Can You Parallel Two Different Size Generators+[Details]

You may need more power at some point. Am I right? Then what to do should you? You can connect two generators in parallel to get more power. It is always a tremendous idea.

But this method is not easy and several questions come into your mind. But don’t worry we will provide you with all the answers to your questions. One question does get confusing: can you parallel two different size generators? Shortly the answer is yes, you can. You can even parallel two different generator brands too. It will provide you with more power than you need. We will describe it enormously in this article.

Besides, we will clear all the doubts related to this question. First, we will start the question: what are paralleling generators? And then move to another question. Ok? So, let’s begin!

What are Paralleling Generators?

In general, paralleling generators means connecting two generators via a reliable parallel cable or kit. It can provide double power output and wattage.

In other words, paralleling is the process of combining two generators’ power output. It increases the voltage, wattage amount, and power which makes your device more powerful.

The two generators will often be the same brand, type, and size. You can even connect two different sizes and brands generators in parallel.

Why use generators in parallel?

Suppose, you have one generator and you want to expand its power. Then what will you do? You must need another generator in your system to connect. It will increase the whole system size. And using generators in parallel with several small units yields one large unit.

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  • By paralleling generators it increases power.
  • By paralleling extra generators in the systems it increases the redundancy. And also give rise to a more reliable system.
  • Parallel generators seem like it is expensive. But in reality, the total system cost is cheaper. That means it reduces capital costs than other solutions.

Can you parallel two different size generators?

Yes, you can parallel two different size generators. You can parallel most of the inverter generators by parallel cable. If both generators are parallel compatible it will be helpful.

You should notice that the voltage and frequency must be equal to the connection point of both generators. Both generators must be inverter types for successful parallel operation.

If both generators are parallel cables then at first connect them with the help of a parallel kit. It has six terminals. Four connect the power as power connectors. The remaining two are ground cables that will connect with the ground of the generator.

Now, if both generators are non-parallel or any of them is not parallel cable then what to do?

Firstly, you need to connect one generator’s output port ( generator with the parallel capability) to the other generator’s input port. Then connect the device to the second generator. After, start with a non-parallel generator and then turn on a parallel capable generator.

So, now you can successfully parallel two different size generators or two different brands of generators together.

Note: The only medium, small size generators come with parallel capability.

How to connect two generators in parallel?

The process of paralleling two different size generators:


You need to ensure that both of your generators are parallel capable. That means both are the same models. Then the process will be easier.


Then you can use a parallel kit or parallel cable. The parallel kit is easy to use and doesn’t need to learn any curve. We indicated above that the kit has six terminals.


In the next step, you will see that there is a plus-minus sign on the parallel port of the generator. Now you have to read the manual of the parallel kit attentively to connect them carefully. Here, given which port plugs in which cable. But always remember to connect the ground ports to the generator.

Note: If your generator is parallel capable you don’t have to notice the power of each generator. It will automatically increase or reduce the production of the power according to the demand.

Which types of generators can you parallel?

Usually, you can parallel any two generators with their size or types. This process will be easier with inverter generators than any other type.

Portable generators are not perfect for parallel. Before paralleling these generators, you need to synchronize them.

The engines of the two generators will produce sine surges at the same length. Their alternators and interfaces must be compatible.

The inverter generators must have a parallel port that enables the use of a parallel kit.

No previous experience is needed to connect two generators through a parallel kit. Because the power outputs are automatically shown.

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Which factors should you consider while paralleling generators?

When you parallel two different size generators you need to think of some other factors:

1.The Engine:

Both of your generators must have the same kilowatt capacity. As a result, the system is not overloaded. You can take the smallest generators for this that will have the most power-producing capability.

2.The Alternator:

If your current move to the wrong circuits it will create problems in your setup system. To prevent this problem manufacturers equip the alternator with relays.

3.The Load Sharing:

We mentioned before that both of your generators must have the same voltage and frequency. As a result, when you turn it on the system will provide a balanced current or voltage. But, if the devices feel an unbalanced system, there would be an unequal distribution that may cause whole world matters.

4.The Interface:

The older generators are man carried which is painful. But if you use two new generators, they can communicate with each other easily and all will be okay.

Benefits of Paralleling Two Generators

During power emergencies, you can get more power facilities from paralleling generators than a single generator. The benefits are:

  • Firstly, you can easily pick up small units to transfer from one place to another.
  • You can get more flexibility, reliability in load managing paralleling generators. And without any disturbance in power, you can maintain capabilities.
  • Inverter generators bear less weight. But it can provide high wattages that are more acceptable for tailgating, RVing and camping.
  • It will also be cost-effective. Two smaller generators will not be more expensive than larger capacity generators. It is affordable for you.
  • When you need less power you can run a single generator. You don’t need a larger capacity generator for your normal usage. And you can also break out your parallel generator when you need extra power.
  • You can even rely on the second generator if the first one breaks down. It also supplies you with electricity.

Can You Parallel Two Different Brand Generators?

Generally, yes, you can. But both generators must have equal wattage. The voltage and frequency of connection also should be the same.

For example, paralleling Honda EU2000i with Westinghouse WGen9500DF two different brand generators competed. Some of the users reported that.

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What are the conditions for the parallel operation of two different size generators?

  • The terminal voltage of both generators must be the same.
  • The polarities of the generators must be similar.
  • The armature of the generators must be identical for the prime movers driving.
  • Both generators must have stable rotational qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you parallel 2 different size generators?

Obviously, you can parallel 2 different size generators. You can parallel 2 generators that are parallel compatible. And you can yet parallel the inverter generators of 2 different sizes using parallel cables that have a 30-amp outlet.

Is it necessary to ground paralleled generators?

Yes, it is necessary to ground paralleled generators. Because if you fail to ground a generator, it can cause damage for both units in the system.

Can paralleling damage generators?

If you paralleling correctly it can’t damage generators. But when you connect non-parallel capable units even a minor mistake can damage your generators. And also the devices that you are powering.

How to know which parallel kit I can use?

If you paralleling correctly it can’t damage generators. But when you connect non-parallel capable units even a minor mistake can damage your generators. And also the devices that you are powering.

How to know which parallel kit I can use?

Manufacturers approve every parallel kit for each model. So you have to go through the manual to choose which parallel kit is compatible with which generator you need.

Can you parallel connect two generators of different sizes?

You can parallel two inverter generators of different sizes with parallel cables. Thus you can parallel connect two generators of different sizes though there is no companion unit available.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can say that how much you will get the power from the generators depends on the size of the generator. We hope that you can understand the overall discussion. And also get your answer to the question ÔÇścan you parallel two different size generators?ÔÇÖ Again we say, you can.