Top 8 Best Goal Zero Solar Panel Review & Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Goal Zero is a dedicated solar panel manufacturer that has the potential to serve its customers at their best level. So, we’ve come along with the best goal zero solar panel review for you who really want to select from goal zero options only for their solar panel options.

So, you’ve drained all the power from your essential gadget? Now what you’ll do if you are on a campfire night? Don’t worry, we have got your back. All you need to get a solar panel. Using a solar panel is a great idea to keep all your devices charged.

A solar panel is a portable power solution for small devices and powers everything on the go. So, we’ve done the biggest research in this solar panel review.

To get the reliable power source, you need scratch to advanced level guideline. So, we did reviewed some of the . So, I’ll write about it in this Goal Zero Review.

Quick look at our top 8 solar panels from Goal Zero:

1 Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel –Nice Built Quality

2.  Goal Zero Flip 12 Nomad 5 – Easy To use

3. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel – Great Backpacking Panel

4. Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel – Best For Small Gadgets

5. Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel – Awesome For Camping

6. Goal Zero Nomad 10 Foldable– Simple And Works Great

7. Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt – Well Constructed

8. Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus – Small and Quick Charging

How To Get The Best Goal Zero Solar Panel – Detailed Guideline

Buying a solar panel is an overwhelming task. Due to many practical features, it’s hard to narrow down everything. To keep all the things simple, we made this review detailed.  We picked top rate 8 of them evaluating all the features and specifications. But the final decision is up to you. You have to choose depending on your requirements.

1. Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel –Durable Built Quality

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase,Let’s introduce one of the most innovative solar panels in Goal Zero’s catalog. On top of that, it’s the best choice for you if you take into account its features. This boulder 100 solar panel briefcase design is going to draw your attention as a first impression.

This briefcase design is compatible with a different use. But, trust me, it’s super lightweight. So, carrying and using this solar panel is easier than anything. According to the battery capacity and weather, it takes different times to charge.

You’ll get a set of parallel-connected solar panels. This panel is perfect for any type of 12V battery unit. That means it’s capable of delivering 14-22V output.

Not only the design but also the build quality is also better than other solar panels out there. The tempered glass construction is the best side of this panel. A sturdy, rigid, and anodized aluminum frame has been used for such purpose.

After using, the frame ensures the highest safety when you fold it like a briefcase. 100 watts is the highest capacity offered by this monocrystalline solar panel. To make you comfortable for connecting it to the power station, it is equipped with a single pin output.

Equipped with Goal Zero solar panel kit especially ergonomically designed kickstand. It helps the panel to receive the highest sunlight at 90 degrees. To set this thing, you need only a few seconds.

What We Liked:

✅ The aluminum frame made this panel lightweight that enhances its portable nature.

✅ The design of this panel lets us fold it like a briefcase, which also secures its whole structure.

✅ Loved the modern look that comes as a combination of black border and panel.

✅ We found this panel is practical and easy to use because of the offered power and mounting kickstands.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The quality of the kickstand is not good enough considering the price.

This solar panel is efficient and at the same time very much durable to offer long time service.

2. Goal Zero Nomad 5 Watt Solar – Easy To use

Goal Zero Flip 12 Solar Recharging Kit with Nomad 5 Solar Panel MinimumSome solar panels come as an on-the-go solution like this one did. It enhances the chance to carry the power with you when you are traveling to a remote area. Truth be told, it’s highly capable of collecting power from the sunlight to charge your phones.

To make you more comfortable to use it, this panel comes with built-in kickstands. Using this kickstand, position the panel becomes a child play.

Multiple positions ensure optimal solar collection. That’s how it charges the portable 3350 mAh power back. It may be small but support for a long time along with its integrated charging port.

Your journey is going to be more fun because of this rugged and durable solar panel. Yes, it builds to last for a long time in different weather.

Overall, it feels tremendously light because of the sleek design. Additionally, the dimension is compact and allows the whole panel to fit on your backpack. To recharge the flip it only takes 3 hours. Behind this success, the flip-out USB output plays a vital role. You just need to plug it directly.

What We Liked:

✅ The Kickstand offers a flexible position to set the panel wherever we want to.

✅ It didn’t cause any problem when we carried it during our adventure because it’s lightweight as we expected.

✅ We loved its simple but quality building that ensures its durability for the next few years.

✅ It’s very much user friendly to use as well as getting the power from the sun from different angles.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The less sturdy kickstand made it difficult to use it in high wind.

This is the true size and lightweight solar panel that you need most to power your phone on the go.

3. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel – Great Backpacking Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar PanelLet’s talk about a solar panel that appeals to the user by its design and size. You can’t go for big but Nomad 7 is best for your smaller devices.

The clever design including some extra features makes it a more travel-friendly panel. It can charge all those devices that are charged with USB or DC. That means an adapter and car charger also fit with this panel easily.

If you have phones, GPS, MP3 then it should be your ultimate choice from Goal Zero. The only source of power is the sun for this panel and it collects 7 watts. This power is enough to serve you on the road.

In addition, a user-friendly design will help you to fold it perfectly when it is not in use. The magnetic flap helps to keep the things together perfectly. In different weather conditions, this rugged design ensures better service. So, you can say, it’s a weather resistance panel.

It comes with a different outlet. Both USB and 12v ports are possible to use at a time. Because of the design, you won’t feel any weight that makes it easy to carry with your backpack.

Want to carry it with your backpack? Use the built-in loops to make it extremely easy.

What We Liked:

✅ Nomad 7 didn’t compromise with the build quality, that’s why we feel relaxed while using it.

✅ During the outdoor activities, we’ve found the loop user friendly to attach with a backpack.

✅ We love its plug and play option that allows connecting multiple devices using the different port at the same time.

✅We don’t tense about the weather condition, because this panel is almost perfect to survive in every type of weather.

What We Didn’t:

❌ We couldn’t wait a long time to charge but this panel takes almost 9 hours and also required direct sunlight for it.

You can’t go wrong with this solar panel because it’s almost perfect for outdoor activities.

4. Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel – Best For Small Gadgets

Goal Zero Nomad 20, Foldable Monocrystalline 20The solar panel is one of the best ways to power your gadget when you are camping on traveling. That’s why this Goal Zero flexible solar panel for everyone. The simple 3-fold design makes this panel better for service.

Nomad 20 offers a built-in kickstand as an awesome option that comes as a blessing for the user. That means, on almost all types of surfaces, you can set it easily. Ultimately, such a position ensures optimal solar collection.

This reliable solar panel is capable of charging small devices directly. Because of the smart-charging chip, it becomes possible.

This cable and USB port are highly integrated with this panel. As a result, most of your devices are easy to charge.

Do you need more power? Just chain it with an additional solar panel. That’s how you can capture more power and get faster charging time. For the adventurous, this panel comes as a rugged and durable unit. Besides, all of its components are made of quality material.

What We Liked:

✅ Its direct powering ability made us more comfortable to charge our devices when we needed.

✅ We just set it under the sun and nothing had to do to get enough power.

✅ The prices didn’t make us confused about the buying decision, it’s cheaper than other portable solar panels.

✅ Designed as a sturdy one and lightweight make it portable to carry it wherever we go.

✅ We also use some other products of Goal Zero, and this panel is highly compatible with these products.

What We Didn’t:

❌ On a gloomy day, this panel did not work as we expected.

All the user-friendly features indicate this is one of the best solar panels for camping. So, grab your one to make your journey more beautiful.

5. Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel – Awesome For Camping

Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar PanelUndoubtedly, Goal Zero enriches its product line with this tremendously simple but effective solar panel. The overall building mechanism and features let this panel integrate with different accessories.

Goal Zero adopts monocrystalline solar technology to make this efficient solar panel. For everyone, this 13-watt power solar panel comes as a powerful option. Because of this power outage, it has one USB Port and this port is able to flow 1 amp of current.

The good news is, it works perfectly and stores power with a Sherpa 50 battery pack. When the sun is down, just take the power pack and charge your small devices. That is why we loved its versatile service.

Do you need more power? Just use the daisy chain. It will help you to power solar generators. You heard right, this panel is compatible with many other different accessories even with the toys!

Getting an extra pocket to store battery, cell phone, cables is not a bad thing. Yes, this solar panel has a large pocket. It comes as a set of two panels that are capable of offering power and obviously easy to set.

Thanks to its lightweight and foldable design. Just take it with your backpack and explore outside.

What We Liked:

✅ Didn’t feel any extra weight because of the lightweight design when climbing or hiking a distance.

✅ This panel provided enough power to its extra battery pack that made us tension free when the sun was down.

✅Most of our small gadgets become easy to store because of the built-in pocket.

✅The rugged and weather-resistant design makes us comfortable to use it in every situation.

What We Didn’t:

❌ The extra cable made us uncomfortable all the time because it’s not detachable.

Honestly, this lighter and less expensive panel is a great option for people who want to power different small devices.

