Best Solar Charger For 12V Deep Cycle Battery Reviews

The ultimate search for the best solar charger for 12v deep cycle battery is an endless journey. When you are having boat time, what do you mostly miss? Well, the power source!

A solar charger for a deep cycle battery is one of the best power sources to provide sustained power. It can ensure a flexible power supply when it is 80% discharged.

Since you have got no electricity in your boat, using a solar charger is the best solution. So, getting a solar charger is mandatory.

And here we’ve come along with the top picks reviewed by experts to make your boat journey easy and secured.

Quick navigation for a best solar charger for deep cycle battery:

1. Samlex Solar 12V 50 amp – Best for automatic charging

2. Renogy 10W 12V – Good quality charger

3. SUNER POWER 12V – Quality built

4. ALLPOWERS 12V 5W5 – Compact size

5. Battery Tender 12V, 270mA, 5W – Smart controlling

6. AMERICAN HUNTER Solar Charger – Lightweight model

7. BatteryMINDer 12V 1.25 Amp, 15 Watt – Good for quick charging

8. Foval 750mA Automatic – Inexpensive solar charger

9. Aeiusny 12V – High conversion rate

10. BatteryMINDer SCC-515-5 – Best for monitoring battery voltage

Top 10 Solar Charger For Deep Cycle Battery Reviews & Buying Guide:

Most of the solar charger battery for 12V comes with a fairly new type of technology. So, you can’t take any risk of buying the wrong solar battery charger. 12v batteries. And, the deep cycle battery need more power from the right solar charger.

Getting the best solar battery charger is an extremely difficult and overwhelming task for lots of users of 12V batteries. So, this handy guide is for you if you are looking for the best 12v solar battery charger.

1. Samlex Solar Series 12V 50 amp

Samlex SEC-1250UL SEC-UL Series 12V Battery Charger - 50 Amp Brand: Samlex AmericaSome Battery chargers of the solar series are specially built for commercial charging applications. This one can be the solution if you are looking for a solar charger to power your deep cycle battery.

As an excellent device, it is highly efficient for maintenance workshops. To make your busy day easy, it comes as a lightweight product along with switch-mode technology. But this is the best durable solar charger 12v deep cycle marine battery for the money.

Users love to use this charger because it has different performance. This technological advancement can take control of different types of batteries. 

The algorithm of this three-stage makes this charger ideal for 12v deep cycle battery, gel cell, Flooded, and Absorbed Glass Mat charging. Ultimately, this algorithm makes it possible to charge efficiently.

All the operation of this charger is automatic, but this charger suits all types of 12 Volt batteries. It is equipped with a DIP switch that can make the use of this charger convenient to use. You can easily choose the charging function using this switch.

The temperature sensor of this charger is also a useful feature for you. To prevent various battery issues like over/undercharging, this sensor works perfectly.

Not only that, it also has necessary safety precautions that make an extra layer to protect your battery against short circuit, over-temperature, reverse battery connection, and overload.

What We Liked:

✅ The compact size makes this charger lightweight

✅ Automatic operation for different types of batteries

✅ Easy to switch charging mode.

✅ Protect the battery from damaging

✅ Comes with temperature sensor

What We Didn’t:

❌ You cannot use this charger in damp or wet condition

To charge you 12V deep cycle battery heavy-duty operation, there is no better option you’ll get without this charger.

2. Renogy 10W 12V Portable Solar Charger

Renogy 10W 12V Portable Solar Panel BatteryPick this solar charger if you love to charge your 12V deep cycle battery by solar power then. From the shape and size, you’ll get the idea of why this charger becomes easy to use. The simple and compact size doesn’t affect its performance at all.

You are going to love its performance and the built quality as well. The DC adapter of this charger is super easy to use. So, you’ll get different options for connecting like alligator clips, cigarette lighter, right terminal, and SAE connection. 

As a versatile charger, you can easily use this one for the boats, SUVs, and RVs as well. This charger also works with the same capacity level for the electric fences, accessory batteries.

In the daylight condition, you’ll get the best performance of this solar charger. This high-efficiency charger comes with enough safety protection for the battery. You can plug-in all the time because of the built-in safety protection.

It’s super easy to install on different types of surfaces because of its basic shape. For the better and easy installation of this charger on the deck or other flat surface, it also has strong and durable suction cups. Even, you don’t need any previous experience to do that at all.

