love its quality.

As one of the best solar blankets for pools, this one is made of polyethylene material. This material ensures its heavy-duty performance without making any issues. Because of it, this blanket becomes a heat shield for the pool water.

What about the color? Yes, it is blue and it lets the heat trapped inside the pool. So, this blue color is doing a great job.

Most medium-sized pools need such a solar blanket for pool sessions at different times. It’s round and can cover an 18 x 36 ft pool easily. When selecting pool accessories, consider features such as the best solar cover reel for an inground pool for added convenience and functionality.

Because of the manufacturing techniques, especially the round bubble design makes the blanket more standard to use. Overall, it influences the life of this blanket. For more than three years anyone can use it without being worried about its durability.

No one can downgrade its quality, material, design, durability, and efficiency. Even it does not wear and tear after years of use. The best part is its weight. This super lightweight blanket is easy to handle without getting any help from others.

What We Liked:

✅ The durability is good because of the material.

✅ We handled this super lightweight blanket easily.

✅ Raise the water temperature in a short time.

✅ Easy to install on the pool water

What We Didn’t:

❌ This solar blanket is not perfect for the large round pool.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the pool or not, just get this solar blanket. It will keep the pool temperature in your favor and you’re going to love it every time.

5. Blue Wave Blanket Winter Cover – Better Quality

Blue Wave 20-ft Solar Reel and Blanket Winter CoverGive it a try with this blanket winter cover for your pool. Blue Wave showed us how to blend a solar reel with a blanket cover perfectly.

As a result, anyone can easily handle such cover to use in different pools after installed once. But what about the material? Odiously Blue Wave didn’t compromise with the quality of the material for this cover.

It is a pure example of quality cover. To ensure the quality, It’s been made of woven polyethylene that is also waterproof. This durability and water-resistant feature contribute to making it one of the best solar pool covers available.

The good news for us, this construction method protects reels and blankets from different chemical reactions and harmful elements. That means we are getting more durability from this product and there is no doubt about it.

Even the packing system is also cool for the user. It comes with heavy-duty zipper closure. Yes, you are not getting any Velcro with it. It’s a good option for a more secure seal.

So, it takes a minimum of time to cover the pool and uncover it. This reel allows the user to use it in different shaped pools, especially which are up to 20-feet. So, it becomes a highly rated option for many pool users.

What We Liked:

✅ It needs a few minutes to cover and uncover the pool.

✅ Waterproof woven polyethylene made this cover more durable.

✅The overall design makes the reel and covers more protected.

What We Didn’t:

❌ It collapses when there is too much water on top.

As a pool lover, you are going to love its 2 in 1 design for your pool. To keep your pool clean and heat all the time, this cover is going to make you happy all the time.

6. Sun2Solar rectangular solar cover– Best For Heating

Sun2Solar Clear 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover To warm the pool water, Sun2Solar is a better choice for pool lovers. This cover was designed that focuses to increase its efficiency on the pool.

It helps to get the perfect temperature in the water. That’s how you can save some on heating costs. The truth is lying under its manufacturing mechanism. There are thousands of tiny bubbles. All these bubbles work combinedly after getting the ray directly from the sun.

As a result, it retains heat even at night. The crystal clear color lets the ray penetrate the heat into the deep. This method helps to extend your pool session.

When you’re not in the mood to get into the pool, just cover the pool with it. It’ll minimize water evaporation up to 95%. So, no more chance of losing water in the environment.

Don’t worry anymore about losing heat when the sunsets. Just place the cover and let it do the rest. The day of toe-dipping is gone because this cover makes you confident to jump in. Affordable options like cheap solar pool covers offer both confidence and cost-effective solutions for enjoying your pool.

What We Liked:

✅Makes a big difference in the pool temperature. 

✅ The color lets the heat go into the deep of the water.

✅ This decent size helped to handle this cover easily.

✅ Easily fit on other shaped pools.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The manufacturer should’ve used better material.

Don’t research tons of options for solar pool cover after knowing about this one. It’s simple, efficient, lightweight, and keeps your pool warm all the time.

7. Blue Wave Pool Cover – Best For Round Pool

Sun2Solar Clear 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar CoverIt was easy to pick this best solar pool cover for above ground pool. There are lots of reasons behind it. First of all, its eye-catchy design for a 24 feet round pool.

The cover size is not the same. It’s almost 27 feet and it is round as well. The best thing so far about this cover is the net. It catches every leaf and reduces the mess easily.

Never forget, this one is made of durable woven polyethylene. That means I found a cover that ensures longevity. It is easier to install the net on the pool than we think.

I’ve found a 3 feet overlap. This was so helpful for me to fit it on the top rails. To make it more secure there is a sturdy cable. It does not come alone, because you’ll get a winch tightener as well.

Another crucial part of the design of this cover is the underside of it. It’s black and minimizes the algae growth chance tremendously. So, you can always expect a clean pool after using this cover.

The Manufacturer uses the mesh fabric for it. That’s how the cleaning ability of this cover increased in mentionable ways.

