How To Solar Power A MacBook? The Best & Easy Way

It feels good when we see a solar charger that can charge our laptop. But how to solar power a MacBook? Yes, this is the most dramatic moment of your life when you see, your simple solar system doesn’t let your MacBook die due to low battery.

We know, every laptop owner loves this moment. This option makes the use of solar power more exciting.

Now, we can charge our laptop whenever, wherever. Working in remote areas with the laptop is easy but the unavailability of power makes the situation more complicated.

In hiking, camping, van life, or when there is no available power source, you need the best solution. What can be the solution actually? Well, there are many best solar charger for MacBook, iPad, iPhone, laptop, and many gadgets. Using those solar chargers you restore the lost battery power and enjoy the outing time peacefully.

So, we decided to help you by informing the actual method of using a solar panel to charge your laptop. 

Not About To Get Home Anytime Soon? Power Your Laptop With Solar Power

How To Solar Power A MacBook

We want to keep our laptop alive at any cost when it is not possible to charge it. This is the moment, we miss something that can power our gadgets. Yes, we are talking about solar panels.

When we have this little but handy option to charge our laptop, then we didn’t need to get home anytime soon. It’s not the time to say, when it is necessary to carry and when it’s not. It will be a better companion in the yard, park, or area for off-grid living.

A solar panel is a handy tool and you cannot deny it, especially as a MacBook user. When you know how to solar power a MacBook, the perception of solar power will change.

Let’s get more details about it.

Solar Laptop Charger: How does it work?

Solar laptop charger! Wait, what? We are talking about solar panels, not the charger. Let me finish. A solar laptop charger is one kind of solar charger that can charge your laptop using solar power. But there are many types of them. If you’re interested in finding the best solar power bank, keep reading to explore the options.

Based on the types, they can be used for different purposes. You may not know, most of them are considered as a kit including plugs and adapters. More plugs and more adapters mean more options you can get to charge your laptop. They are too good to charge your other gadgets.

The good news is, some of them do not come alone. They have got a battery to power your laptop easily. So, what can we say about it? It’s a complete solar power system. This type of charger has the ability to draw power directly from the sun using solar panels.

Finally, it can power your laptop. It’s simple as you think. If you are thinking of using solar power to charge your laptop, then you can select such types of chargers as an option.

What Solar Charging Kit Need To Charge A Laptop?

Solar power system looks simple to use, but without precaution, it can damage things. First of all, know the reality. You can’t just set the solar panel and connect it to your laptop.

Because of the change of the weather, it will produce spiky voltage and the charging rate will fluctuate. That means it is not going to power in a stable way. As a result, your laptop including batteries or circuits will damage badly.

Most of the time, people charge separate battery packs then use them to charge a laptop. So, you can get a few things to follow this step and these are as follows

  • Four interconnected highest output solar panels (Monocrystalline 20W)
  • One V72 battery
  • Charger for the battery (Wall-wart mains charger)
  • Car cigarette-socket and socket cable (to charge the battery on the move)

Best Point To Place Solar Panels

Still don’t know where to place it? Placing solar panels in the wrong ways can give you a hard time for charging your laptop. Finding an appropriate place to leave a solar panel is genuinely challenging.

The best angle and place will help you to charge your laptop in 6.5 hours. When the panel gets full sunshine, then this time it will take. So, ensure your solar panel is not covered by clouds or any other shadows.

In this case, we suggest using the car bonnet to place the solar panel. But keep an eye on the sky when it’s about to rain. Most of the solar panels are not waterproof.

One more thing, never place the panel under the glass. Because glass doesn’t let in the vital UV light to the panel that is essential for the solar panel.

Using Solar Panel in Different Weather

Weather plays a vital role to charge your laptop using a solar panel. In sunny weather, it takes 6.5 hours to charge a Voltaic battery. That means this charging time we can get in sunny weather. This power is enough to charge a MacBook from zero to 50 percent.

On the other hand, cloudy weather is the worst thing for solar panels. If the sky is partly cloudy, that means your voltaic battery will charge around 75 percent. This power can charge a MacBook only 13 percent. If you are having cloudy days, then check out Best Solar Panels For Cloudy Days.

From the indoor, it will take a full day to charge. This capacity can charge your MacBook only 15 percent. Now you can see the differences. Different weather influences the charging capacity of a solar panel to charge your laptop.

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Setup of Solar Panel for Laptop Charging

As a new user, you might face some complications to set solar panels. Sometimes supplied instruction is not enough to understand the setup process.

