Best Solar Charger For Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad, & Laptop

If you are an off-grid traveler or an adventure lover, you need the best solar charger for the MacBook pro. You will never be in a lack power while enjoying your life to the fullest. 

You may even use one to charge a power bank and save energy if you own all the apple products and don’t want to run out of power in between your travel. Like iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iWatch, and other apple gadgets need a stable power source. And that can be eco-friendly, budget-friendly, portable, and easy to carry solar panel chargers.

Solar power chargers are handy because they can charge your battery pack or power panel in many different ways. They’re perfect for hiking, camping, trekking, or simply being outside.

Solar power can be used when there are no plugs, outlets, or regular sources of electricity. In a pinch, it could be just enough power to get the job done.

If you want to start utilizing a solar power charger, have a look at our review on the best solar charger for MacBook pro with some of the greatest features listed below.

How To Charge Laptop With Solar Panel?

A solar panel rated at 60 to 100 watts and a voltage of 18 volts or more can be used to directly charge a laptop. To charge a laptop, the voltage must be between 16 and 18.5 volts. On the adaptor, this will be indicated. 

If the voltages do not match, the device will not charge. On a sunny day, a 60-100 watt panel may be enough to provide 5 amps.

What is the Best Solar Charger for MacBook Pro:

There are so many ways to charge your electronics gadgets. But the safest and cheapest is solar charging. I know the mess while you’re in between hills or mountains or roads without any power source but the sky is always above your head.

So, the only thing that never leaves your side is the “Sun.” That’s why I am just sharing the best solar charger for charging your MacBook, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, and many more on the way.

Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt Rapid Solar Laptop Charger,

Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt Rapid Solar Laptop Charger

  • MP3 Players, Tablets, Cameras, Laptops, Cellular Phones
  • 20 watts
  • 12 Volts
Solar Charger, Durecopow 20000mAh Portable

Solar Charger, Durecopow 20000mAh Portable

  • iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Go-pro Camera, Tablets and other USB devices
  • 20000mAh
  • 5 Volts
SunJack 25 Watt Foldable Weatherproof

SunJack 25 Watt Foldable Weatherproof

  • Samsung Galaxy, LG Nexus, Google Pixel, And More, Apple iPhone, iPad
  • 25 watts
  • 2 USB Ports
Hiluckey Solar Charger 20000mAh 18W PD Portable Charger

Hiluckey Solar Charger Portable Charger with USB C Port

  • Phone, iPad Pro, MacBook, Switch, Samsung Note 10 and More
  • 20000 Milliamp Hours
  • 6 watt
SinKeu 65W Portable Laptop Charger with AC Outlet

SinKeu 65W Portable Laptop Charger with AC Outlet

  • HP, Notebooks, MacBook, Laptops, Cellphones (iPhone and Galaxy)
  • 12-15V DC Output
  • USB output -5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

#1. Best For Going Off The Grid: Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt

This is the current price of this Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt Rapid Solar Laptop Charger available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

The Voltaic Systems Arc 20 is capable of charging a 24,000mAh battery and keeping laptops and other big gadgets powered. 

The panel and freshly upgraded battery are both sturdy and stylish, and the system now runs more smoothly and charges MacBook pro more effectively as a result of the latest upgrades.

The battery is simple to use and has both a USB and USB-C connection. This arrangement is ideal for individuals who often use a laptop off the grid. It’s built particularly for charging laptops and is Apple-compatible.

The sleek appearance and simplicity of this panel-type battery combination appealed to us.

This arrangement is ideal for individuals who often use a laptop off the grid.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Amazing in charging in low light:The Voltaic 20W functioned admirably when charging in partially overcast circumstances. The additional size of the panel, which has four fold-out solar cells, enables for more effective charging even when the gadget is not in direct sunlight.
  • Can Recover Interruption: The battery also manages to re-establish a connection to the panel after an interruption, which is significant, especially compared to smaller panels that will disconnect entirely when an interruption occurs.
  • Extremely Portable: One of the most well-thought-out systems we examined was the Voltaic system. The battery is elegant, albeit the new version is a little burlier and somewhat larger than the prior one, so you can tell it was designed with mobility in mind.
  • Consisted Of Four Panels: Even though it has four panels, the panel folds down to be rather small. The Voltaic is significantly more portable than the other choice for charging laptops.

