Best Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pool In 2022– Top Reviews

Looks like your “so called” best solar cover reel for inground pool was just good with the name, not with what it meant to do. No! We wouldn’t have said anything like that but the debris and dirt all over the pool are giving a negative testimony.

But nothing has gone beyond your reach, at least not yet. You still can fix it all up just by bringing the right one. All you have to do is look, choose, and swipe your card. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you out on getting the finest solar cover reel and we bet you’re not going to regret your next buy.

Here’s a quick glance of our top picks for inground solar cover reel.

1. NSdirect 22.5 ft Pool Cover Reel – Great Quality For Price

2. VINGLI 18 ft Inground Cover Reel– Super Easy To Assemble

3. Goplus 18 ft Inground Cover Reel– Easy To Use

4. NSdirect 22ft Cover Reel– Easy Assembling

5. charaHOME 22.5 ft Cover Reel– Unique Design

6. Nova Microdermabrasion 21ft Cover Reel– Great and Affordable

7. ARTALEX 18 Feet Solar Cover Reel – superior workmanship

8. NewMultis 18 ft Inground Solar Cover Reel – Portable and Practical

9. CharaVector 22.5 ft Pool Cover Reel – Another Name of Simplicity

10. YUSING 18ft Pool Cover Reel– Well Balanced Reel

Top 10 Inground Solar Cover Reel, FAQ, & Buying Guide

A perfect solar cover reel is for covering and uncovering the pool easily within a few minutes. This simple mechanism of a solar cover reel makes the use even easier when you get the best one, providing convenience in managing your pool cover, whether you choose solar rings vs solar cover.

Ensuring quality without sacrificing or compromising with other features, this solar pool cover reel reviews will help you to buy the best one from plenty of options. Don’t miss out on all these options that suit your inground pool.

1. NSdirect Pool Cover Reel – Great Quality For Price

NSdirect Pool Cover ReelTake a closer look at this well worth and affordable option for a solar cover reel. Bring this finest pool cover reel and keep your day simple in the water whenever in any season. Yes, we are saying this pool cover reel is simple because it makes the job easy for one person.

In a few minutes, you can make your pool ready and cover without getting any extra hand. Keeping your pool water warm and protecting from the debris and dirt, no best option you’ll get without this long pool set along with solar blanket straps.

It’s made for the most common sized inground pool that may you have in your backyard. To cover all areas of the water, it offers a 22.5 feet long surface. In addition, it’s super light to handle. From 5ft to 22.5 ft. wide pools, you can use this pool cover reel without any doubt.

The simplicity of the use also makes it easy to assemble. Even, without maintaining this rust free cover reel, it can serve for a long time. You’ll hardly feel the weight while carrying it to the store.

Handle on a 3” diameter tube just not only give it a modern look but ensure safely rolling of the cover. Smooth and trouble-free large treaded wheels make this reel fast and extremely functional. If you’re wondering, “Can you run the pool pump with a solar cover on, and how?” ensure proper operation to maximize efficiency. As a result, we’ve got a solar cover reel that is safe and easy to move.

No one wants to kill time to roll the cover for sure. Don’t worry, this one will save you valuable time because it got a sturdy hand crank. The structure is made of stainless steel, ensuring maximum sturdiness. If you’re considering pool heating options, understanding factors like how fast does a solar cover heat a pool is crucial for informed decision-making.

What We Liked:

✅ It doesn’t require any extra hand because a single person easily can manage it.

✅ Surprisingly, it takes less time to assemble even for the first-time user.

✅ The lightweight design doesn’t let us feel the weight while carrying or even storing it.

✅ Without feeling any pressure, rolling up the cover became smoother.

✅ A strong hand crank makes this cover reel more usable and ensure better operation

What We Didn’t:

❌ Sometimes solar reel straps make the reel complicated to use.

Having this solar cover for the inground pool means it is absolutely worth every penny and you don’t need to worry much about the pool.

2. VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set – Super Easy To Assemble

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set Maybe this one is not the cheapest pool cover reel out there but comes as a high-end solar cover reel along with the necessary features. That’s why we picked this model of the solar cover reel for the 2nd position in our list.

