Casio Solar Watch Not Charging: What’s The Solution?

Someone is asking you for time. Habitually, you take a glance at your classy Casio solar watch. Oh no! It is out of charge! But it’s okay as long as you know how to charge a solar watch.

You muttered a small ‘sorry’ to that person and went outside to charge your watch. But after placing it under sunlight, you find your Casio solar watch not charging! What can be the cause? Is it broken?

There are some of the best solar watches. But, still having one of them can make you face charge draining issues. Don’t let it concern you anymore. We have already looked for a solution on your behalf.

Don’t you want to know what we have stored for you? I bet you are. Let’s move onto the article without any further delay.

Casio Solar Watch Not Charging
Casio Solar Watch Not Charging?

How Casio Solar Watch Works?

Almost all solar watches follow the exact mechanism to operate. They use small solar cells/ batteries in place of normal dry cells to function.

In contact with light, the solar cell inside the watch absorbs light energy. Later on, this light energy is converted into kinetic/ electric power. This energy keeps the clock running even in complete darkness.

Solar watches give you the same service as regular watches with dry cells. The only difference is, you need to charge a solar battery instead of replacing it when it is dead. Isn’t that amazing? You can get rid of the hassle of changing batteries frequently.

How To Charge Casio Solar Watch?

You have a Casio solar watch but don’t know how to charge it? Well, it’s understandable if you are a new user. But nothing to worry about. We will describe the process for you.

How To Charge Casio Solar Watch?
How To Charge Casio Solar Watch?

Power Source

To change a Casio solar watch, all you need is some kind of light source. It can be natural, as in sunlight. Or it can be artificial too, as in lamplight, flashlights, etc.

You have to place the watch in a place where it can get the maximum amount of light. If you are using sunlight to charge your watch, you must keep in mind that the watch may get overheated under the direct sun. That can cause damage to the watch’s internal functions and battery life as well.

That’s why it is wise to place your watch near a window. It will get enough sunlight there and also won’t get overheated. If you are using an artificial light source, you should choose one that doesn’t produce much heat.

It is better to face the dial towards the light source with a slight angle, preferably 45°. In that way, the watch receives more amount of light.


As soon as you place your watch in the light, it will start charging. You will see ‘CHARGE’ or ‘CHG’ displaying on the dial screen depending on which model you are using.

The watch will also show you at which level the charge is right now. You just need to wait patiently until the charge level is high.

After it’s done charging, you are all ready to use it for another few months without any hassle.

How Long To Charge Casio Solar Watch?

Depending on your watch model, the charging time may differ a little bit.

In general, it takes about 3-4 hours to charge a Casio solar watch completely under sufficient sunlight. But it will take much longer if you are using room light or any other power source to charge it. It is advised to leave the watch overnight under bright room light to charge properly.

Suppose you want to charge it temporarily, for example, only enough to last for one day. In that case, you can leave the watch under sunlight for 3-5 minutes. That much charging is enough to last for a day.

Casio Solar Watch Not Charging: What Can Be The Reason?

Despite placing under the sun, is your Casio solar watch not charging? Well, that’s a serious issue. There can couple of reasons why it’s happening.

Why Is Casio Solar Watch Not Charging?

Not Enough Light

If the solar batteries are too drained, they need an adequate amount of light to function correctly. Sometimes, the display even turns off.

If that happens, do not panic. Just place the watch under sunlight and leave it for a few hours. Once it is fully charged, it will turn on again.

Energy Saving Mode/ Sleep Mode

If your watch is kept in darkness for a long time, the watch may have gone into ‘Energy Saving Mode’ or ‘Sleeping Mode.’ It is an internal feature of the Casio Solar Watch to prevent the draining of the battery.

If that’s the case, you have to put the watch under good sunlight and let it charge for a few minutes. It will be alive again and will show you the correct time.

Even in sleeping mode, the internal functions of the watch keep on running. Only the display turns black. That’s why after getting enough charge, the display starts working again, and it gives you the correct time without resetting.

Non Rechargeable Batteries

Unfortunately, during the manufacturing process, sometimes a non-rechargeable battery is installed in solar watches in place of rechargeable cells. If that happens, once the battery dies, your watch won’t charge. You simply need to replace the battery.

So if your solar watch is not charging, open the watch and see whether there is a non-rechargeable battery inside. If yes, then replace it with a rechargeable cell, and you can use it for a long time.

Rusty Battery/ Machine

If you are using a solar watch for quite a long time, it is possible that the inner machinery has started to become weak and rusty. Everything has a time limit, after all.

It is better to send the watch for repair in such cases. Get help from professionals if you want your watch to last for another few years.

Does A Casio Solar Watch Always Need Manual Charging?

No, not all the Casio solar watches need to be manually charged. If you really face auto charging not working in your Casio, then you are just having bad days all around. There are many Casio watches that are amazing to be a part of your eco-friendly healthy life.

Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW2500R is something so considerable that doesn’t need auto charging. And it gives the best boost to anyone’s life. This is the Amazon link if you want to have a look into it and wanna grab one for you.


We often get some commonly asked questions from solar watch users. We have summed some of them here and tried to answer them.

Why Should I Choose A Solar Watch?

It is quite a hassle to change batteries in a regular watch. Don’t you find it troublesome? I do. Solar watches can be easily charged. They use solar power to be charged without costing you a single penny. So why won’t you choose it?

How Long Does It Take To Charge Casio g-shock Solar Watch?

Under sufficient sunlight, it takes around 3-5 hours for a Casio solar watch to charge properly. And under room light or any other artificial light source, it takes about 24-48 hours to charge completely. The charging time may vary a little depending on the model.

How Long Does Casio Tough Solar Battery Last?

It depends on how much you charge the watch. If you let the battery completely charge under sufficient sunlight, it can run for 6-12 months without further charging.

If it is maintained and charged regularly, a Casio solar watch battery can last for 10-20 years.

How Long Does It Take A Cool Fire LED Charger To Charge A Casio Edifice Solar Watch?

LED chargers are much brighter than room lights. They can charge a solar watch pretty quickly in comparison to other artificial light sources. It takes around 10-12 hours for a Cool Fire LED charger to charge any kind of solar watch.

How To Charge A Casio G-Shock Watch?

Place the watch under the sun for a few hours. It will absorb the sunlight and will charge up automatically. You can also use room lights. But that will take much longer to charge your watch completely.

Can You Overcharge A Solar Watch?

Almost all solar watches come with an overcharge protection system. It doesn’t let your watch overcharge and protects it from any damages that may cause by staying under sunlight for a long time.

Will A Solar Watch Charge On A Cloudy Day?

Yes, of course! On a cloudy day, there’s still a little amount of sunlight peeking through the dense clouds. It will charge your solar watch. But it will take a much longer time.

Check Out This Video To Charge Casio Solar Tough Watch

Final Verdict

Having a solar watch makes your life relatively easy. It saves you from the hassle of changing batteries frequently. You can quickly charge it whenever and wherever you want.

But what to do if your Casio solar watch not charging anymore? I think you already know the answer. We have tried to provide simple solutions for common possible problems that you may face with a solar watch.

Hopefully, the article was helpful. Have a trouble-free time with your Casio solar watch