Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection|Top 5 Solar Film

To help you get rid of the scorching heat of the Summer Sun, we got the best home window film for heat rejection! Some of you must already know that solar window film for homes restricts the outer heat from going inside the home and vice versa.

So, whether it’s unbearable summer heat or biting winter cold, solar film for home windows is absolutely worth it.

Thereby, installing window film to block sun heat will give you the best home environment all the time. So, if you’d love to enhance your home windows with heat-blocking films, then take a look at our best picks of best solar films for home windows. 

Thus, let’s check out our honest review with what we like about the best energy-saving window films and so on given below.

What is Solar Control Window Film for Heat Rejection?

So, most of you already know about the general window film but not about the window film to block sun heat. Therefore, FYI window films are slim-sleek film surfaces developed using sturdy compounds of Polyester.

The window film on the glass will make translucent protection from other ends for many aspects (Style, Privacy, and Heat Control purpose).

Regarding that,  the Best Energy Saving Window Films for heat reduction provides a great rejection function and blocks the sun heat from entering through the window. Apart from that it also saves Solar Energy and your utility bills.

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How to Install Best Solar Films for Home Windows?

Installing a 3m solar window film or Gila Window film is not at all difficult.  You can do it all by yourself. So, let’s learn about the simplest and fastest way you can install solar window film for homes.

  • Clean the windows thoroughly with cleaner spray and dry them off.
  • Cut the window film one inch longer by each side according to window size.
  • Now, remove the window film from the backing using tapes (be sure your hands are clean and moist enough to avoid any marks on the film).
  • Afterwards, attach the window film on the window glass, and scrape off the air bubbles.
  • Then, apply the window films sideways, and trim the extra film on the edges. Thus, your window film is all set.

Best Solar Control Window Film Reviews – 5 Top Picks

KESPEN Window Film  Heat Control

KESPEN Window Film Heat Control

  • Black silver
  • 35.4 Inch X 16.4 Feet
  • Block UV rays
HIDBEA One Way Window Film Non-Adhesive

HIDBEA One Way Window Film Non-Adhesive

  • Black-silver
  • 35.4 Inch x 8.2 Feet
  • UV Protection
WPCTEV Heat Control Window Film
WPCTEV Heat Control Window Film
  • Black Silver
  • 17.7 Inch x 6.5 Feet
  • Anti UV
ConCus-T Thickened One Way Mirror Window

ConCus-T Thickened One Way Mirror

  • Black
  • 17.71×78.74”
  • Anti UV
Gila Privacy Black Static Cling Residential

Gila Privacy Black Static Cling Residential 

  • Black
  • 36″ x 6.5′
  • UV Protection

You can find many types of window films for heat rejection available out there. However, the most economical, and suitable one is the best Solar Window Films for Homes. Well, that’s because one will surely love the window film providing both heat control and lessening bills.

Moreover, as the Sun peeks inside your home through the window for half a day, solar window film is worth it. 

So, I will share the 5 best solar control window film reviews with the why we chose it to be the best home window film for heat rejection. As well, we will also tell you the things we like the most about the best energy saving window films. So, here is the Solar control window film reviews

#1. KESPEN Window Film Window – Best Clear UV Blocking Window Film

KESPEN Window Film One Way Daytime Privacy Static Cling Heat Control Glass Window Tint Mirror House Film, Black-Silver, 35.4 Inch X 16.4 Feet

KESPEN One Way Tinted Window Films work like a reflective heat preventing insulator and it also blocks 95% of UV rays along with 91% sun rays. 

This 3m solar window film is one of the coolest multifunctional solar control window films out there.

Moreover, it gives you a lot more than just a solar film such as, saving energy & bills, availing a privacy protection tinting feature, reducing solar heat, rejecting UV rays, and so on.

