How Long Will A 12V Battery Last With An Inverter?

If you have experience of continual power cuts at offices and home areas, you should use an inverter. Now the question is how will you use an inverter? It’s very simple. You need a battery to connect an inverter.

If you use a 12v battery with an inverter, how does the inverter work on the battery? An inverter can convert the AC power into DC power to charge the battery. Besides, an inverter uses the DC power from a battery that can convert into AC power to provide portable power and run devices.

Now the question may come into your mind how long will a 12v battery last with an inverter? Honestly speaking it’s very difficult to determine the actual time of how long a 12v battery lasts. Generally, the lasting period of a battery with an inverter depends on the watt load and battery capacity in ampere-hour. In my own experience, usually, a 12v battery will last for 10-17 hours with an inverter.

I know this information isn’t enough for you. So if you want to know the details, read the instructions that are given below and gather knowledge.

What Is A 12V Battery?

A 12v battery is a battery that provides DC power. And also can convert the DC power into AC power if needed. You can use 12v batteries in boats, RV, home appliances in emergencies, and different automobile systems with an inverter.

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Besides, to get extra storage capacity and higher voltage you can connect many 12V batteries in parallel. Generally, the 12v battery system can power basic systems like fans, RV appliances, and lights.

Types of 12V Battery

There are two common types of 12v batteries that are mostly used nowadays, Lead-Acid batteries and Lithium-ion batteries. Besides, 12v deep cycle batteries are also popular.

You need to know how long a 12v lead-acid and lithium-ion battery will last?

Mostly, it depends on the maintenance and the use of the batteries. Generally, the lead-acid batteries will last 2-5 years. On the other hand, the lithium-ion battery lasts longer than regular batteries for using new technology.

How Do You Calculate How Long A 12V Battery Will Last With An Inverter?

If you want to calculate how long will a battery last with an inverter, the formula is:

Back up Time in Hours = (Battery capacity in Amp Hours X Input Voltage (v)) / Total Load in Watts

For a 12V battery, the formula is:

Run Time (in Hours) = (10 x Battery Capacity (in Ah) / Load Power(in Watts)) / 2

For example,

A 12v 7Ah battery with an inverter will last for 42 minutes with a regular DoD of 50%.

How Long Will A 12V Deep Cycle Battery Last With An Inverter?

In general, the 12v deep cycle batteries are used in emergencies of power off, in trucks, cars, RVs, on boats etc.

Little Bit of Theory

When you calculate how long will a 12v deep cycle battery power an inverter, you should consider a few things, including:

-The efficiency of the power inverter ranges between 85 and 90%. That means if the power of the inverter is 1000 Watts, its efficiency will be 90%, it needs about 1100 watts of power.

P(input watts) = P (output watts)/ Efficiency

1000W/0.90=1111.1 Watt

A 12V deep-cycle battery will last around 34 minutes with 1000 watt inverter with 50% regular DoD (Depth of Discharge)

But there may be another doubt: how long can an inverter run on a deep-cycle battery? In this case, we can say that a 12v 100Ah AGM deep-cycle battery can run a 150W TV for around 6 hours, 50W for 20hr, 20W for about 56hr with an inverter.

Generally, the deep-cycle batteries have around 55-60% actual capacity for 1hr.

Tip: If you want to power your devices for more than 1hr with any 200W, we recommend you install a 12V deep cycle battery. It acts as an auxiliary battery to power an inverter that will meet your expected run time.

Let’s talk about some popular 12v batteries that help you to choose the best one when you purchase a battery.

Top 3 Best 12V Deep Cycle Battery To Power Up An Inverter

1. Power Wheels 12V Battery- Replacement, Rechargeable Battery

Fisher-Price Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery, replacement battery for Power Wheels ride-on vehicles

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The power wheels 12v battery is one of the popular rechargeable batteries which is specially used for ride-on-toy cars. These cars need a 12-volt lead-acid battery. The power wheels batteries contain advanced specifications and unique features. That’s why this battery provides possible durability, best performance, and maximum run time. That’s why I would personally recommend this battery for the users.

Features And Benefits:

  • Perfectly designed for kids to ride-on toy cars. Indeed a powerful, better quality and the best-performing battery units.
  • Provide faster playtime and outstanding durability with active power.
  • Maintain the high-speed journey rolling.
  • Provide reliable, important safety battery systems.
  • You will buy the power wheel 12v battery at an inexpensive price. That’s why the battery is in the top category.

Keep In Mind:

  • May last just for one season
  • If you want to store the car or vehicle for a long period, you need to charge the battery completely 
  • To charge your battery, you need to buy a Power Wheels 12v charger.

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2. Mighty Max 12V 35AH Battery- DC Deep Cycle Solar Energy Storage Battery

Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

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Mighty Max 12v battery is one of the best deep cycle batteries with a lot of features. This battery provides a sufficient, consistent and efficient power supply and is used with inverters. Due to its zero corrosion, less recharge time, high performance and long-lasting features make it an ideal battery.