Fantastic engineering ensures its durability to last for long. Definitely, it’ll match your functional desire. The construction has the 3 sections of aluminum pipe. Taking happily a load of heavy solar pool cover is simple for this pipe. Under any kind of weight at any point in the tube, it’s not going to sag.

With the help of a screwdriver, you just need a couple of minutes to assemble every part of this structure. So, put together this rust free unit without facing much trouble. You won’t experience any shaking situations while using the reel because the telescopic tube is lockable. This reel’s stability adds to its appeal, especially when considering factors like the best solar cover thickness for optimal heat retention.

For best operation, it’ll get smoother when you start to elevate it. It sticks to the ground that defines its stability. To roll up the cover easily, especially when using a 14 foot solar pool cover, the large tube helps a lot. In addition, you can use it for 18 above ground pool cover that’s undoubtedly a better side of this reel.

To cover different points of the pool, all these solar cover reel straps are long enough to do it. Additionally, you are also going to love its wheelbarrow-style rolling to make your pool ready. Explore features like this when choosing from the best solar pool covers for a convenient and efficient pool maintenance routine.

What We Liked:

✅ Undoubtedly, we can use it for many years because the construction is far better that makes it more durable.

✅ Whatever the shape of the pool is, this reel is perfectly fitted without making any issue.

✅ It’s not only easy to use but super simple when you start to assemble it using a screwdriver.

✅ Straps easily cover the different points of the pool that offer us an extreme satisfaction of using a solar cover reel.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Instead of lots of positive aspects, it’s true that this one is an expensive solar cover reel.

This convincing model of the solar cover reel of exclusive design and necessary features allows you to enjoy the day in the pool, especially in the cold season.  

3. Goplus Pool Cover Reel Set – Easy To Use

Goplus 18FT Pool Cover Reel SetGoplus offers this solar cover reel that could be the best one for you if you’re looking for high work efficiency. At first, every part of this reel is easy to assemble because of the distinguished numbering system that probably you’ll love most.

Just pick the parts and hardware following the number and start to assemble. Once you assemble all the parts, it’ll become the sturdiest pool cover reel on the ground and ensure better stability.

All the aluminum pipes are made of solid premium material that is rust-free as well. These 5 section thick pipes offer better durability which means, you can use it for years without facing any problem. Additionally, it’s designed to take the load of heavy covers. This robust design is particularly advantageous, especially when considering cost-effective solutions such as cheap solar pool covers.

This reel is highly adjustable with different sizes of the inground pool like bean-shaped, oyster shaped, rectangular pool, etc. For the 16 ft above ground pool cover, it works best. You can easily fit and use this fantastic solar cover reel when you are about to use an 18 foot pool cover as well.

To roll up the cover with the help of solar pool cover reel straps you just need to give stable force. The strap links are not going to lose and help to sit overall structure on the ground perfectly. Thanks to its wheels those are made for heavy-duty performance.

One person like you can move it effortlessly and smoothly. Unrolling to cover to the pool is just a matter of time when you get a hand crank that is economically shaped like this reel offers. Want to prevent unnecessary rolling? Just lock the knob after rotation.

What We Liked:

✅ It’s just perfect to use for different shapes of the pool like the bean, oyster, and rectangular-shaped pool.

✅ Numbered parts make it easy and fun to assemble just like child play.

✅ Beautifully crafted full solid tires and anti-slip legs keep us always tension free by offering super sturdiness.

✅ No complaint about well-shaped and ergonomic design because it’s here to offer user satisfaction.

✅ Premium material ensures its durability even if it requires less maintenance because of it.

What we didn’t:

❌ The lightweight design amazed us but it tends to fall all the time because of the weight.

Simplicity and strength make this solar cover reel suitable for your inground pools. What’s more, you need from the best solar pool cover reel?

4. NSdirect Pool Cover Reel Set – Easy Assembling

NSdirect Pool Cover Reel SetLooking for a solar cover reel that fits perfectly in your inground pool? Don’t worry about it, you can have this one to take care of your inground pool. It does not only keep your pool water warm but also free from dust.