Further, regardless of the Summer or Winter season, KEPSEN’s one-way non-adhesive heat rejection window film can reduce room temperature effectively.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Fashionable & Functional Appearance: It sure gives off a cool visual of black and silver color. Although appearance is less essential window films visuals make a great enhancement to your exterior. Moreover, the anti-glare option prevents all the light discomforts by reducing glare. Lastly, you can use the window films on the glasses just the way you prefer.
  • Effective Heat Blocking Insulation: This one-way window film precisely fulfills the purpose of reducing heat inside the house. Besides, it ensures the heat to neither get inside nor go outside, which is optimal for both Summer & Winter.
  • Amazing UV Ray Protection: While it reflects away 91% of the sun rays coming at it, it also rejects 95% UV rays and blocks them out. This makes the inside of your house both cooler and safer.
  • Great One-Way Reflective & Tinted Privacy: Giving you daytime privacy using one-way reflective glass tint makes this solar window film more superior. This lets you stay out of sight with the mirror effect on the windows.
  • Non-adhesive for Effortless Installation: The Self adhesive static clings feature makes the installation procedure easier and faster than ever. You will not need any glue to set up the window films on glasses (it will not stick if the glass is not squeaky clean)

Keep in Mind:

Reversed Mirror Effect: The mirror effect giving you discreet privacy in the daytime can get reversed due to light changes at night. So, you need to draw curtains for avoiding that.

#2. HIDBEA Privacy Window Film – Best Heat Control UV Blocking Glass Film

HIDBEA One Way Window Film Non-Adhesive, Daytime Privacy Reflective Mirror Window Tint for Home, Heat Control UV Blocking ,Static Cling Window Stickers (Black-Silver, 35.4 Inch x 8.2 Feet)

HIDBEA mirrored daytime privacy window films are not only great but also precise to cut down electricity bills.

These tinted window films are capable to brighten up your home without getting the scorching glare or heat.

As these are precisely developed for both heat control and day privacy, the rejection and protection features are top-notch.

Moreover, even a clumsy person can handle this glass film. So, you can always reapply the films on the glasses after messing up the first time. Thus, you can consider it as one of the best home window film for heat rejection.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Advanced Daytime Privacy: Be assured that the prying eyes will not get to see anything other than their own reflections in the daytime. Also, it gives away a bit of tinted cozy lighting inside the home.
  • Amazing Heat Protection: The heat insulation feature is more effective than ever all year round. So, in any season or time you will not feel too hot or too cold and also will save some bills.
  • Effective UV Rays: UV rays are harmful to not only furniture also to you and your health. Thereby, it can precisely reject the rays that come through with the anti-glare technology.
  • Multipurpose Use: Whether, it’s an office or home it’s highly compatible with any of the places. Not to mention any type of window glasses, you can apply this at ease. 
  • Static Cling Attachment: Since it’s non-adhesive you don’t need to use extra tools to attach it to the windows. Just apply a lot of soapy water on the window glass and apply the films.

Keep in Mind:

  • The Edges Might Get Curly: As the glass film comes in roll the edges might stay curly. You can just cut a bit of the curly edges and good to go.

#3. WPCTEV Heat Control Window Film – Outstanding Heat & UV Ray Control Film!

Window Film One Way Mirror Film Daytime Privacy Static Non-Adhesive Decorative Heat Control Anti UV Window Tint for Home and Office Black Silver 6 Mil 17.7 Inch x 6.5 Feet

WPCTEV one-way mirror window films are suitable for both office and home providing perfect daytime privacy, heat & UV ray reduction options.

As a one-side mirror film, it works like both a temperature insulator and saving solar energy with additional parameters. Further, along with blocking solar heat, it protects the interiors from UV rays as well.

Moreover, the advanced self-adhesive function makes it static clingy to the window glass. So the window film setup becomes the simplest procedure.

Nonetheless, this solar window film is high-quality long-lasting and can withstand a lot of scratches and frictions.