Features And Benefits:

  • Provides consistent power distribution that is for inverter use when the power cuts.
  • Provides extensive and unquestionable performance with a constant power supply.
  • Easy to install. It’s a spill-proof, energy-efficient and durable battery.
  • Featured with maintenance-free design. That means the battery needs limited maintenance costs. And doesn’t require any extra bucks to shell. It also contains a low default rate
  • The charging speed is excellent. Charges are fast and long-lasting in usage.
  • Prevent corrosion that enhances the lifespan of this battery.
  • Will get this battery at a reasonable price.

Keep In Mind

  • Relatively heavier than other 12v batteries.

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3. ExpertPower 12v 7ah Battery- Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery

This is the current price of this Renogy 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

ExpertPower 12v 7Ah battery is another one of the best-trusted rechargeable batteries among all of the 12v batteries. The batteries are designed with the greatest quality materials. Generally, you can use this battery for lighting equipment, alarm systems, emergency systems, electric scooters, medical devices, general electronics, solar collectors, and several other applications. The battery is very useful for these applications for its small size. The battery provides external durability, complete reliability, and higher performance for using good technology.

Features And Benefits:

  • Featured with valve regulated, maintenance-free and high discharge rate features.
  • Made with such materials that are strongly resistant to vibration, shock, heat and chemicals.
  • The hardened ABS plastic in the external casing of the battery acts as a safeguard against leaks and spills.
  • Uses AGM ( Absorbent Glass Mat) technology that provides high current on need.
  • And also gives a relatively extended service life.
  • Also provides a long run-time along with longer shelf life.
  • Relatively lightweight than other 12v batteries and the price is also affordable.

Keep In Mind:

  • Relatively low capacity

Tip: ExpertPower 12V battery can be the best choice for you for power cut conditions if you want a powerful battery.

Besides, there are also other 12v batteries for inverter use including Renogy RNG-BATT-GEL12-100,  WindyNation BAT-NSAP12-100, Battle Born 100 Ah 12 Volt LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery. Do you want to know how long these batteries will last with an inverter?

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Battle Born 100 Ah 12 Volt LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Battle Born 100 Ah 12 Volt LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery will last for nearly 1 hour or more constantly with an inverter that depends on the condition of the battery.

What If The Constant Power Discharge Tables Are Not Available?

To get a longer running time, you have to connect more batteries in series or parallel or use larger batteries. Constant power discharge tables are greatly helpful to calculate the

actual run times.

If the constant power discharge table is not available, you will have to infer that the 12v is a constant voltage and the actual capacity is approximately 30 minutes of the battery.

T (h) = 12V × 100Ah × 0.50 / 1100 watts = 0.545 h = ~32 minutes ( that is close to the 30 min for a standard 100ah battery)

For example, a 12V 100Ah battery will last for 30 minutes with an inverter and will power a 1000W inverter for about 30 min. On the other hand, a 12V 200Ah battery will run for 30 minutes with a 2000W inverter.

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Less Powerful 12V Battery That will last Minimum Time

Renogy RNG-BATT-GEL12-100

RNG-BATT-GEL12-100 will be able to provide 10-30 minutes runtime with an inverter if fully charged

WindyNation BAT-NSAP12-100

WindyNation BAT-NSAP12-100 will last for 30 minutes with a 1000W inverter and 10 minutes for a 2000W inverter.


How Long Does A 12V Battery Last When Fully Charged?

Generally, a 12V battery will last for a few hours when fully charged or last for a few days with a balanced load or no load. And the 12V AGM or Gel battery will last up to six years of lifespan.

How Long Will A Deep Cycle Battery Last?

Depending on the use of a battery, a deep cycle battery typically will last about five to six years with adequate charging and care.

How Long Will A 12-volt Battery Last With A 1000 Watt and 400-watt Inverter?

Generally, a 12-volt battery will last for 34 minutes with a 1000 watt inverter with a regular DoD of 50%. But a 12V battery will last for 2 hours with a 400-watt inverter.

What’s the Maximum Load For a 1000W Inverter?

A 1000W inverter can power many appliances such as laptops, printers, tablets, gaming devices, iron, coffee makers, toasters, etc.
The rated voltage of a 1000W inverter is 115V. That means the maximum load for a 1000 watt inverter is 1000÷115= 8.69 A.

Which Battery Will You Use With The Inverter?

Mostly you will use the 12V batteries with the inverter. Especially, 12V deep cycle batteries or several batteries connected in parallel are used with the inverter.


The main point is how long will any of your batteries last with an inverter only depends on the battery capacity, how to load the battery, the frequency of use, and so on that discussed above. Besides, the constant power, constant current discharge, the model of the battery helps you to determine the power you need. If you have a clear idea of this small information, you will easily calculate how long a 12v battery lasts with an inverter. The pieces of information discussed in this article will be effective to get your answer.