First of all, the build quality can impress you because it is made of stainless steel and aluminum tubes. It comes as a rust-resistant material that defines its durability. To keep you free from doing any maintenance work, this sturdy material ensures longevity.

This strong frame is capable of taking a load of heavy pool cover easily. As an upgraded model of pool cover reel, it has the perfect thickness along with the length. To avoid the pipe sinking problem, this length helps with overlapping.

You can easily adjust the length to get the perfect fit for your pool cover size. This adjustable feature makes the reel usable for different sizes of the inground pool. To get the perfect service from it, you must have an inground pool of 5 to 22.3 feet wide.

To fold the pool cover easily you can use this reel. The crack handle is super smooth, driving the operation to a whole new level. This attention to detail is especially noteworthy when seeking the best solar cover for an inground pool. You won’t go wrong when moving the structure using two large treaded tires.

What We Liked:

✅ Proper use of stainless steel makes this reel not only solid but unique as strong as well.

✅ As one of the best solar cover reels, this one is highly adjustable according to the length of different cover sizes.

✅ Love the handwheel that makes this unit more convenient than other reels.

✅ Like the built quality, the whole structure is rust resistance, which means we don’t need to do any maintenance work at all.

✅ Wheels not only changed the appearance of the reel but made the moving job even easier like a feather.

What We Didn’t:

❌ If you love to take challenges, then you’ll get it from this reel while starting to assemble it.

This is the best solar cover reel for inground pool that can make you happier with time and use in every season.

5. charaHOME Swimming Pool Cover Reel Set – Unique Design

charaHOME Pool Cover ReelSome inground pool cover reel sets can certainly cut the bill if you can pick the best choice among plenty of options. charaHOME offers this as one of their best pool cover reel sets. It’s capable of drawing a lot of attention if you are looking for a solar cover reel to keep warm and clean your inground pool.

Don’t worry to use this fantastic solar cover reel because it’s made of premium grade material. In addition, it comes as a rust or corrosion-free solar cover reel for the inground pool. Constructed with highly durable material that means you can get services from this solar cover reel for years without any maintenance.

Because of the construction and design, it becomes lightweight. The large threaded wheel also helps one person to move and use it without facing any problem. The only reason for its maneuverability is the wheelbarrow-style that can impress you.

Roll-up of solar covers becomes easier with the help of 3” diameter tubing. It’s designed to fit perfectly in a 5 ft. to 22.5 ft. wide inground pool. To keep the structure in place it features a rubber cap.

To simplify the task of using solar cover and better operation, you can smoothly and easily use the hand crank that comes with this solar cover reel.

All the pool reel straps perfectly work and make the reel handy to attach the solar cover. Every part is perfectly fitted with each other when you are completing the installation process.

What We Liked:

✅ Using the hand crank of this reel for easier operation becomes just a matter of time.

✅ Lightweight makes the whole structure easy to move and store and the only reason for the weight is the use of premium material.

✅ Rust-free construction makes us relax to use it for the next few years without facing any complications.

✅ Large treaded wheels never made any issue to move it or store it.

✅ The construction ensures superb durability which made this one as a maintenance-free solar cover reel.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Using this reel for a pool of different sizes is just a nightmare because it does not come with such options.

This solar cover reel is full of premium features and turns a 2 man job into a 1 man job to keep your inground swimming pool warm and dirt-free all the time.

6. Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Pool Cover Reel Set – Great and Affordable

Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Pool Cover ReelHere’s another option of the best solar cover reel that is capable of preventing heat loss and reducing water evaporation of your inground pool. As the best pool cover reel, this one not only makes your pool covering operation like a breeze but also saves valuable time and energy as well.

The 7-section aluminum tubes are the top features that can draw your attention. Nova Microdermabrasion makes the reel more durable with the help of better engineering with strong material. As a result of fantastic engineering, it can weigh 140 lbs. without creating any problem.

It’s not only strong but also prevents the reel from rust. No wonder, you can expect performance from it for years. The ergonomic and convenient hand wheel makes the rolling easy for everyone. With a slight push, it’s easy to cover down and up without facing any problem.

Besides, for better transportation, it has wheels designed to move the structure easily. Even it features a lock that helps to keep the solar cover reel in place. This lock can prevent any kind of shaking as well.

