What Is Trolling Motor & How To Charge It With Solar Panel?

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What is a trolling motor? This electric motor helps the fishing boat run in the water quietly without alarming the fish. Interesting right?

 The best part of this motor is that it is compatible with vehicle use also. So. Let’s find out more about this small yet powerful motor- the usage and charging options.

Since trolling motors are mostly used on water and you don’t find any reliable power source out there, we recommend you to have the best solar charger for trolling motor.

Trolling Motor Vs. Outboard- Which One To Pick

For a fishing boater, picking up the right motor is challenging. You may ask for the best one, but the fact is both of them are built for different purposes. 

So, before picking the right one, you have to know the differences and then decide. The differences between these motors are:

The outboard engine comes with great speed. If you like to rip through the wave, then install the outboard motor. But the motor provides less speed.

To run the engine, you will need a motor battery trolling, and the outboard motor requires only gas to run fast.  You can guess which one is easy to handle, yes the trolling engine needs less maintenance to run for a long time.

If you love to fish in tight space, then you have to install a fishing motor in your boat to make your sharp turn and access to a hard place easy.

The electric fishing motor is environment-friendly, quiet to use. The outboard motor is noisy and smells gas while running.

Weight is a matter that makes the picking decision hard. Because the motor requires a trolling motor battery charger and massive battery to run. So your boat needs space and the ability to carry the weight of the motor.

For rough water use, a trolling motor is not recommended as it comes with 5 horsepower. It is best to use in calm water.

What Is A Trolling Motor Used For- The Benefits:

If you are new with the electric fishing motor, in this section, you will get full information about how to use a trolling engine while fishing. 

I hope your fishing experience will get enhanced. You can use the fishing motor in the ways given below:

You can sneak into the spot in the dark by using the trolling engine. Trust me; the fish will not be alerted, thanks to the motor.

The shallow fishing gets easy if your boat has the motor. You can move slow and steady in the shallow spot where you can get lots of largemouths to catch quietly.

If you want to go to a big lake to catch the massive white caps fish, then go there with the boat with a trolling motor to make the catch easy. 

Because a big lake comes with a windy environment, and you may face difficulties for the wind. To stay stable on the boat while catching the fish, adjust the thrust in the required direction.

How To Charge Trolling Motor Batteries While On Lake

The trolling motor has the battery with deep cycle variability with long-lasting and quick charge option. Every battery requires proper maintenance to ensure long life support. If you are on the lake and the trolling battery has no charge, you have to follow some methods before it’s too late to get rescued.

You can go for the charging its battery with solar. You will need a solar panel to charge the batteries. Place the solar panel in a higher position to catch the sun rays better to charge up the battery. But sometimes you may face the process slowly.

A portable solar trolling charger battery can help to charge a deep cycle battery. This battery is light to carry in your boat.

Charging with an onboard charger is helpful as it charges the battery quickly.

The Benefits Of Charging The Trolling Motor With Solar Power:

Charging batteries with solar provides huge benefits than the traditional power system. Let’s talk about the benefits in details:

  • When you are on a lake with a trolling motorboat, you may need lots of electricity and a battery charge. If you set up a solar panel charging system in your boat, you will not have to worry about no charge, no power. If you feel the motor requires a charge, place the panel in position and wait.
  • The ecosystem is very delicate of the lake and ocean. If you try to use environment-friendly power systems like solar power, you can protect the ecosystem for long years as it provides clean energy.
  • You can charge the batteries with unlimited power, and that is sunlight. Invest in the solar power system and enjoy limitless power supply.
  • The solar panels require less maintenance because it comes with fewer parts. When it needs to be used, clean the glass and place it under the sun.
  • No fuel is required for the solar-powered batteries.
  • When you are using the solar charging system in the boat, no sound will disturb the environment.  You will stay busy fishing, and the batteries will get charged silently.

How To Fishing With A Trolling Motor- The Vital Tips

When you are heading for your fishing trip with the new fishing motor in your boat, follow the tips given below for smooth fishing experience:

  • Keep the motor oiled for long-lasting use.
  • You have to pick the best trolling motor to catch fishes on salt or freshwater. Because both kinds of water require different engines.
  • This motor can be operated with hand and foot. You can pick the one per your personal preference.
  • While fishing in the shallow water, use the lowest speed to catch fishes in that spot
  • Do not let the motor gets build up. You can clean the motor with soap water easily.
  • Before going to any fishing trip, look for damage, bends, and cracks for security reasons.


Q1. What is the trolling motor used for?

Ans:  The trolling motor is a compact electric motor used in the fishing boat that quietly helps you fish in the water.

Q2. What size battery do I need for my trolling motor?

Ans:  For your trolling motor, you can select a 12V deep cycle battery with a 110 AMP hour rating.

Q3. How fast can you go with a trolling motor?

Ans:  The speed you will get from a trolling motor is a maximum of 5 mph.

Q4. How do you charge a 24-volt trolling motor battery?

Ans:  It is not possible to charge the trolling motor battery with one battery charger. You have to install a dual marine boat charge in the boat.

Q4. How do you charge a 24-volt trolling motor battery?

Ans:  It is not possible to charge the trolling motor battery with one battery charger. You have to install a dual marine boat charge in the boat.

Q5. Will a trolling motor overheat out of water?

Ans:  Yes, it gets overheat for the underwater cooling design.



You can bring a little comfortable twist to your fishing life by using the trolling battery in your fishing boat. 

If you are new to this trolling engine, then go through this article about what is trolling motor. Get a new motor for your fishing boat and enjoy fishing with your friends or partner. 

Trust me; you will regret not getting the engine earlier.