Can I Use Deep Cycle Battery For Starting (What You Must Know)

When starting up a boat, many people are confused about what type of battery to use. Some think that they only need one type while others believe in splitting their time between cranking and deep cycle batteries for different purposes.

21st-century technology has made it possible with today’s electronics being so dependent on electricity. Is your boat battery confusing? This article is here to help. If you have questions like Can I Use Deep Cycle Battery for Starting? The petite response is that you can perhaps utilize your battery (deep cycle) to start the motor on your boat in a situation of crisis, but it’s not perfect as they were never intended for this mission and might weaken rapidly.

What Is a Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Can you use a deep cycle battery for starting your boat? Yes, but don’t do that regularly! The deep cycle battery on your boat provides the juice that keeps you running long after starting up. Once it’s rolling, don’t worry about having a short burst of energy as this isn’t necessary for keeping things moving smoothly in these waters and with such constant currents!

Lead-acid batteries are popular for their longevity and ability to provide sustained power. The deep cycle type is designed specifically with long-term use in mind, so it can last up to 80% before needing recharging again.

A battery commonly referred to as “deep cycle” has been around since the late 1800s when they were first used at sea due.

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The deep cycle marine battery is a specialized type of lead-acid that can run all your electronics, such as GPS systems or sonar. The key differences between this type and regular cranking batteries are its plates – they’re designed for long life in heavy use cases like powering devices on board boats.

When compared to the thinner, lighter plates of a cranking battery that can get hot in no time when powering an engine for long periods. Or being repeatedly charged and discharged again because they were made with high energy density materials like lead-acid.

A deep cycle battery has many thicker heavy metalized cells which contain potassium hydroxide (KOH around two-thirds of their volume. This allowed them to withstand much higher temperatures over prolonged use without overheating due to their ability to stay cool even under pressure.

What is a Cranking Battery?

The method to start your boat is by utilizing a cranking battery. Once this power source has been initiated, it can send its charge through cables leading into the engine compartment where they will then turn on when hooked up with the ignition switch in that area of vehicle control – just like how normal cars begin functioning!

To get underway on water requires activating one specific type: The ‘starting’ variety- also referred to as “cranking” or stocking types because so much time must pass before any horsepower reaches at all.

Your battery needs a heavy workout if you want that your motor should be running. You’ll need short, strong bursts of energy from it so that everything can move and operate smoothly at full capacity on this cranking power source.

Cranking batteries have more thin plates than deep cycle ones, so they can output power and get things going. These features make the cranking battery a poor choice for continuous use as the former will overheat easily in this setting while trying to provide sufficient current.

How many years does a deep cycle battery last?

Deep cycle batteries are intended to last for years with appropriate maintenance and charging. The lifespan of your battery can vary depending on how often you use it, but in general, they’ll typically go six full cycles before needing replacement or reconditioning (depending again). We all must take an active role by following our guidelines so as not to damage these precious devices!

What is the difference between a deep cycle and regular battery?

A battery is intended to deliver energy for starting a motor vehicle. Deep cycle batteries are made with thicker plates and a more dense active material, which can withstand discharged cycles without losing its capacity over time like an old-fashioned lead-acid unit might do if not used regularly.

Can I use deep cycle battery for starting and is it bad to use a deep cycle battery for starting?

Can I use a deep cycle battery for starting motor boat motor? Yes, maybe! If you want your boat motor to start with a battery (deep cycle), there’s a gamble that it won’t work. This is because the cranking type of battery is designed for short bursts. And can produce more power than what one needs at any given time to get things going again when they stop running on their own due to either being drained too far down or having been unplugged by accident!

It’s easy to forget that your battery is only as good as the load you put on it. For example, when using a deep cycle battery for things like powering an engine or starting one. There are theoretical ways this should work but in reality, all too often we find ourselves dealing with degraded batteries from constantly being used without proper care.

A deep cycle battery is a fantastic tool for taking care of your boat when it’s running. However, you should never attempt to start the motor with this type of power unless there’s no other option or if an emergency arises because in both cases wear-and-tear will be inevitable.

Top 5 Best Deep Cycle and Cranking Battery for Both Starting and Running

#1. Mighty Max Power 12V 55Ah Boat Electric Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery

12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery - Mighty Max Battery brand product

Voltage12 Volts
Battery Cell CompositionLead Acid
Item Weight38.58 Pounds

The Mighty Max ML55-12 12 volt 55 ah battery is a Top-notch quality, AGM grid that delivers excellent enactment in both boat float and cyclic uses.

The design of the battery includes an absorbent glass mat valve-regulated for superior durability without leaking or maintenance providing you with dependable power when needed most!

Dealing with the ever-changing water conditions, this battery is designed to work in boat applications without leaking or maintenance. One of its features is that it can be used as your boat battery which has superior performance and life span during use while running through all types of aquatic environments.

ML55-12 SLA is a 12V 55AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable battery that is not required to maintain regularly. It’s spill-proof, and can operate at high discharge rates with little effect on performance!

