How To Use Goal Zero Solar Panel [Detailed Guideline]

Goal Zero is one of the most reliable solar panels which is a powerful and effective power source. Since there are huge users of Goal zero and they might want to know how to use goal zero solar panels. So, this is the guideline for them to properly use goal zero solar panels to get the maximum power efficiencies.

Whether for your home or office or anywhere you want to use best Goal zero solar panel, you need the right way to use it. Otherwise, there would be no appropriate output that you really require.

Since goal zero is now all way productive enough to give power supply while there is no electricity, we’ll talk about it use procedural.

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What Is Goal Zero Solar Panel And Its Types:

Goal zero is able help people for a better experience in the camper, van life, and anywhere there is no power source but sun. And, the goal zero solar panels are the tough and durable one that catches power to let you use anywhere and anytime.

You will get two types of goal zero solar panels. One is NOMAD solar panels and BOULDER solar panels. These two are the two sides of Goal zero and people are too much reliable to them nowadays.

Let’s get a hit to them and know in a very short discussion.


This panel is portable and light in weight. You can remove the kickstand when you need it to take it in a pocket.

When you need to recharge your phone, keep the panel under the sun and directly plug in your phone. You can also store the power in the power bank by pairing it with the panel.


The panel frame is aluminum and strong hardened glass made. You have to install it in a certain place as it is not portable.

If you are thinking of off-grid living, this solar panel will help you store a huge amount of power by pairing with big power stations.

How To Use Goal Zero Solar Panel – The Easiest Guideline:

Guideline for Goal Zero Solar Panel

You can use both of the types per your requirement. You can use the nomad solar panels are for devices like phones, laptops, etc.

How the nomad solar panel works:

  • Keep the junction box plugged to the rapid charge cable.
  • Open the Nomad solar panel and place it toward the sun. Check the solar indicator to understand the solar condition.
  • You can charge your phone and laptop by plugging the charger in the junction box.

How the Boulder solar panel works:

This solar panel is for powering up the powerful home appliances like- refrigerator, TV, Coffee machine, etc. 

  • Take the battery pack and connect it with the boulder solar panel
  • Open the integrated kickstand of the solar panel and tilt it to point them at the sun.
  • Let the battery charge full, and you can use the power to run lights, home appliances smoothly.

How To Use The Different Solar Panel On Goal Zero

Sometimes you may require different solar panels to connect with the goal zero. How to use any solar panel with a goal zero portable power station?

 Before doing that, you have to know some specific inputs that will make the power panel selection right and compatible with goal zero.

On the panel specification, you may see the voltage input should not be over 22V. It means the VMP of the solar panel. Here VMP is the determined operation power. It is the highest voltage power output of the panel.

There is another word Imp which means maximum power capacity. Amps determine the solar panel power output.

The VOC means open circuit voltage without any load.

So if any solar panel promises these specifications, then you can use them on goal zero easily and get power smoothly.

Remember to wire the panels in parallel, not is series. By this, the Amp is added together, and the voltage will remain the same. The series connection exceeds the 22V power limit.

Tips To Keep The Goal Zero Batteries And Solar Panel Safe For Longer Use:

  • Batteries and heat are enemies. When you are charging the battery direct from the sun, try to keep the battery in the shade. You can keep the panels in angel. The shade of the angle will work for the battery.
  • Keep away the devices from the panels as the heat keeps the battery life low.
  • In cloudy weather, the solar charging gets interrupted. The power pack battery will help you in that case by providing you charge. So whenever the weather is good, try to charge up the battery for emergency backup.
  • Try to use the phone as much as possible during the daytime and let it charge at night. Because the panels will get power during day time. Try to save energy during day time.


Q1. Can you use Goal Zero while charging?

Ans: You have to use the Goal Zero anytime and anywhere if it is charged fully. You can charge the Goal Zero with the solar panels and keep your device on charge during the day.

Q2. How long does it take to charge a goal Zero?

Ans: The charging time between the battery pack and solar panel depends on the weather and device type you are using. For example, if you are using Nomad 7 with a flip 10 recharger with two solar panels, the solar power will need 2.5 hours to recharge the battery pack.

Q3. How to use the goal zero 20 watts solar panel?

Ans: connect the 20-watt solar panel to a rechargeable battery. Place the panels toward the solar panel to the sunlight and charge the battery until full. You can charge your devices like phone, power bank, flashlight, tablet, etc. with the power.

Q4. How long does a goal zero battery last?

Ans: A 1428 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack can last up to 500 charge cycles.  You can replace the battery when it stops working.

Q5. Are Goal Zero solar panels waterproof?

Ans: Yes, the Goal Zero solar panels are waterproof. So don’t get panic if your solar panels get wet while raining.  

Q6. Can my device run directly from a solar panel?

Ans: The 12V and USB devices can be charged directly from the solar panels if the sun is up there. But in cloudy weather, it will be hard.


Goal Zero is a portable power station that helps to improve the experience in nature. If you know how to use goal zero solar panels, your camping tour or off-grid living will be remembered for a long time. Pick up the right type of goal zero solar panels and battery pack on your device’s usage and discover the peace in nature without any worries of a power cut.