How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat A Pool – Does It Work?

Are you confused about how fast does a solar cover heat a pool? Well, it warms up the water naturally and saves energy in a considerable amount. 

If you think of getting the traditional one, you have to count a huge utility bill. If you want to know more about the pool solar cover effectiveness, then dive into this article to gather the information.

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What Is A Solar Cover? – The Advantages & Features To Use It

You can also call it a solar blanket of the pool. You can put this plastic-made blanket on the pool. This cover captures solar energy and uses it to warm up your pool water. 

Mind it, the water will not be warm that you may get by using a heater, When comparing solar rings vs solar cover, it’s important to note that, regardless of your choice, you can save a considerable amount of money by decreasing water vaporization.

Without a cover, a pool absorbs 60% of the sun’s energy and warms up the water by 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat evaporates about ¼ inch of water. To reduce this evaporation, you need a cover pool.

How Long Does It Take For A Pool To Heat Up By The Sun?

Now, this calculation totally depends on the amount of sunlight that your pool gets on a daily basis. Every 12 hours, the pool water gets warm by 5 degrees for the sunshine.

 If you can cover your pool and don’t let the water get sunlight for at least 6 hours, your water will stay normal.  

How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool – The Ultimate Discussion

For the sunlight, you lose water every day, and you have to replace the water. The new water requires energy to get warm. So you are losing water and energy at the same time for not using the cover.

The evaporation gets reduced for the cover, and you don’t have to worry about energy and water. The cover traps the heat, much like when you put a lid on a warm pan. If you’re wondering, Can you run the pool pump with a solar cover on, and how? it’s essential to ensure proper circulation for effective heat distribution.The heat stays in the water and lets you swim comfortably, even the weather is cold.

Another thing the pool cover works is it keeps the pool debris and dust-free. So you don’t have to spend time and money on cleaning the pool regularly.

But there is some time when you don’t have to keep the cover on the pool. When the wind is blowing, or heavy storms are coming, you have to remove the cover to keep it safe from the flying debris.

 Use the solar cover after a shocking pool not before because it may damage the cover material. Leave the lid until the chlorine level gets below 2.5 ppm.

How To Heat Your Pool – The Methods You Can Consider

In the summertime, your pool is the best place to spend time to escape the temperature. But what will you do in the winter days? Close down the pool? 

No way, follow the methods given below to heat up the pool water that will allow you to swim on a cold day.

  • Solar sun rings

This ring is the same as the pool cover. You can use either of these to cover your pool. The ring traps the heat by preventing vaporization. When considering efficient pool maintenance, explore options such as the best solar cover reel for an inground pool to enhance convenience and heat retention.

The trapped heat warms the pool water to let you swim. The rings are movable and easily fit in the pool.

  • Liquid solar cover

The liquid cover is a liquid type of cover. You have to pour the liquid in the water that creates a liquid cover on the water top. This liquid coating helps to lessen heat loss by preventing evaporation.

 Don’t worry about the liquid cover while swimming because it is biodegradable. But if your pool is in a windy area, then the liquid cover will not work as the wind breaks the liquid cover.

  • Windproof pool

For windy areas, a windproof pool cover is the best option. The wind allows warm water to escape from the pool. To mitigate heat loss, it’s important to consider factors such as the best solar cover thickness when selecting a cover for your pool. 

So you have to use this cover if you live in a windy area. The material and cost of a pool cover depend on the size of the pool. Versatile enough for use in any weather situation, exploring options for the best solar pool covers ensures efficient and weather-resistant solutions for your pool.

  • Black hose method

If you can go for a tricky method, then the black hose trick is a good option. In this method, you have to use solar energy to heat up the water. 

Take a black hose and connect it with a water tap. For an economical solution, consider cheap solar pool covers. Additionally, for effective utilization, wrap the hose in a coil formation and keep it under direct sunlight to harness solar energy efficiently. Run the tap water through the hose, the sunlight will heat the running water, and the pool water will get warm gradually.

  • Pool heat pump

If you want to invest, then the heat pump is worth it. For efficient heating, consider pairing a pump that draws hot air and uses it to warm the water with the best solar cover for an inground pool. By this method, the water gets warm faster.

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How To Take Care Of The Solar Cover – Tips And Tricks To Follow:

Though solar cover doesn’t last for long as they are made of plastic affected by the chemicals and UV rays. But some tricks can let the cover last for longer:

  • Use less chlorine. Don’t use it above 2ppm, or else it will damage the cover material. Keep the pH level at 7.4 because it affects the cover’s strength.
  • When you don’t need a solar cover, reel it up and store it in a dry place. Don’t fold or tugged up.
  • Take the thickest solar cover from the market. The thick one lasts long.
  • When you are shocking the pool, don’t leave the solar cover on.
  • Do not allow anyone swimming with the solar blanket.


Q1. Can you run a pool pump with the solar cover on?

Ans: Yes, you can run the pool pump with the solar cover on as it is safe.

Q2. Should I leave the solar pool cover on?

Ans: You have to use the solar blanket on your pool to keep the heat inside and prevent water evaporation during the daytime.

Q3.  How long does it take for a solar cover to warm a pool?

Ans: You have to use the solar blanket on your pool to keep the heat inside and prevent water evaporation during the daytime.

Q4. Should you cover the pool every night?

Ans: Yes, this makes the pool hold heat. When the pool stays covered at night, the heat loss gets reduced.

Q5. Should I cover the pool before the rain?

Ans:  It is better to keep the cover off during the rain because the debris may damage the cover material, and also it will be hard to remove the cover full of rainwater on it.

Q6. How long do solar cover last?

Ans: Most solar cover is made of plastic, so they don’t last that long. Because of the environment and the chemicals, the cover gets damaged gradually. The liquid cover stays well up to 30 days till the chemical fades away.


A solar cover is the safest way to warm up the pool water. You may ask how fast does a solar cover heat a pool. Well, it takes 12 hours to heat up the water if the pool is covered correctly during daytime. This cover holds heat and reduces evaporation to warm up the water.

 It is an essential accessory for every pool owner because, in cold weather, you cannot swim in the water without using the solar blanket. Take the one that fits your pool and works appropriately.