What We Liked:

✅ The design including the net was brilliant

✅ We found it more user-friendly.

✅ Quality was the best I’ve ever seen.

✅ Flexible to fit in most top rails.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The size minimizes the option to use other pools.

All the features and quality make this pool cover excellent value for money. Make yourself happier with this compact pool cover for your round pool.

Considerations Before Buying Best Solar Pool Covers:

Pool covers are the definition of simplicity but getting the best one that also has a perfect thickness is the fact. It’s an essential part of our pool life in different seasons. But what is the basic difference between the worst and best solar cover for the pool? Obviously what you want from your pool solar cover.

Checking different options for solar cover is time-consuming. We describe below some important and essential features that you should look at before buying the best pool solar cover. Here we go.

✅ Pool Shape and Size

This is the first and most important fact you need to consider. Before you buy a pool cover, understand everything about your pool. Get the measurement of your pool, especially the shape and size.

Some pools are oval-shaped, some are rectangular and some are round. That’s why the size and shape matter a lot for a pool cover. When considering pool covers, it’s essential to take into account factors like the best solar cover for an inground pool to ensure proper fit and effectiveness.

Most of the solar covers are made for rectangular pools. If your pool is in that shape, then your job is easy to choose the right cover.

For the pool of other shapes, the pool cover might need to cut to get a perfect shape. The good news is, different brands come forward to offer different shaped pool covers.

✅ Solar Cover Thickness

The thickness of the solar pool cover is another important criterion to consider carefully. Not only in shape, but pool covers are also available in different thicknesses. You are going to get it in mils like 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 mils.

Try to buy a thicker pool cover. Higher thickness means better heat retention. Considering overall uses, 12 mils is the perfect thickness. Another good thing is, a thicker solar pool cover has a great life.

You can easily expect excellent performance from pool solar cover of this higher thickness. The thicker cover takes time to let the sun reach the pool water. On the other hand, a thinner one does it easily.

✅ Color of The Pool Cover

Pool covers are available in different shades but not all colors are perfect for you. The colors of the cover are related to its efficiency. Most of them are available in blue color but transparent and gray color also available.

Color comes with some pros and cons. To get a better heat retention facility, a darker color is the best option for you. Even it helps to minimize the impact of the sun.

Besides it, color also helps to reduce pool chemicals. So, what are the cons? Darker colors offer the lowest heat gain.

On the other hand, light color doesn’t have such a problem. So, we suggest, don’t go for the darker or lighter color. Try to get a little above the dark.

✅ Quality

No one can compromise with the quality of the solar pool cover. Sometimes getting a cheaper solar pool cover may not give you the best quality that you’re looking for.

For a longer time, sunray hit the cover. Cover of poor quality can’t take such an impact of the sun for a longer time. It will start to disintegrate into pieces. Slowly it will not work as you want. Its filtration system will destroy.

So, get a cover of better quality. Building material, thickness, color everything will define the overall quality of the pool solar cover.

✅ Compatibility

Few people have pools that consume a large area. But getting a pool cover of such size is not possible. In that case, they need to use a pool cover reel.

For them, buying cover is not the last thing. They also need to use a reel. The reel is helpful to remove or cover the pool. Make sure your pool cover is going to be compatible enough with the reel.


Question 1: Pool solar cover works or not?

Answer: It works. The cover is used to retain heat and keep the pool free from leaves and debris. It helps to reduce humidity.

Question 2: What is the best mil thickness for a solar pool cover?

Answer: Thicker pool cover is the best choice to cover the pool. More thickness means it’s going to retain heat better. Most of the cover is available from 8 mils to 16 mils thickness. The higher number you choose the higher benefit you’ll get.

Question 3: How much time a solar cover takes to heat a pool?

Answer: The time to heat pool water depends on the manufacturing method and material of the pool cover. A cover can increase water temperature by 5 to 10. To cover this temperature pool cover takes 12 hours on average. But the time depends on the sunlight as well.

Question 4: How durable a solar pool cover is?

Answer: Most of the pool cover is made of plastic. After a few times, this material is going to deteriorate. Because of the different elements of outside and chemical reactions, the plastic starts to lose its quality. But some solar cover can serve you more than 5 years.

Question 5: How much a solar pool cover will cost?

Answer: Solar cover is not going to cost a lot. Few bucks will differ if you want to get a higher quality solar cover. The average price of a solar cover is $75 to $225. So, it’s an open offer to buy a solar cover according to your budget.

Final Words:

Solar pool cover becomes an important part of our pool life, especially for balancing the pool temperature. Based on the above review I’ve discussed different options that can help you to get the best pool cover.

But knowing everything including the best pool solar cover thickness can make you more specific about it. Because better thickness helps you to get more heat and more water in the pool. Understating your necessity we’ve discussed every little detail about it.

I hope you’ve already decided on your desired one. Check everything I’ve discussed before buying the pool cover including the thickness I’ve discussed. Give your best shot and enjoy your pool life in different seasons.