#2. Optima BlueTop 8006-006 34M Marine Starting Battery

Optima Batteries 8006-006 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery

Voltage12 Volts
Item Weight38.4 Pounds
TerminalSAE Terminal

You can feel confident that your boat or RV will be running smoothly with the OPTIMA BlueTop high-performance battery. It’s perfect for boats and RVs to have as a power source because it lasts longer than traditional lead-acid batteries while also charging quickly.

The innovative OPTIMA BlueTop high-performance battery has an exceptional Cold Cranking Amps rating, making it perfect for powering your boat. It also features a Reserve capacity of 100 minutes so you can enjoy yourself without worry about running out in the middle of riding! With its vibration resistance and fast recharge time, this amazing power source will help make sure that spending less time worrying makes it worth every penny spent on buying one today.

This battery provides robust performance with 12 volts 800 CCA to provide an outstanding ride experience when compared against other brands or models. This battery is a must-have for RV and boat enthusiasts. It features all of your power needs in one small package, so you can focus on those long drives or days at sea without having to worry about being stuck with a dead engine!

#3. Optima 8052-161 D31M  Starting and Deep Cycle Battery

Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Battery

Voltage12 Volts
Item Weight59.8 Pounds
TerminalSAE Terminal

The Optima D31M BlueTop is a great deep cycle battery for your car, truck, or RV. It can provide you with amazing performance when starting up in cold weather and even during long trips!

Its dual-purpose design makes this power cell perfect for anyone that needs both starters as well as sustained crank duties. That includes all sorts of vehicles such as boats and RVs because they’re tough enough anyway right?

You’ll be glad knowing how dependable these things are by giving yourself peace of mind while out on those open seas without having worries about running low.

The perfect power source for your next adventure, the Optima D31M BlueTop battery offers a strong and clean flow. This high-reserve design ensures that you’ll never be without charge when needed most with its longer shelf life as well! Unique SpiralCell construction provides an efficient path to deliver energy storage to reduce lag time while providing safety from hazards.

#4. PowerStar PS-12550 12V 55Ah Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery

PowerStar PS-12550 12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery

Voltage12 Volts
Battery Cell CompositionSealed Lead Acid
Item Weight38 Pounds

PokerStars PS-12550 is a 12-volt battery with 55 amp hour of power in it. It can be utilized for whatever from maritime electronics, electric vehicles, or solar systems! With its unique sealed construction and AGM technology that keeps no liquid spilling out onto your countertop.

This product would be a great help around the house too. PowerStar batteries are the answer for those who need a long-life battery that will never let you down.

With AGM systems, Power Star’s patented design incorporates glass fiber mats to absorb necessary amounts of electrolyte so your boat is always powered on. Or while underway without any leaks from escaping fluids damaging equipment below deck!

With no need for maintenance, PowerStar batteries can be left in storage or used without the worry of losing their properties. They’re leaking and position-free thanks to sealed construction that uses mat separators that prevent the electrolyte from leaking out.

#5. Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion D27M 8027-127 900CCA Marine Boat Starting Battery

Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Marine Boat Starting Battery Replaces D27M 8027-127 900CCA Group 27

Voltage:  12
Amp Hours:  70
Chemistry: Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04)

Banshee is a brand that specializes in lightweight, high-powered batteries. The Super lithium-ion LifePo4 battery has been designed for use by those who go outdoors often and need power on their adventures – like boating enthusiasts or fishermen who spend all day out fishing from boat decks.

It’s ideal because it weighs just one-third what would be required of other types of lead-acid cells while still providing 3 times more life than similar products!

The battery management system in a boat is crucial for ensuring your engine stays running. The HDT H3i boasts both powerful and efficient features to ensure that you never have any problems with starting or charging, even when out on the water!

With two marine posts as well as built-in LED indicators this high-performance battery will give you everything required to stay afloat while boating. If your boat’s battery dies while you’re out on the water, don’t panic! You have 60 seconds to get it started before pressing Emergency Start.


What kind of battery do I need to start my boat?

There are many types of batteries out there, but if you want a battery for your boat that will last and do its job every time then opt for a 12-volt lead acid. However, even with these stronger acids, it’s important to match the volts correctly as OPTIMA doesn’t sell replacements in other voltages like 6-, 8, or 10Volt systems!

Can you use a RV battery in a boat?

You should always make sure your RV and marine battery is compatible with one another. You can determine this by checking to see if it has a larger reserve capacity, as well as how quickly its discharge rate is when running on power from the grid.

Will an outboard motor charge a deep cycle battery?

A marine engine is a powerful machine that charges the battery of your boat just as you would charge an electric car.


If you’re in a tough spot and need to get your boat started, don’t use the deep cycle battery. It’s not designed for continuous starting so it won’t work well or last long enough! How you got the answer to your burning question of “can I use deep cycle battery for starting”.

A deep cycle battery is not the finest selection for initiating your boat. They’re only meant to be periodically used as an ongoing power supply in an RV or stationary application because of their low discharge rate and inability.