What We Liked:

✅ Easy to install on different surfaces

✅ The compact size makes it portable

✅ Comes as a high conversion efficiency charger

✅ Suitable for different types of battery connection

✅ Easy to use without any previous experience

What We Didn’t:

❌ Sometimes it struggles to provide current as per specification

This charger is not only powerful to charge your 12V batteries but also ensures reliable performance. For the fast and long-lasting solar charger, you can easily pick this charger without any doubt.

3. SUNER POWER 12V Solar Battery Charger

SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer -A solar battery charger is always a better option to use power from a natural source. In that case, this solar charger can serve your purpose if you need to power your 12V batteries.

It’s not only packed with different features and benefits but made of premium material like a strong solar glass upgraded ABS frame. Overall the built quality made this charger durable enough to take the high load. It will give you support to power your 12V for the next many years.

Reverse protection systems work flawlessly that can save your battery damaging from overcharging. The built-in blocking feature is always ready to prevent your battery from draining. Ultimately, it prevents reverse discharging. If you have a deep cycle battery to power, then pick it.

You can also use this solar charger to charge Wet, Gel, SLA, and AGM batteries. As a multifunction charger, it also plays a vital role as a maintainer to maintain your batteries. The quality of this solar charger makes it one of the most trusted chargers out there.

As long as there is sunlight, it will work perfectly. The mechanism of this charger can convert the sunlight into DC electricity to power your 12V battery. Without having any professional knowledge, you can easily install and use it because it follows the ‘Plug & Play’ rules to charge your batteries.

What We Liked:

✅ Made of durable tempered glass and ABS frame

✅ Need low maintenance to keep it functional

✅ Easy to install and use

✅ The compact size makes it portable and lightweight

✅ Reverse protection prevents drain the power

What We Didn’t:

❌ 12 volt solar battery charger kit

You don’t need to depend on other solar chargers if you got this feature-packed best rated solar charger for 12v deep cycle battery.

4. ALLPOWERS 12V 5W Portable Solar Battery Charger

ALLPOWERS 12V 7.5W Portable Solar Car Boat PowerYou need a solar charger that is highly capable of powering your 12V battery easily. Try this 12 volt solar battery charger kit to fulfill your needs. This is a great addition to the ALLPOWERS product line. First of all, it can impress you with its built quality.

You should know that Mono-Crystalline Silicon is considered the most efficient charger right now and this charger is made of Mono-Crystalline Silicon. This Silicon works perfectly in daylight conditions. The main benefit of using this silicon on this product is, it keeps the charger size down but the power-up. 

As the best portable solar charger for 12v deep cycle battery, you can get the service from this it even in a lower light situation. The compact size of this charger makes it possible to sit on the dashboard. Even, this charger keeps you free from using overcharge protection.

To ensure the durability, it is built as a weatherproof charger that you need most from a trickle charger solar charger. It’s not waterproof, but few raindrops cannot damage this charger.

Pick this charger to charge your batteries without any hassle. To protect your battery from further damage like reverse discharge, it has a built-in blocking diode.

Your battery life will be extended because of this useful feature. To make the installation and placing position easy, it comes up with a strong and durable suction cup. So, this thing easily fits in any suitable position and starts to charge inside the vehicle.

What We Liked:

✅ Comes as a weatherproof charger

✅ Easy to install and use

✅ The compact size makes it easy to carry

✅ It can prevent reverse discharge

✅ Works great under direct sunlight

What We Didn’t:

❌ It’s not completely weatherproof.

This solar charger can be used to charge any 12 Volt battery like a deep cycle battery. If you have one like it, then pick this charger and keep the power up all the time.

5. Foval 750mA Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

Foval 750mA Automatic Trickle Battery Charger 12V 0.75Amp Smart BatteryMaintaining 12v batteries will become easy if you got the best solar trickle charger like this one. It can monitor battery health all the time. For the long run service, this is the better solar charger that you are going to love.

As an inexpensive model, it is equipped with all the necessary accessories along with the 8 feet output cord that you need to ensure a safe and secure connection. So, it’s going to be easy to do your job.

Reverse polarity protection is one of the best features of this solar charger and it’s also a spark-proof. You can use this charger for all types of lead-acid batteries, especially the 12V deep cycle battery.

Flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries like AGM and GEL cells also can be charged using this solar charger. The alligator clamps and rings make this solar charger easier to use. You don’t need any previous experience to run this product properly. To store it anywhere, the size will help you most.

For better charging, every single time it charges the battery following a 4 step process (initialization phase, the bulk charge, the absorption mode & the float mode). The good side is, this charger will not enter the float mode until your 12v battery charges 100%.