Our Favorite Things:

  • High-end, Long-lasting, & High Performing: WPCTEV window film consists of 0.15mm/ 6mil thickness to provide transparent, bright visual and outstanding performance. It effectively protects the window glasses from outer damage and your home furnishings.
  • Outstanding Energy Saving Film: This film filters out up to 85% of the Sun’s infrared rays and heat. It basically blocks the heat outside and stores the cool ambient inside the house. Further, it’s great for keeping the house warm in the winter as well by blocking the inside’s heat from going out.
  • Fantastic for Filtering Harmful Rays: Apart from reducing infrared ray rate getting in your home, 97% of the UV rays can’t get past this window film in your home effectively. So, your home stays safe from the sun’s heat and damaging rays.
  • DIY, Glue Free Static Cling Feature: You can easily install these films on the windows all by yourself without much assistance. Moreover, there’s no further need for extra glue or anything as it has a Static Cling system.
  • Versatile, Multifunctional, & Practical: Not only does this Solar Window Film provide privacy but also resists Sun heat precisely. So, you can use this according to any purpose.

Keep in Mind:

  • No Privacy Protection at Night: The One Way Mirror Film works oppositely at nighttime and your house get brightly visible from the outside.

#4. ConCus-T Mirror Window Film — Best Thickened Heat Control

ConCus-T Thickened One Way Mirror Window Film Sun Blocking Window Tint Film for Home Reflective Window Sticker Heat Control Glass Privacy Film for Sunshine House Skylight 17.71x78.74''

ConCus-T window film is quite praiseworthy for providing varieties of features in a single-window film at in much lower cost.

Thicker Window Films are always the best choice for enhanced performance in long-term usage. Thereby, this premium Vinyl window film reduces most of the Solar heat, and harmful rays effectively.

Other than the heat blocking, it also offers amazing privacy safety. So you can be at ease with double protection.

Lastly, the peel and static cling sticker film are very much reasonable to use when you’re a very clumsy person. So, this dual-purpose window film can amazingly match up for anything you want in window films.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Thicker Multipurpose Window Film: 3m window films or thicker ones always ensure the best security from tear-&-wear and all. Regarding that, this window film can withstand a lot and even hold together the broken shards of glass.
  • Effective One-way Privacy: This window film is both Tinted and Reflective Mirror type. So, you’ll get double privacy with the tinted mirror feature.
  • All-Time Heat Control: Heat protection provided by this window film is topnotch. As it can reduce the heat by up to 90% and also decrease the glaring of sun rays.
  • Premium Static Cling & Self-Adhesive: Well, self-adhesive glass films are always user-friendly as you don’t require many tools with them. Thereby, this thickened self-cling functionality will make things simpler.
  • Anti Infrared & UV: Most of the harmful UV (96.5%) and Infrared (83%) rays get blocked by this glass film. Thus, only cozy mild sun warmth gets inside.

Keep in Mind:

  • No Privacy During Nighttime: Like any other tinted/reflective window film ConCus-T also works reversely at night. So, it’s not worthy of a disadvantage, just use curtains.

#5. Gila Privacy window Film — Best Privacy and Protection

Gila Privacy Black Static Cling Residential DIY Window Film No Glue No Adhesive 3ft x 6.5ft (36in x 78in) - PB78

Gila Privacy Window Film is the best choice for superior protection, more comfort, and increased privacy.

Over many years Gila window films are leading in the industry by giving out the best quality product. Regarding that, these glass films are excellent options as the best solar window films for the home.

By rejecting most of the harmful rays of the Sun this light-blocking glass film ensures precise privacy and interior safety.