Keep In Mind:

  • Charging Speed Is A Bit Slow: We continued to have difficulties with the Voltaic system’s charging pace, as the 24,000mAh battery failed to fully charge when put into the panel.
  • Works Only With Voltaic Battery: Only the Voltaic battery may be used with this panel. It only has one connector, with a plug that only fits into the Voltaic battery, thus charging numerous devices is not a possibility.

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#2. Best For Avoiding Mess Of Wire: SunJack 25 Watt

SunJack 25 Watt Foldable ETFE Monocrystalline Solar Panel Charger with USB

This is the current price of this SunJack 25 Watt Foldable Weatherproof available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

The SunJack 25 Watt is a formidable solar panel. If you want something that charges quickly and lasts a long time, this is one of the best solar chargers for MacBook pro. 

This panel charges our phones quickly and has robust, ETFE-coated panels that give this award winner a long-lasting feel.

We were especially amazed by its capacity to endure the scorching heat, filth, and dust. It includes a mesh storage pouch on the back that fits the two SunJack battery packs that came with the package, as well as spare cables and our phone.

This might be the ideal option for you if you rely on solar to keep your MacBook pro charged and are wary of fiddling with slow-charging panels.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Fast Charging: When we placed it out in the sun to charge our Samsung Note 20, we were amazed to discover that it only took twenty eight minutes for the SunJack to charge our phone 19%. 
  • Can Charge Multiple Phones Fast: When you consider the SunJack’s ability to charge a single device rapidly, it’s no surprise that it can also charge two devices at the same time, and at a high rate.
  • Very Much Durable Panel: With only one glance at the SunJack, we could tell that this panel is built to last.
  • A Huge Mesh Pocket: The SunJack 25W includes a big mesh pouch that can both store and protect your gadgets and wires from wear and tear.
  • Very Big Battery: Two 10,000mAh battery packs are included with the SunJack 25w. You can charge these battery packs and use them to power your gadgets even under less-than-ideal conditions if you need to rely on sunlight.

Keep In Mind:

  • It Is Very Heavy: The SunJack 25W is not very lightweight or portable, weighing 30.1 ounces, which translates to roughly one pound, 14 ounces.

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#3 Best For Rapid Charging: Hiluckey HI-S025

Hiluckey Solar Charger 20000mAh

This is the current price of this Hiluckey Solar Charger 20000mAh 18W available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

The Hickey HI-S025 has a capacity of 25000mAh, which is sufficient to recharge your phone 8 to 10 times. This battery capacity is extremely large, and it’s quite near to the maximum permitted on flights.

It’s pretty small when deflated, and the four solar panels unfurl neatly for recharging. 

You can separate the actual power bank from the solar panel. This is especially useful when the panels are not being used, or when the power outlet is charging the power bank.

Charging speed, charge interruption recovery, and multiple devices charging speed are all strengths of the Hiluckey HI-S025. 

However, the battery pack’s very good ratings in these parameters are mostly due to the fact that it is completely charged.

Our Favorite Things:

  • The Price Is Very Reasonable: The Hiluckey is a great value, especially when you consider that you’re getting a battery pack with a lot of storage and a 5W solar panel.
  • It Has A Leather Case: The fold-out panels are protected by a leather casing, which provides a substantial level of protection.
  • Fairly Durable: The battery pack is a very large block of plastic that appears to be fairly sturdy in manufacture.
  • Small In Size: It’s tiny and lightweight, readily fitting into a daypack for hiking or vacation.
  • Charges Rapidly: With 18W of output power, the PD and two QC output connectors charge your iPhone X in 1 hour and your MacBook Pro in 4-5 hours.

Keep In Mind:

  • Takes A Lot Of Time To Get Charged: Using just solar power to charge the pretty high capacity battery pack takes a long time.
  • LED Indicators Are Not Clear To Read: The LED indicator lights on this panel are difficult to read, which is a drawback. This was more of a design problem than a durability issue, however it made it difficult to determine when the battery was running low.
  • Very Much Heavy: Its big battery pack weighs 18.7 ounces, making it tough to transport on a long day out because it adds a substantial amount of weight to a camping outfit.