You don’t need to supervise the charging status all the time because of the LED light indicator that shows diagnostic information as well. It’s not only lightweight but fully automatic as well.

Ultimately, it becomes easy to use for everyone who owns a 12v deep cycle battery.

What We Liked:

✅ The LED light indicator shows charging status

✅ Comes with clip connector

✅ It’s small and lightweight

✅ Easy to carry and easy to use

✅ Trickle charger automatically switched to float mode

What We Didn’t:

❌ Sometimes the LED indicator doesn’t show the light properly

If you want to use a solar battery charger with no worries then pick this one that also performs according to its functionality.

6. AMERICAN HUNTER Solar Charger

AMERICAN HUNTER Solar ChargerMost of the solar chargers are built to serve some specific requirements of the user. According to the battery type and application, there are lots of different solar chargers out there. AMERICAN HUNTER also has a great solar charger in their product line.

First of all, this charger is not similar to other traditional solar chargers. The camp-worthy plastic enclosure makes this charger different from others. As a sturdy solar charger, it is great to use in any kind of situation.

It can produce 6volts in direct sunlight. But it can charge a 6 or 12-volt rechargeable battery easily after converting the sunlight into electric power.

On a sunny day, this solar charger can serve you best. To make it long-lasting for you in every aspect, this charger comes with quality material. Even the wiring also ensures the quality along with the hook-up clips. These things make it easy for you to use without worry.

You don’t need to be an expert to use or install it. It’s simple to use and install like other basic solar chargers. You can easily modify the mount to make it long-lasting. The built mechanism makes it fully weatherproof.

Because of the plastic material, this charger becomes lightweight and it’s not going to rust. At least 10 years, it can serve you. To make it functional you just need to clip directly to the battery.

It’s small and consumes little space. To charge your marine battery or 12-volt deep cycle battery, this is the best charger for the money.

What We Liked:

✅ Suitable for charging 6 or 12-volt battery

✅ Fully weather and rustproof

✅ Lightweight and easy to use

✅ Suitable for harsh and unpredictable outdoors

✅ No exposed wires

What We Didn’t:

❌ You need to modify the mount

Some units of the solar charger can serve better than your imagination. This charger is one of these. So, get this lightweight solar charger to power your battery all the time. 

7. BatteryMINDer 12 Volt, 1.25 Amp, 15 Watt Solar Battery Charger

BatteryMINDer Solar Battery Charger/Trickle Charger/Desulfator - 12 Volt, 1.25 Amp,Want to increase your 12V deep cycle battery life and performance? Pick this solar battery charger from BatteryMINDer. To get a solution for your deep cycle battery, you need a better solar battery charger like this one.

You just need to guide it to take the heat when the sun is up. It will start to monitor the voltage of your 12V battery actively. Without limiting the use, this solar battery charger is perfect for all sizes, types, and brands of 12 Volt batteries.

 One thing you should keep in mind and that is its work perfectly for Lead-acid batteries. The performance of this solar battery charger is not limiting for flooded, gel, AGM, starter, deep cycle, and hybrid batteries.

More options you’ll get after buying this solar battery charger. For the better adjustment of the output, it comes with the internal program. It ensures quick and correct charges. But how does this internal program work to keep all the things perfect? It’s able to identify the reading of the batteries and adjust everything based on it.

To ensure a quick and secure connection, it comes with 20′ DC solar panel connection and 4′ DC cord with a quick connector.

It doesn’t matter how long you keep connected this charger to your battery because this charger won’t allow overcharging. Another good side of this product is, up to 4 batteries can be maintained at a time.

What We Liked:

✅ Easy to monitor battery voltage

✅ Works with different types of batteries

✅ Ensure quick and correctly charges using an internal program

✅ Comes with quick connector for better connection

✅ LED charger status indicator

What We Didn’t:

❌Cords tend to break after a few years uses

To maintain your deep cycle batteries this one could be the best option to buy for you. This versatile charger is capable of charging different types of batteries.

8. BatteryMINDer SCC-515-5 12 Volt 5-Watt Solar Battery Charger

BatteryMINDer SCC-515-5 12 Volt 5-Watt Panel Solar BatteryAmong all the best solar chargers, this one comes as the most innovative one. To monitor battery voltage you hardly find the best solar charger out there without it. It actively monitors the battery’s voltage that you need most to keep your deep cycle battery healthy.

