How To Build A Solar Generator With Solar Generator Kit

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It is high time to know how to build a solar generator for camping because of the rising need for energy sources. Paying a high electricity bill is getting a burden for users, and power failure is now getting a common issue in many countries.

This is why solar energy is getting popular as renewable energy in every house. You can go for the solar generator as they promise a smooth and abundant power supply without any noise.

If you have the best solar generator kit, then going for a DIY solar generator is the best thing to do. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start making one. For more guidance on selecting the right solar generator kit, check out Best Solar-Powered Generators to Keep Your Camping Gear and Home Running.

Why You Need Solar Energy Generator?

You may think what is so good about this energy? Well, see the advantage list below:

  • This energy is environment friendly and doesn’t release any type of greenhouse gas after using.
  • You will get clean energy for your daily use.
  • This power reduces the need for any kind of fuel and oil.
  • Needs less investment and maintenance.
  • It requires the battery to store energy.

How To Build A Solar Generator Step By Step Process:

While building a best solar generator, you have to know the amount of energy you want to consume. Also, you have to think about the generator’s parts as it will be outside in the environment. So you have to pick the right parts after doing research.

Things you will need to build a solar generator :

Pick The Right Solar Panels  

At first, you have to get the main part of the generator, which is solar panels. It would be better if you know how to build a solar panel. Why is a solar panel so important? The solar panel absorbs the solar energy and sends it to the battery. Then, the inverter converts the energy to functional power for appliances. So you have to pick high-quality and weather-resistant solar panels to get solar energy to produce enough power for a long time. 

Choose A Quality Battery 

The absorbed solar power stays stored in the battery. So you have to choose the right battery as there are kinds of cells in the market. The battery you will pick has to save the amount of energy you want. The lithium-ion batteries are the best pick as the battery for best solar generators for off-grid living due to their efficiency and reliability.

Battery Box To Keep The Battery Safe  

To ensure the solar generator’s longevity, you have to keep the battery in a safe place. Because the battery saves the energy to run the generator. So get a battery box to keep the battery safe from any type of damage. 

A Charge Controller To Control Overcharge Battery  

While building a solar-powered generator, you have to think of controlling the overcharge by using the charge controller. With this controller, you can prevent overcharge and reduction of battery life. To pick a charge controller, you have to know the battery amp per hour capacity. By dividing the power with the solar panel amp rating, you will know if you need a charge controller. 

The Process Of Making DIY Solar System:

After getting all equipment, now it is time to build the generator. Follow the process properly to make a perfect generator for your home:

Step 1:

You have to prepare the battery box that will keep the battery safe, and you can fix the DC meter in the proper place.  Install the plugs, chargers in a perfect layout.

Step 2:

After placing the DC meter and outlets properly, it is time to put the battery in the box. Connect the protected wires to the DC meter and the outlets to the battery. Make sure all connection is secured and protected.

Step 3:

After connecting the wires properly, To maximize efficiency, you have to place the generator where you will get proper sun rays, ensuring optimal performance and making it the best solar generator for home use. If you have the long solar panel wires, try to keep only solar panels outside and keep the generator safe. After keeping the solar panel in the sunlight, check the DC meter reading. If you can read the voltage, then the panel is starting to absorb the sun rays. Let it absorb power to get the battery charged.

Step 4:

After charging the battery fully, start using the power for your appliances and devices. If you use a portable solar generator, then the charging device gets more comfortable as you can take the generator anywhere and charge the devices. While charging the devices, monitor the time of charging and the amount of charge your device requires.


Q1. What is a solar generator?

Ans: The solar generator works by absorbing the sun energy from the sun through the solar panels. The solar power stays stored in a lithium-ion battery, and the power converts by the inverter to be used in appliances and devices.

Q2. Can you build your own solar panels?

Ans: By installing the solar panels, you can ensure clean power for your home appliances. If you want to build your own solar panel, then you can build one by calculating the power amount you need.

Q3.  What size solar generator do I need?

Ans: The generator size has to e two times bigger than the inverter’s power output size. For example, with the 8,000-watt generator, you have to pair 4000-watt inverter.

Q4. Can a solar generator power a house?

Ans:  Yes, if the solar generator comes in large size with 1000-10000 watt.

Q5. Which is better solar power or a generator?

Ans: Obviously, a solar generator is better than solar power. Because the solar panel supplies power to the battery, and the generator provides power to all the appliances you want to run with solar power.

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I think you are now easy with the process of how to build a solar generator after reading this article. From any part of the world, you can quickly create a solar generator to get unlimited power throughout the year.

As power need is growing, people are turning to solar power day by day for convenient use. Anyone can make his own solar generator if he has a basic knowledge of operating machine tools and knows the electric connections.