In a different shaped inground pool, it perfectly fits to cover and keep the water warm and clean. The overall design defines its simplicity that certainly reduces your cost. If you have a 21 ft pool cover, then this long construction will make you free from getting an extra hand to set this thing while using it.

As a solar cover reel user, you don’t need to struggle to assemble it because of the lightweight design. It has its thermometer that is also a great addition to such a solar cover reel. 

What We Liked:

✅ As a commercial-grade solar cover reel, it is made of rust-resistant material.

✅ Comes with a thermometer that enhances its functionality in a different way.

✅ Extremely adjustable with different shapes of inground pools and ensures a perfect fit that we wanted from the best solar cover reel.

✅ Obviously, this solar reel makes us relaxed because it comes with a low price tag against its fantastic features.

✅ Finally, we got a lock function on the wheels to keep the structure more secure and steady.

What We Didn’t:

❌ We struggled to fit over a 3.2 mm cover for this reel that is very frustrating.

As a high-quality solar cover reel, this one is worth every penny. However, it works effectively in almost every shape of the inground pool. That’s why you need it most as an inground pool owner.

7. ARTALEX 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel – Fairly Easy to Roll Up

Of course, you need a solar cover reel that is easy to roll up and simple to use for the inground pool. But this is not the end of this solar cover reel. Simple engineering makes it one of the most desired pool cover reels for inground pool users.

Some essential features make it possible that you expect from such a solar cover reel like the design and built material. All in all, the design and premium material makes this pool cover reel stronger and durable.

Because of the blending of superior workmanship and first-rate aluminum this strong structure can take a huge load of a solar cover. Even it prevents the structure from rust.

Once again, the building mechanism makes it lightweight that defines its portability. It almost covers your needs because it suits 3.2 feet to 18 feet wide inground pool. An 18 feet classic rectangular-shaped pool will be the most perfect inground pool to use this solar cover reel.

Don’t worry, if you have a pool of different shapes. This one will also cover that pool as well. This is a user-friendly solar pool cover reel. If you want to do it your own, then move it and cover the surface within a few minutes. It’s a hassle-free task especially when you are dealing with this reel.

For easy use, the handwheel ensures comfort to roll the solar cover on your own. Because of the updated solid wheel design, the whole structure becomes easy to move wherever you want

What We Liked:

✅ The solid and stable design fitted perfectly as an excellent option for our inground pool.

✅ Not only the charming look, but it also proves itself as the best solar reel cover for different shaped pools.

✅ Using Hand crank is easy to operate at the same time as rolling the cover.

✅ Lightweight design not only makes it highly portable but also comes as a milestone for us.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Few users like us noticed that the pole is easily flexing downward after a few month’s usage.

When you need to roll up the solar cover to enjoy your day on your inground pool, then you must get this solar cover reel that is easy to operate.

8. NewMultis Inground Solar Cover Reel – Portable and Practical

NewMultis 18 Ft Aluminum Inground Solar CoverYou must have something to keep your inground pool environment perfect to use whenever you want. As a pool lover, you’ll admire the solar cover reel is the best part of your pool to keep it always ready to go.

NewMulties introduced this fantastic eco-friendly inground solar cover reel that works straight on any inground pool. This solar cover reel is made of highly durable first-rate aluminum.

As a better workmanship example, it will last for long and ensure better performance. For the quick operation, the hand crank lets you pull the cover with the ease to unroll that is also straight for everyone. Ergonomic shapes play a vital role in it.

Solid and durable wheels help you to move the reel from one place to another easily. It’s not only stable to keep the thing in place all the time but prevent sagging as well. The three aluminum tubes’ design makes it possible to do it.

All the attachment strips work perfectly and seem nothing better you can get from other solar cover reels. Every part is easy to assemble for one person and it takes less time to do it. The role is simple and that is put or remove the cover easier than ever.

What We Liked:

✅ This solar cover reel can happily operate and fulfill your need for your inground pool.

✅ Better engineering made this reel lightweight, which defines its portability.

✅ No issue for the durability because it is made of first-rate aluminum.

✅ An ergonomic shape handle makes the rolling smooth and better than ever.