All solar chargers charging rate will be optimized after using this solar battery charger. The control of this charger has the capacity to change the maximum of 30 watts of power. So, you don’t need to worry about the power of your battery.

Instead of plugging it into your 12v batteries, you can easily keep connected to this charger nearly full time. In this situation, this charger works flawlessly. Just keep the eyes on the sun because it charges batteries when the sun is up. 

More sunlight means more power you can get for your battery. Up to two batteries, you can charge at a time using this solar battery charger. As long as you ensure the sunlight, it will monitor both batteries until the sun is down.

To bring back your almost dead batteries in life, you can use this solar charger because it has the mechanism to do that. Not only that, but this almost dead battery can also be used for a longer period of time only for this charger. 

Knowing the charging status is now possible using the battery condition indicator that comes with this solar charger.

What We Liked:

✅ Easy to charge two batteries at once

✅ Allow to monitor battery condition instantly

✅ Easy push-button operation

✅ Help to extend battery life

✅ Easily handle 30 watts of power

What We Didn’t:

❌ Without enough sunlight, it won’t work properly

To keep your 12v batteries chartered along with extended life, this one can be the best option for you.

9. Aeiusny 12V Solar Battery Trickle Charger

Aeiusny 12V Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger&Maintainer 5W Solar Panel Power Kit Portable Getting a solar charger of high photoelectric conversion rate means the charger can save your valuable time to charge batteries. Solar cells of this charger are made of monocrystalline silicon that ensures a 20% more conversion rate. 

To minimize the charging time, this charger works perfectly. For the 12V deep cycle battery, this type of charger is an essential option. It’s small enough to store in every type of compartment even in your glove compartment. Because of the smallest size, it’s easy to carry and fit everywhere.

After getting enough sunlight, it starts to generate current to trickle charge the battery. Another good side of this solar charger is the indicator light. You will see the light when it is up from 20% to 100%. At night, it’s not going to discharge back to the board especially at night.

A built-in reverse diode helps to prevent it. Ultimately, it’s good for your 12V batteries to keep it healthy. If a charger like this one can maintain different batteries like Wet, Gel, SLA, AGM, and Deep Cycle batteries then you must go for this one. 

There is no doubt that it’s not only a good charger but also a maintainer as well. In different types of weather like rain or wind, this solar charger is rainproof and windproof.

All suction cups make it easy to set up this solar charger on your dash or inside the windscreen.

What We Liked:

✅ Smallest solar charger for 12V batteries

✅ Easy to use and install

✅ Portable enough to carry and store everywhere

✅ Maintain batteries during the period of inactivity

✅ It’s rainproof and windproof

What We Didn’t:

❌ Cannot work perfectly without sunlight

To charge your deep cell backup batteries, this solar charger comes with everything you need. For the high output of a solar charger, this one is not going to frustrate you.

10. Battery Tender 12V, 270mA, 5W Solar Battery Charger

Battery Tender, 540mA, 10W Solar Battery Charger 12 VoltSome solar chargers are not only best in performance, but also considered the most expensive one. If you are not trying to limit your budget, but want a better solar charger to charge your 12 Volt deep cycle battery, then this one is the obvious choice for you.

Because of the features and other benefits, it becomes one of the best deep cycle battery chargers out there. There are few solar chargers available out there that are offering a built-in super-smart charging controller. And this one has a three-step microcontroller.

The main function of this controller is protecting your battery from being damaged or overcharged and this precise charging method can be beneficial for you. To charge your deep cycle battery the output (12V DC, 270 amp DC, 5W max) of this charger is enough.

Against different types of problems, it offers proper protection. It can protect your battery from reverse polarity. You can easily use this charger on a rainy day because it is fully waterproof. So, it becomes a perfect charger for outdoor installation. It’s also spark proof that allows you to use it safely.

The built-in temperature compensation sensor will let you know the actual temperature and at the same time, it extends the battery’s life.

As an expensive model of solar charger, this is best for outdoor use and trickle charging. You can also use it for off-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

What We Liked:

✅ It has a micro-controller for super-smart charging

✅ Spark proof and waterproof

✅ Give protection against reverse charge

✅Comes with temperature compensation sensor

✅ Lightweight and easy to install

What We Didn’t:

❌ It’s not affordable like other solar chargers.

Do you want to invest your money on a safe and secured 12V solar charger? This one is the ultimate one which gives you the most secured protection for the extreme performance in a cheap price.

Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Charger For 12V Battery:

Deep cycle batteries are one of the easiest sources of power that are not only easy to use but also require minimal maintenance. To keep it charged, you need the best solar battery charger among plenty of options.