The only thing you need to keep in concern that this 3m heat-blocking window film must be installed on the outer side of the window for better results.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Efficient Solar Window Film: This solar window film is suitable to use for privacy and heat-reducing purposes. It also gets rid of 93% of Sun rays’ glare and makes the inside comfortable.
  • Amazing Daytime Privacy: Daytime privacy becomes effective with the black-colored Polyethylene Terephthalate keeping the visual dark.
  • Supreme Interior Protection: Its fantastic 99% UV and Infrared ray rejection keeps the interior furniture from getting faded.
  • Best Heat Rejection: Along with rejecting harmful rays, it also keeps always 58% of the Solar energy from getting through the window.
  • Comfortable DIY Installation: You just need to cut the right side of the glass films and install this non-adhesive with the Gila application kit.

Keep in Mind:

  • Installation Kit is a Must: You need to buy the Gila Complete Installation Kit, or else you will not be able to attach it to the window. 

Essential Criteria to Follow While Buying Best Energy Saving Window Film!

Before, you buy the best solar film for home windows is consider the vital requirements. Trying to figure out what suits your needs the most will make things easier and less confusing.

You may just want a decorative Window film, a simple film to reduce heat or a tinted film for better privacy.

Regardless, here are some of the things you should know to make your selection process free of hassles-

After you finish specifying your particular needs, the next thing you need to do is compare the ones you find suitable. In that case, you can look into these for a more thorough selection-

Design and Quality

For people who fancy Window Films with Aesthetic designs there are many options available giving great privacy. For example Frosted, Tinted, Blackout, Wavy, Tulip, Greg/White Geometry, Mirror Effect, Wallpaper, and many more. 

These designs will absolutely provide amazing visuals to your interior as well as are highly beneficial.

And in the case of quality and material, there are many types of Window films with varieties of compatible qualities (thin, think, sleek, carbon fiber, etc.) So, you can pick the precise one of your choice.


Some basic features are a must-go when it comes to getting the perfect Solar Window Films. Following includes-

  • One way or Two-way Reflective Mirror: ensuring Privacy Protection.
  • Sun Ray/Heat Blocking or Heat Insulation: Blocking heat from flowing inside out.
  • Ultraviolet Ray Reduction: Decreasing aging and fading damage of the interior.
  • Anti Glare (VLT) Feature: letting light pass through more.
  • Non-adhesive & Static Cling: not requiring glue,  making it easier to attach, and availing reusability.


After you’re over with deciding precisely what you need, the next thing you’ll do is compare your choices. 

Comparison of the Solar Window Film costs will avail you easily find the right thing just within your budget. If you are in a shop ask for a detailed chart and see through that. Or you can check out reviews and price listings beforehand online and go for the best value for less money.


Will Tinting Windows Using Window Films Keep Out the Heat?

Of course, using Tinted window films will simply decrease the amount of heat getting through the windows. Also, keeps away most of the harmful rays for up to 85%.

Does Privacy Window Films Keep Out the Most Heat?

As privacy windows are either Carbon Tinted or Reflective Mirrored they can reduce incoming Heat rate effectively.

Will Tinted Window Films Work the same at Nighttime?

As long as the light consistency outside your home is higher than the inside the Tinted Window Films will provide the same privacy at nighttime. Unless it will work the opposite.

Is it Safe to Use Windex on Window Films?

Not at all, any kind of chemical cleaners like Windex will degrade the plastic for the window films. You shall clean the window glass when it’s not clean but not the window film.

Are the Reflective Mirror Solar Window Films See Through at Night?

Not really, it all depends on the lighting difference on the both outside and the inside of your house. Thus, they can be see-through at night depending on the condition.

Is Solar Window Film Worth It?

Without a doubt it is. Window films work like an invisible protective barrier keeping you safe from the prying eyes, glaring Sun rays, and harmful UV, Infrared rays. Also, it saves a lot of Solar bills by the heat control feature all the time.

Final Verdict

Now you got the best home window film for heat rejection for yourself with max user satisfaction. 

I’m pretty confident about my suggestions as I tried them all out thoroughly. We even considered going over others’ feedback and reviews on behalf of you all. So, just by following our reviews and guidelines, you’ll easily choose the best solar film for home windows.