✅ It doesn’t shake and moves when we want to keep it stable on any kind of surface.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Some parts are not made of quality material that could ensure better user experience and durability.

As an essential pool cover reel, this one can serve your purpose. To keep your inground pool always perfect to use, just take it home without any hesitation.

9. CharaVector Pool Cover Reel – Another Name of Simplicity

CharaVector Pool Cover ReelOur next pick for the solar cover reel is from CharaVector. To reduce pool heating costs and keep the pool clean every season you must get a better and simple solar cover reel. This one promises all the necessary features to make you free from keeping the inground pool ready all the time.

For the 5ft to 22.5 ft. wide inground pool, it’s the best solar cover reel that fits perfectly. According to your inground pool length, you can adjust the length because it has the facility to do that. So, you can easily fit the cover without any extra hand.

As a top-rated solar cover reel, it is made of stainless steel and aluminum tubes. That’s how it becomes one of the strongest solar cover reels out there. It offers rust-free service for a long time.  For better durability and keep the structure solid, this material plays a vital role.

To avoid the pipe sinking problem, it can be lengthened according to your need. The overall design makes this solar cover reel for easy to use and carry as well. That’s why storing pool cover and folding the reel becomes easy for everyone. 

Obviously, as a nice feature, a couple of large treaded wheels make the reel easy to move from one place to another. Just keep using the sturdy hand crank for better and easy operation without any additional effort.

Straps make the reel more effective and stable to use the cover. It elevates the simplicity of work with an easy roll-up procedure and takes less time to assemble all the parts.

What We Liked:

✅ The easily adjustable length of the reel makes it more functional for pools of different shapes.

✅ Made of heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum that ensures more durability.

✅ We also love its user friendly and environmentally friendly design to keep the user always happy.

✅ Because of the enhanced building mechanism, this reel is a great result of rust-free construction.

✅ All you need from a solar cover reel is the thickness of the pipes and this one didn’t frustrate us.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The design could be better and handy that could make a unique identity comparing other traditional solar cover reels.

As an owner of an inground pool, you can’t get a better and simple solar cover reel of such quality without it.

10. YUSING Pool Cover Reel Set – Well Balanced Reel

YUSING Pool Cover Reel Set 18 Feet Solar CoverYUSING offering a solar cover reel that is not only simple, but the actual quality of efficiency is lying on its use. Every feature comes as a reason to focus on this fantastic and effective solar cover reel. This efficient swimming pool reel is durable and lasts for long-only for its building material.

Even the design makes it different from other solar cover reels out there. Following some simple steps, you can easily assemble and install it near your inground pool. The perfect design makes it a more balanced solar cover reel. Without any maintenance, this reel will serve you for years.

Wheels that are made of large full solid tires is another good feature that allows you to move the reel from one place to another easily. These wheels are more durable than the plastic wheel.

Almost every shaped inground pool is suitable for this solar cover reel because you are investing in the quality that works best. But this is something that is great for a 3 ft. to 18 ft. inground pool. It cannot fail you to attach the cover because of the long straps.

Rolling out is just simple because of the hand crank. Even it keeps your pool clean from any unwanted debris. It features a 3 section aluminum pipe. That means it’s offering a stable service for a longer period of time. It controls evaporation when you need it. That means it’ll keep the water warm in winter. 

What We Liked:

✅ In this world of the solar cover reel, we can’t get minimalistic and practical design except for this one.

✅ I trust the functionality of this solar cover reel that almost works for all shaped pools.

✅ Long straps are one of some special features to attach the cover easily.

✅ The wheels not only let the user move the structure easily but it’s durable as well.

✅ Our searching comes to the end for a well-balanced solar cover reel after finding this one.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Built quality cannot satisfy us because it could be better.

To enjoy every single bit of uses of a solar cover reel, you are in the right place to pick this budget killer solar cover reel.

What Should You Consider for Buying Solar Cover Reel?

Lots of factors can influence you while buying a solar cover reel for your inground pool. Without paying proper attention to them, getting the best unit of solar cover reel among plenty of options becomes a challenge. To get some help to know about all these necessary factors, follow this guideline step by step.