As an essential component, you need to pick the best solar charger considering different types of facts. This guideline is for you to pick the right and best solar battery charger that can fulfill your requirement.

✅ Power

The power rating of the solar charger is important when you are going to use it for 12v deep cycle batteries. Solar chargers have both amperes and watts for power rating.

When the charger is offering 5-watt that means it can supply power to your small handheld gadget. But it cannot supply enough energy to power hungrier equipment like a 12V deep cycle battery.

So, you should look for the solar charger that comes with 10-watt power. This one is the best option for trickle charging a few devices at a time. If you need a solar charger to power different 12V batteries, then look for the higher wattage.

✅ Efficiency Rating

Before you buy a solar charger for your 12V batteries, check the efficiency rating. There are lots of solar chargers available that take a whole day to charge the battery. The good side of these types of chargers is it can recharge your battery on an overcast day. But it stops charging the battery when the sun is not up.

Most of the owners of 12v batteries want a solar charger that can recharge the battery very fast even when there is no sun in the sky. So, you must pick a solar charger that is efficient during extreme conditions.

A solar charger of a better efficiency rate can make you free from the middle of nowhere and deliver the power that your 12v battery needs. Remember, the higher the rating, the solar charger will perform well in extreme weather conditions. 

✅ Size

Without checking the size of the solar charger, you cannot fit your requirement with it. Most of the manufacturers of solar charger are trying to make their chargers smaller. Getting the best solar charger in compact size can be easy to carry, store, and use as well. 

Overall, it can minimize the weight of the solar charger. Some solar charger takes plenty of space in your truck because of the size. Those are wide and tall as well.

So, check the size of the solar charger before you make a final decision that you wish to buy. If you are looking for a solar charger for outdoor activities, then pick the smallest and lightest one with massive power that can power your 12v battery in less time.

✅ Energy-retaining Feature

You may know that draining battery power is a problem if you have previous experience of using a solar charger. The good news is some models of solar charger offering higher power rating that can cover this issue. 

Nowadays, solar chargers come with a fantastic feature and that is a reverse charge blocking diode. The main function of this feature is to help the charging system to retain solar energy. 

Ultimately, it prevents the leakage of energy from the battery. So, ensure that your solar charger has this feature that you need to keep your 12v batteries alive all the time.


Question 1: What size solar charger to charge 12v battery?

Answer: Calculating the panel’s powering load, you need to use a solar charger of different sizes. Most of the 12v solar chargers used for charging 12v deep cycle batteries. 3AMPS is common for 12v chargers that can get exposure for four or six hours on a sunny day. So, this charger will be able to deliver up to 18 amps of power to the deep cycle battery.

Question 2: What size solar charger to charge 100ah battery?

Answer: According to the capacity of the battery, the size of the solar charger will vary. To 100% recharge fully discharged 12 Volt 100ah batteries, you must provide 1200 watts of energy from the solar charger. The standard size solar charger is 58 inches by 27 inches to charge 100ah batteries. You need 2 solar chargers that have 150 watts of power and deliver 12 volts.

Question 3: Can you charge a deep cycle battery with a solar charger?

Answer: There are different types of solar chargers out there, those are capable of charging deep cycle batteries. If you have a 12-volt deep cycle battery, then you must get a 12V solar charger.  It can produce power from the energy of the sun.

Question 4: What is the best solar charger for 12v deep cycle battery?

Answer: To charge a 12V deep cycle battery, you will get a different 12V solar charger which is offering different types of features and specifications. There are lots of solar chargers available that are not for deep cycle batteries. That’s why you need a quality charger to keep your battery working all the time. That one will be the best solar charger that can meet your expectations and serve well.

Question 5: What amp should I charge a deep cycle battery?

Answer: Charging a deep cycle battery at a higher charger rate will be better. So, you must look for 6-amps, 10-amps. If you can, then look for a higher charge rate. To be sure, check the battery specification. It will help you to determine the charging rate.

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Final Word:

So, we are done with top-rated picks for the best solar chargers for 12V deep cycle battery. You need to consider different types of features like ease of use, durability, amount of power it can supply, versatility, and many more. After doing deep research, all these options for solar charge can make you confident to get the best one.

From the above option of best deep cycle 12v for solar battery charger reviews, you might find lots of similarities in features. Most of them offer heavy-duty and reliable performance. But not all options are for you. You need to pick that one which can meet your expectation to charge your 12V deep cycle batteries