6. Goal Zero Nomad 10 Solar Panel – Simple And Works Great

Goal Zero Nomad 10, Foldable Monocrystalline 10 Watt Solar Panel withWhen we are out in the wildness, we rely on portable power solutions like solar panels. That’s why Goal Zero offers this solar panel and it comes as a smart and portable power solution. The design is inspired by people who have a passion for adventure and exploring.

As one of the most innovative solar panels, Nomad 10 comes with some handy features. Firstly, about the design. Yes, it’s one of the simplest and effective designs to get efficient power.

On top of that, it features a built-in kickstand. You’ll love it because it helps to set the solar panel at almost every angle to get the optimum power from the sun.

The rugged and quality material made it also a durable unit that can serve in different weather conditions. Durability is the only reason, you can strap it to your backpack, tent, or other gear with ease. When you aren’t with it, just fold it and store it.

You’ll get 10 watts of power from this solar panel. The good news is, it’s able to power a 7800 mAh power pack. When the sun is down, don’t need to worry about powering your devices anymore. To recharge the power pack of such capacity, this panel only takes 4.5 to 9 hours.

What We Liked:

✅ The lightweight design of this panel doesn’t add unnecessary weight that helps to attach it with our backpack.

✅ Adjustable kickstands allow getting optimum solar power even from some complicated angles.

✅ Integrated USB charging capacity along with 10-watt power keeps our devices charged when we are on the longest hunt.

✅ We experienced the seamless solar charging after using it in different weather conditions and it’s only for the weather-resistance feature.

What We Didn’t:

❌ It’s designed for powering small devices.

If you want to hang out for a longer period of time, then get this solar panel on your backpack.

7. Goal Zero Boulder 200 Solar Panel – Well Constructed

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt Briefcase Monocrystalline Solar PanelAre you looking for a larger solar panel? Then try Boulder 200.  When portability is not an option for you then buy this briefcase solar panel. It’s a great addition to Goal Zero’s Arsenal. With the massive power, it comes with lots of handy features.

As the largest solar panel, this one is highly compatible with lots of devices. We know monocrystalline is the best material for solar panels and this one comes with it. Because of the 200W power, you can use other power stations with ease.

Because of the design, it becomes a bit tricky to connect or disconnect any other battery. To make a connection, it offers a 14-amp DC current at 14-22 volts.

All of the components of this panel are made of high-quality material. It’s a set of two panels. Both are made of an aluminum frame. To handle any impact or shock, this frame acts instantly.

Goal Zero cleverly uses tempered glass to make this panel that also defines its toughness. In addition, you can easily fold the panel inward to make it safe. Maybe the 44 lbs are not easy to carry but trust me, it’s super easy to set. This weight makes it a well-balanced panel out there.

The size required much sturdiness and it has kickstands to support both panels. After folding it becomes half of the size.

What We Liked:

✅ This 200-watt is enough to power our multiple devices at a time and when needed frequent power in the whole camping session.

✅ The kickstand was so easy to set because it comes with a single pin to adjust.

✅ All premium components including frame and glass make a clear statement of the panel’s durability after we used it in different weather conditions.

✅ The idea of hinging two panels perfectly works for us to make it more user friendly.

What We Didn’t:

❌ We tried to use it for long-distance camping but it became too difficult to carry.

Overall features make this solar panel one of the best who needs a substantial amount of power.

8. Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus Solar Panel – Small and Quick Charging

Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus Solar Panel

Goal Zero is offering this solar panel to rescue you from out of power situations. It offers the best solar charge experience when you are hiking or camping out there.

Designed to charge smaller devices like phones, GPS units, headlamps, etc.  So, don’t think to use it against power-hungry devices.

Perhaps, adding a dynamic auto-restart feature is its biggest upgrade. This coolest feature knows when your device is fully charged. Even it can track the disconnection problem for shadow or cloud. As a result, after getting back the sunray, it’ll reconnect the charging devices.

Besides, it is equipped with other smart features. The LED indicator is easy to read. All you need to know from this indicator is the current state of the solar. So, you can know the actual charging speed.

It also has a detachable kickstand. Look where the sun is strongest, just attach the kickstand and position the panel perfectly to get enough power.

Don’t worry about using it in the rainy season. It’s completely waterproof. Attaching this panel to your backpack is just a matter of time. The compact and lightweight design makes it possible.

What We Liked:

✅ The lighted and smarter design gave its best shot while hiking and camping for a long time.

✅ Detectable kickstands make the use more effective to get enough power, especially when the sun is not overhead.

✅ It’s completely waterproof and is built as a tough one that ensures its durability in different rude weather conditions.