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#4 Best For Portability: SinKeu 65W Portable 

65W Portable Laptop Charger with AC Outlet, 40W Foldable Solar Panel with USB & 12-15V DC Output, A Super Travel Portable Battery Pack/Power Bank for HP, Notebooks, MacBook, Laptops, Cellphones

This is the current price of this SinKeu 65W Portable Laptop Charger with AC Outlet available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

The SinKeu 65W Portable can charge a 24,000mAh battery and keep laptops and other large devices running.

The new panel and battery are both durable and fashionable, and the system now operates more smoothly and charges laptops more effectively as a consequence of the changes.

The battery is easy to use and comes with both a USB and USB-C port. This setup is great for people who require mobility. It’s designed specifically for charging MacBook Pro and is Apple-friendly.

It’s tiny and lightweight, readily fitting into a daypack for hiking or vacation. This setup is great for people who need to move about a lot.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Surprisingly Small:The smallest, lightest portable power bank at 24000mAh 88.8Wh with 110V/65W AC outlet. It is an excellent solution for AC power supply.
  • Charge at a Fast Rate: It can be charged in as little as 4 hours using a high speed DC15V/2A (30W), input. An OLED display allows you to easily monitor the battery level at all times.
  • Charger for All Devices: The product comes with QC3.0 (9v/2A) and 5V/3A two USB outs, one 110V AC outlet, two USB outputs and one DC 912.6V/10A Max output. This charger can power multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Safe Certification: UL safety certified, CE, FCC and RoHS approved. SinKeu’s MultiProtect safety protection system offers complete protection for you, your devices, and all of them.

Keep In Mind:

  • The Manual Is Not Easy To Understand: The product of this manual is written in full of technical terms. For this reason you may face problems understanding many points from the manual.

Click here to buy this SinKeu 65W Portable Laptop Charger with AC Outlet available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

#5 Best For Budget-Friendly Option: Durecopow 20000mAh 

Solar Charger, Durecopow 20000mAh Portable Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank, Camping External Backup Battery Pack Dual 5V USB Ports Output, 2 Led Light Flashlight with Compass

This is the current price of this Solar Charger, Durecopow 20000mAh Portable available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

For good reason, the Durecopow 20000mAh Battery is a popular item found in people’s bags. 

It’s inconvenient to discover your phone has run out of energy while you’re on the go, but there are a variety of batteries available, each with various capacities and functions.

Typically, power banks are costly, but the Durecopow 20000mAh is an exceptionally low-cost alternative that is of excellent quality. You can’t go wrong with this power bank if you’re searching for a low-cost, high-capacity option.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Strong plastic with a rubberized: The battery is constructed of a tough plastic with a rubberized covering on top. This means it won’t slip and is simple to grasp. It sports a transparent plastic band with a small screen that displays the battery’s charge state.
  • Three charging outlets are provided: The battery has three charging ports. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 enabled USB A, output only connector may be utilized to charge devices rapidly. We were able to charge our MacBook Pro from 0% to 50% in just under 27 minutes thanks to the port’s fast output.
  • Type-C Charging Facility: Then there’s a type C charging port, which may be used as both an output and an input. This means you may use the supplied cable to charge the battery or charge your MacBook Pro from this port, which is also 18W.

Keep In Mind: 

  • Not That Much Durable: You may face many kinds of power loss issues after using it for 7-8 months.

Click here to buy this Solar Charger, Durecopow 20000mAh Portable available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

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Choosing Criteria: Best Solar Charger For Macbook Pro

Since science is progressing, it is possible to use a pocket solar charger to charge a MacBook Pro, a mobile phone, a portable coffee maker, and a fan all at the same time. So consider what you’ll be using this gadget for.

A portable solar charger is the best (or only) solution if you want to travel on lengthy excursions where there will be no other sources of power. 

Let’s return to the factors to consider while making a decision to get the best solar charger for the MacBook pro.

Generating Power

A solar charger that has more power (watts), will be able to recharge your devices quicker. Therefore, a 28W charge is preferable to a 21W, which is preferable to a 14W. 