✅ Type of Installation

Choosing the installation type means how you want to use a solar cover reel to cover the pool. There are two types that are available for the installation and these are inground pools and above ground pools.

Both have different benefits from the point of use. But choosing the right type means you’ll get the best effect from it. Remember, before purchasing a solar cover reel you must ensure the installation type.

Different reels of different installation types are a good fit for a specific pool. So, the decision is up to you and you know better which installation type is perfect for your pool.

✅ Size and Price

For the right pool, you need the right size of the pool cover reel. The size depends on the shape of your pool and the cover size you are using to cover the pool. Without knowing whether the reel fits your pool or not, you can’t get the best match.

Another important thing that is related to the size of the solar cover reel and that is the price. Different sizes of reel influence the price. Buying smaller size reels will cost less but getting longer and bigger ones will cost you more. 

✅ Straps

Straps help to attach your pool cover with the reel. Two types of straps you usually find with the solar cover reel. One is embedded straps and another one is hook-and-loop straps.

Embedded straps are installed directly with the reel and it secures enough to avoid any loose connection. It grooves in the metal that makes the connection between the straps and the reel stronger than anything.

On the other hand, hook-and-loop straps are used as a Velcro. This type of strap is super easy to use and assemble with both the reel and the pool cover. But this type of strap is not suitable for long term use. It cannot hold heavy and large cover for a longer period of time. In that case, you need embedded straps. 

✅ Reliable Wheels

Solar cover reels come with wheels. But the question is what type of wheel is good for your inground pool. Getting a cheap and nondurable wheel can give you the pain that you don’t want.

In the long run, it helps the user to move the reel from one place to another easily. Even it is important for storing the reel when it is not in use.

So, for easy transportation, you can look for caster wheels or large treaded rubber wheels. As an essential feature, large treaded rubber wheels can offer extra stability that caster wheels don’t offer. 

✅ Construction Material

Buying a poor quality solar cover reel can turn your day into a disaster. When a solar cover reel is made of better and strong material that means, it comes as a durable and strong option along with better stability.

Most of the solar cover reels are made of stainless steel or aluminum. It’s important for the neat and clean appearance of the solar cover reel. Both materials are best from their side.

Stainless steel is popular because it’s sturdier, stronger, and heavier that is a good side of this solar cover reel. If you have a wider pool, then choose this material. 

On the other hand, aluminum is not only light material but also inexpensive. This material is suitable for those who own a small pool and are looking for a comparatively small solar cover reel.

Question 1: What is a Solar Cover Reel?

Answer: A solar cover reel is used to cover your pool, especially when it is not in use. Even its use to keep the pool warm during the cold season as well.

Question 2: What is the necessity of a reel for solar cover?

Answer: A reel always helps to take the cover on and off without facing any problem and easily. Even, you don’t need any extra hand to do it. Just use the reel to cover or uncover your inground pool when you need it.

Question 3: What is the process of using a solar cover reel?

Answer: To use a solar cover reel, you just need to install it at any end of your inground pool. Use the straps and clips to attach the cover with the long metal pole. Now use the hand crank or a wheel to roll the cover.

Question 4: What size pool cover reel needs for an inground pool?

Answer: The actual size of the pool cover reel depends on your pool size and the size of the solar cover you’re using. Try to pick the reel that is wider and longer enough to hold your pool cover easily.

Question 5: Does a solar cover reel only work for rectangular shaped pools?

Answer: No, most of the solar cover reels are designed to be used in different shapes of pools. According to your need, you can easily use it, but the cover size should be perfect for the pool.

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Final Words:

Every inground pool owner desires the best solar cover reels along with lots of necessary features and suits the need. Some of these are beyond the count. Well, all these features can make your day more beautiful and enjoyable in the pool, even in the cold season.

To keep the pool temperature warm in the cold season using the best solar cover reel for inground pool is the ultimate way. If you still couldn’t rely on anything, we would recommend to check over NSdirect, VINGLI, Goplus, or other picks from our list.

So, building quality, hand crack, length, maneuverability, ease of use is the most important thing you must get from the best solar reel for your inground pool. One of these options is hopefully right for you to pick for your pool.