Without proper setup, you can charge your laptop using solar panels. Putting every piece of the solar panel system together is like solving a puzzle. Most of the solar panel has the same types of charge and discharge ports. Even the port size is the same.

There is a lead to solve it. Look at the input port of the battery. It will help to guide your plug straight into the port. Now find out the port that is marked as output. Plug the adapter into it. See, it’s simple when you get the actual guidance.

Result of Using Solar Panels For Charging Laptops

Sometimes testing results help the user of the solar panel get a clear idea. Charging a MacBook, especially the pro version using a Voltaic battery shows us a surprising result. It can charge around 50%.

If the MacBook is in use and you are trying to charge it using a voltaic battery, then it can charge only 35%. So, using a solar panel, charging a MacBook or other laptop is only possible in summer.

When the panel gets enough power from the sun for at least 6.5 hours, then there is a chance. Here are some statistics on using a solar panel to charge a MacBook.

  • Macbook 12 Inch, 2015 Model (41.4 watt-hours)
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch, 2016 Model (76 Watt-hour)
  • MacBook Pro 13 inch with Touch Bar, 2016 Model (49.2 watt-hours)
  • MacBook Pro 13 Inch, 2016 Model, (54.5 watt-hours)
  • MacBook Air, 2015 Model (54 Watt-hour)

It’s not possible to test every model of the MacBook with a solar panel. So, this information I’ve mentioned earlier will help you to get an idea about it.

Best Solar Panel Charger For MacBook – Charge Anywhere

Check out these solar panels for charging MacBook on the road or beyond the road while you’re out of your home.

Reason To Use Solar Panel To Charge MacBook & Laptop

These days, more people are using solar panels to charge gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, etc. we found some reason behind it, and some of these are listed below.


Solar panels are highly efficient. To charge a laptop, the battery draws much energy from the local sources. As a result, the electricity bill gets higher.

Solar panels help you to get this power from nature. Yes, the sun, renewable energy that can charge your laptop. So, it is more efficient to use. Even you don’t need to worry about electrical hazards like power breakdown, low voltage, etc. to charge a laptop.


This is another good reason for using solar panels to charge a laptop. It not only helps us by providing powers but also helps the environment as well. Solar power doesn’t release any toxic elements as eclectic power does. It is pure green energy that comes from the sun.


Using solar panels to charge a laptop offers us different advantages. After purchasing a solar charger, you hardly need to do maintenance.

In a short way, the only job you’ve to do perfectly is buying the perfect solar charger. Because of the low maintenance, you don’t need to focus on it. So, it can save you effort and time.


Want to use your laptop in remote areas or the place where power is not available? Just bring your solar charger to charge your laptop. Trust me, you won’t feel any extra burden to carry this thing with you. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to carry anywhere anytime.


A solar charger is not going to cut your pocket as much as you think. Buying this thing will save you more than your imagination. It helps to cut down your electricity bill and doesn’t need to depend on the local power source at all.


Question 1: How many solar panels does it take to charge a laptop?

Answer: For most laptops it requires 60 to 100 watts. This requirement is easy to fulfill by using a single solar panel. But it needs at least 6 to 8 hours to charge a laptop.

Question 2: How many watts do I need to charge a laptop?

Answer: The minimum wattages are not specified for the laptops. It depends on the model. Most of the charger comes with 19 watts to 31 watts output. This output is enough to charge a laptop.

Question 3: How to charge a laptop with a solar panel?

Answer: To charge your laptop with a solar panel, you can connect your laptop directly with it. But for this, you need an adapter cable that connects a power bank. Now set the voltage and charge your laptop.

Question 4: How many watts does a laptop use per hour?

Answer: Most of the laptop usually consumes more power than a desktop computer. A laptop consumes 30 to 70 watts per hour.

Question 5: How much money does it cost to charge a laptop?

Answer: A laptop basically uses about 72 kWh. That means it costs around $8 per year, which is high compared to charging other gadgets like phones, iPad.

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Portable gadgets like Macbooks and other laptops have become essential parts of people’s life. Using is not the last thing for us. We need to provide power to keep the battery of the laptop alive.

Home is the best place to do it. But what will happen in the area were charging a laptop is not possible? That’s why we need solar power. You already know how to solar power a MacBook and whether it is feasible or not.

Charging a laptop is the coolest part of using solar power. Yes, now we have solar power to charge our laptops and other gadgets.