The relationship between the size of solar panels and their ability to create energy — the more panels, the more electricity generated, but the larger, heavier, and more expensive the charger. 

When charging a MacBook Pro, check for at least 30W.

USB Ports

Two ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously – although it may not be fast, over the course of the day it might keep your MacBook or GoPro charged, or keep you and your trekking partner happy.

Certain headlamp models can now be charged using USB. If you’re out at night, having extra juice may prove to be very useful.

A Battery For Storage

While most solar chargers don’t have a built-in battery to store energy for storage, there are some advantages to those that do. You can charge the battery by using the mains, which makes it easy to recharge the battery the first night.

A solar charger is more expensive because of the bulkiness of batteries.

Any unutilized energy generated during the day could be stored and used to fuel equipment when the sun goes down. 

Long charging times

On a clear day, advertised power generation statistics are usually predicated on a panel looking straight towards the sun. 

Solar chargers attached to backpacks or tents are likely to lose their optimal position quickly. The power output will decrease as soon as the clouds pass.

Overheating could cause your charger to lose its power. Be careful where you place it. A solar panel takes much longer to charge a MacBook Pro than a regular computer. Therefore, battery percentages will gradually increase.

And charging two gadgets at the same time will just prolong the recharge time; something to keep in mind if you’re planning a hiking trip.

Size and weight

When you’re attempting to fit all the stuff you’ll need for an off-grid journey into your backpack, weight and folded pack size are both important considerations.

Solar Panels with high efficiency

In general, solar panels are inefficient. Solar panels only convert 15% of the solar energy they receive. Solar panels are constantly improving.

Solar chargers that use panels with a 25 percent efficiency are available. A solar charger that has a higher efficiency solar panel is preferred.


Purchase a portable solar charger that you can easily take in your travel bag or backpack. It should be attached to your bag using Velcro, hooks, or some other method. Any solar charger that weighs more than a pound is excessive.


Make sure to double-check any accessories included with your solar charger. You should at the very least include one or two USB charging ports.

Reviews and Ratings

Always keep an eye out for the device’s ratings and reviews. Not only can you learn about the product’s quality, but you can also learn about the various circumstances that you, like other consumers, may experience. 

Look for what people like and dislike about the solar charger to see whether it’s the one you should get out of a plethora of choices.


In the case of solar chargers, warranties are not always available. While some companies provide both a money-back and a replacement warranty, others do not. 

Invest in a product that comes with a guarantee if you want to protect yourself against a malfunctioning product.


Durability is crucial, especially for goods that are portable and foldable. Your solar panels will not readily break if they are protected by tempered glass and metal frames. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to my MacBook Pro the best?

If you have a MacBook with USB Type C charging, you can use the USB-C-to-USB-C cable included with your MacBook.

What adaptor is needed for my MacBook Pro?

If your MacBook isn’t charging over Thunderbolt 3 (USB -C PD), you’ll need a MagSafe adapter. You can use the Apple USB-C Thunderbolt 3 Cable.

How does my MacBook perform when powered from the sun?

While solar conditions and battery life vary greatly, these are general estimations of what you may anticipate from our laptop batteries and solar chargers under bright sunlight.

Can I use the solar panel directly to power my MacBook Pro?

We do not recommend charging your laptop straight from the sun due to variations in solar strength. Use one of the solar laptop chargers to charge off the grid and power your MacBook Pro straight from our portable laptop battery.

Is it possible to charge my MacBook Pro without using a solar panel?

If you only need backup power for your MacBook Pro, you may use a portable Laptop battery instead of a solar panel with an AC Wall Charger. For best results, we recommend that you charge your MacBook Pro while it’s in Sleep Mode.

Best Solar Charger For Apple Products – What’s your pick?

It can be hard to find the best solar charger for the MacBook pro. Each charger is different. Remember to match the wattage/mAh with your devices.

The purpose of a solar charger is to charge your gadgets and also make them compatible with your luggage.

The size and weight of the solar charger as well as its power storage capability should be checked.

It is essential that you ensure it meets your goals. A large charger is not a good idea, especially if the purpose of your trip is to carry lightweight.