How To Build A Solar Powered Electric Fence: Go Off-grid Now!

Are you tired of domestic animals escaping from your farm? Or are you living in the threat of wild animals attacking your farm or garden?

In both cases, it’s you who has to face the loss. So, what to do? How will you protect your property and livestock as well?

I think it is time when you set up an electric fence around your property. But what if you live in a place where it’s hard to get an AC outlet for the power supply? Well, to get you out of that problem, in today’s article, we will tell you how to build a solar powered electric fence.

How To Build A Solar Powered Electric Fence
How To Build A Solar Powered Electric Fence

What Is An Electric Fence?

An electric fence is an obstacle made of wires that uses electricity to prevent trespassing into your property. It is generally used for keeping domestic animals in control.

A low voltage of current is used here that gives minor shock to the animals trying to run away. It also keeps your livestock safe from the attacks of wild animals.

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Why Should You Go For A Solar Powered Electric Fence?

The electric fence can be of two types: AC-powered and solar-powered. As the name suggests, the AC-powered electric fence needs an AC outlet to give it a power supply. And the solar-powered electric fence uses sunlight as its power source. If you’re considering setting up a solar-powered electric fence, it’s essential to choose the best solar power bank to ensure reliable energy storage.

You may wonder why you should choose a solar-powered fence over an AC-powered one? Well, let me tell you why-

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It needs minimal wiring.
  • It doesn’t require an AC outlet.
  • It works fine in rain and blackout.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • It can be lost lasting with a lower chance of short circuit.

How To Build A Solar Powered Electric Fence

Now that you know the benefits, are you wondering how to build a solar powered electric fence? Well, we are here to tell you everything regarding that.

At first, let’s take a look at what you need to build a solar-powered electric fence.

  • Fence Posts
  • Grounding Rods
  • Solar Powered Charger
  • Insulated wires
  • Insulated handles

These are the main elements you will need to install your fence. Other than that, you will need some clamps, screws, etc.

How To Install Solar Powered Electric Fence

How to install solar powered electric fence? Is that what you are looking for? Follow our instructions below, and I’m sure you can set up a fence system pretty quickly.

How To Install Solar Powered Electric Fence
How To Install Solar Powered Electric Fence

Step-1: Set The Fence Posts

If you are using a plastic fence post, you will see that it has metal rod-like ends that will go inside the soil. You need to hammer it down to the earth.

If it’s a wooden post, you need to dig a hole first. Then place the bar there. For better stability, you can use dry cement. In such a case, you have to give it 24 to 48 hours to set.

Step-2: Set The Grounding Rods

When an animal gets shocked by the fence, the charges go to the earth through its feet. Grounding rods collect those charges and send them back to the fence again. Without grounding rods, the circuit is not complete, and charges roam free in the ground. It can cause severe damage.

Grounding rods are typically 6 feet long. You need to hammer it down as much as you can. It is preferable to leave only 1 foot or so above the soil.

Step-3: Create Fence With Wires

Use a double loop clamp on one grounding rod and one fence post. They will come in handy while connecting the fence to the charger.

At first, let’s connect all the grounding rods. Pass the wire into one loop of the clamp and drag it to the next rod. Twist it once or twice to make it secure and go for the rests.

As for connecting fence posts, do it the same way. Drag wires from one bar to another and complete the fence structure.

Step-4: Make A Door For You

Select the area where you want the door to be. Next, attach a double looped clamp to a post. Now, grab an insulated handle and fasten the fence wire to it. These handles typically possess a hook that you should attach to the clamp.

Whenever you need to go in, you can make an opening in the fence by grabbing the handle and pulling it off.

Step-5: Set Up The Solar Charger

It is wise to set the charger near the fence. You can plant a bar and hang the charger there. Or you can also attach it to a wall by using screws.

You need to place the charger where it can get the most sunlight during the daytime. Therefore, it is advised to set it facing the south.

Step-6: Connect The Fence With Charger

You will see two cap screws on the charger. One is black, and the other is red. The red one is positive and should be connected to the fence. The black screw is the negative end and should be attached to the grounding rods.

Grab two pieces of insulated wires. Now, cut off some insulated parts from both ends. Take one wire and attach one end to the red screw. The other end of the same wire should be connected to the clamp on the fence post.

Now, take the other wire and connect it with the black screw. The other end of this wire should be attached to the grounding rods in the same way.

Step-7: Test It

After charging properly, it’s time to test the fence. Grab a fence tester and let it touch the fence. If it glows up and shows an actual voltage, your fence is working perfectly.


What Size Solar Panel Do I Need For Electric Fence?

According to the standard rule of calculating solar panel size, 10 Watts is needed per Joule output of
the energizer.
If you have a 4 Joule electric fence, you will need a solar panel that can produce a minimum of 40 Watts
of power.

Do Solar Electric Fences Work At Night?

Yes, of course! A solar-powered electric fence works 24/7 a day without any break. It comes with a
solar charger that gets charged during the day using sunlight. At night, the fence system uses that stored
energy to give you tight protection from intruders.

How Long Do Solar Electric Fence Batteries Last?

A solar-powered electric fence functions using the energy from sunlight. The fence charger stores light
energy and transforms it into electric power later on. Once fully charged, a solar fence battery can last
for 2-4 weeks without any further charge.

Can An Electric Fence Kill you?

No. Electric fences produce very low electricity that is enough to scare the livestock. But it doesn’t do
any greater harm to humans or animals. However, if anyone uses a strong energizer and powerful
battery, the output voltage may become harmful.

How To Test An Electric Fence Without Touching It?

You don’t have to touch the electric fence to test it. Use a fence tester instead. Touch the tester to the
fence wires. If it glows up and shows any voltage, your fence is working perfectly.

Final Verdict

If you are worried about how you can keep your farm and livestock safe and secure, a solar-powered electric fence can be the best answer.

In this article, we have tried to describe how to build a solar powered electric fence step by step in an easy way. If you can follow it properly, hopefully, it will be useful.

We wish that you can keep your property and livestock secured with a solar-powered electric fence.

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