✅ The auto-restart function ensures an automatic resume to charge the devices when the connection is lost due to bad weather.

What We Didn’t:

❌ Sometimes the indicator light misguided us due to malfunctioning.

To charge your small devices when you are out of a power source, then this solar panel along with the feature is enough.

Things To Consider For Choosing Goal Zero Solar Panel:

Without having the required technical knowledge, it’s hard to get the best solar panel. Sometimes you might need to do some homework for it.

According to experts and professional’s opinions, you need to know all the factors that can meet your needs. As a substantial investment, let’s see which factors are important to consider first.

✅ Types of Panel

Based on the cell type of the panel, the efficiency and performance will vary. So, picking the right types is important. All we know, there are two types of panels available. One is monocrystalline and the second one is polycrystalline.

Both materials are made out of silicon. But they have distinguished characteristics based on their functionality. Monocrystalline is known as a premium solar product. It is made of silicon wafers cut but the cut is single. It has higher capabilities and offers higher efficiency.

Though Polycrystalline panels have silicon materials. But the basic difference is, it’s a result of melted silicon, which is actually a combination of many fragments of silicon. So, it’s not a single cut out that’s why it’s less efficient than monocrystalline.

✅ Efficiency

Without knowing the ability, buying a solar panel is a foolish job. Yes, the ability of a solar panel is defined by its efficiency. So, know about the higher and lower efficiency of a solar panel. It’s all about the converting capability of incoming sunlight into sustainable electricity.

Always look for a solar panel of higher efficiency. Because it can produce more energy than your requirement. Lower efficiency solar panels cannot provide enough power than higher efficiency ones.

If you look carefully, then you will see that most of the panel rating their efficiency from 15% to 20%. But some panels exceed the ceiling of rating and offer more than 20%.

✅ Compare the Price:

According to the types of features, the price of solar panels varies a lot. Even it also depends on your needs. It sounds weird but it’s true.

If your requirement for the power goes higher, then you’ll look for a solar panel of higher efficiency. Ultimately, it’ll increase the overall cost. Features also play a vital role to increase the price. Better features will cost more money.

Comparing with different solar panels ultimately will give you some idea about the quality and performance of the panel. The downgraded product will cost less. But it’s all up to your needs.

✅ Weight and Size:

Forgetting anything else to check about the panel? Yes, it’s weight and size. Most solar panel users love to carry the panel when they are hiking or camping. So, they need a portable and lightweight solar panel.

If you want to attach the panel with your backpack, then try to find a lightweight and compact solar panel. But don’t compromise with its efficiency. A large-sized panel makes it difficult for you to store it and use it as well. So, pick the model that matches the weight and size with your needs.

✅ Other Accessories:

Most of the solar panel doesn’t come alone. You might get a few extras with it. So, check out the kickstands, pockets, cover, additional cable, etc. But some models don’t offer these extras. All of these things come as handy accessories that are useful in different situations. So, focus on that too.


Question 1: Is it possible to mount the Goal Zero solar panel on the Roof?

Answer: Yes, Goal Zero solar panels are specially designed to use on a different surface even on the roof. A kickstand and mounting bracket help to mount the panel on the roof of the Home, Car, RV, Trailer, Van, etc.

Question: Are Goal Zero solar panels waterproof?

Answer: It depends on the model and builds quality. Some of them are waterproof and some are not. If the solar panel is designed to be installed permanently then it must have a water resistance facility. But you should keep it dry all the time.

Question: Does Goal Zero solar panel work with other power stations?

Answer: Most solar panels are compatible with different types of solar power stations. Following the trend Goal Zero also works with a few specific models of power stations.

Question: Which type of cell is best for solar panels?

Answer: Two types of cells are used to build solar panels. One is Monocrystalline and another one is polycrystalline. You should choose monocrystalline because it is more efficient. Even it takes less space to get temperature perfectly from the sun.

Question: What should I do if the Goal Zero solar panel doesn’t work?

Answer: Most of the time, resetting the panel can help you to make it functional again. You can do it by unplugging every connection. But if there is any damaged connector then you must repair it.

Final Words:

So, you know all the top goal best zero solar panel reviews!

So, what will be your call for it? You have to make sure all of your requirements are meeting with the solar panel that you want to have.

Since, this review revealed everything that you need to know to choose the best solar panel. If you still don’t find which one to select, just see the features and their performance.

All you need to go through our reviewed solar panel from Goal Zero that can satisfy your needs. Finally, wish you the best of luck to pick the best solar panel that you actually need.